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Be prepared to let go of all you preconceptions about drinking- what you do and what don't you like doesn't matter anymore. In 30 minutes all could change. Amazing work #thebluebar #outofthebluebar #bar #cocktails #bringingdrinkingintofuture #experience #mindblown #4seatsonly
πŸ’› #repost @bjork (@get_repost) ・・・ “The Gate is essentially a love song, but I say ‘love’ in a more transcendent way. Vulnicura was about a very personal loss, and I think this new album is about a love that’s even greater. It’s about rediscovering love—but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.” – Björk  Video premiering now at @nowness (link in bio)
Dream about it everyday ... Believe it and most importantly, Believe in yourself ... Many quotes say Chase... Yes! Chasing is the right answer but not the best... What happens when you get tired of chasing... The dream dies... Instead of be a chaser, be an achiever, achieving something everyday is a great step to your accomplishing anything because the little things count... So be an Achiever Today everyday❀... *DBA It... Dream, Believe and Achieve it ... Stay focused... Stay wokeβœοΈπŸ‘ #dream #believe #achieve #success #art #artwork #artist #artistsoninstagram #dopeart #picoftheday #motivation #driven #wisewords #words #wordoftheday #dope #magnificent #epic #cool #nice #clarity #keepmovingforward #workhard #mindblown #mindblowing #stayfocused #staywoke #osundestudios πŸ‘πŸ’― ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ and I'm Out πŸ‘πŸ™ Have a lovely day ❀✍️
Gary Numan. Mind blown. I have been wanting to see him perform for a very long time. I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed by this sonic and spectral event. Words fail me. #garynuman #garynumansavage #mindblown #neptunetheater #seattle #dreamcometrue
#rockmountain#reachforthesky#mindblown βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚
Time to rethink about our life #mindblown #lifeprinciples
Follow  @ravenbuzzgags For some crazy memes that will blow the minds Tag Someone who would love to see this F*ckkk that
I was somewhat drunk and this fucked me up and I looked more lost than this kid..... #vaccumcleaner #vaccum #mindblown #truth #hilarious #thoughts
The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground. It picks it up into the sky and changes the battle ground, and then it releases the snake into the sky.  The snake has no stamina, no power and no balance in the air. It is useless, weak and vulnerable unlike on the ground where it is powerful wise and deadly.  Take your fight into the spiritual realm by praying and when you are in the spiritual realm  God takes over your battles.  Don't fight the enemy in his comfort zone, change the battle grounds like the Eagle and let God take charge through your earnest prayer. You'll be assured of clean victory. Pray without ceasing.
"When you visualize something, you are forcing your mind to use your third eye. By doing this, you can stimulate your pineal gland into activation. As your pineal gland becomes more active, more high frequency energy can flow into your body. This process can heal your body and awaken other dormant sections of your brain.  Besides helping you activate your #pinealgland, #visualization can also improve your talents. The process of using visualization techniques to improve people’s talents has been well studied by Russian #scientists. They demonstrated that by incorporating visualization procedures in athletes’ #workout routines, they were able to increase the performance of these athletes. Nowadays, many professional #athletes are also using the power of visualization to improve their #performance, including but not limited to Tiger Woods." Learn more here: http://www.enlightened-consciousness.com/how-to-access-a-higher-frequency-with-your-pineal-gland/ #otopianspirituality
Pretty much sums it up πŸ˜‰ #otopianspirituality
Esistono donne fuori dagli schemi, coraggiose, anticonformiste, solitarie. Quelle che sanno andare controvento, contro tutto e contro tutti. quelle che non hanno paura di essere considerate dalla parte del torto. Esistono donne ribelli, streghe, rivoltose, perseguitate. Quelle che secoli fa furono torturate e bruciate in piazza. Ma idee, coraggio, determinazione e coerenza non fu possibile bruciarle. Ecco perché le streghe, le ribelli e le anticonformiste sono ancora tra noi e non smetteranno mai di far sentire la loro voce, silenziosamente e con determinazione. #lifestyle #mindblown #oceanadvice #travel #missingwaves #deepwave #bottomslife #womanpower #mindscape #mood #rebel#wildlifeplanet #tropicalvibes #vibes #powergirl #bebrave #always
1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone and often. The Great Spirit will listen only if you speak.  2. Be tolerant of the people who are lost on their path. Ignorance, jealousy, anger, and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray that they'll find guidance.  3. Search for yourself, by yourself. Don't allow others to create your path for you. It's your road and yours alone. Others might walk it with you, but nobody can walk it for you.  4. Treat your guests in your home with consideration. Serve them the best food, offer them your best bed and treat them with respect and honor.  5. Don't take what isn't yours either from a person, community or culture. It wasn't earned nor given. It isn't yours.  6. Respect every little thing placed upon the earth.  7. Honor other people’s thoughts, desires, and words. Let each person express themselves.  8. Never speak of others in a mean way. The negative energy you put out into the universe is going to multiply when it returns to you.  9. All people make mistakes. And all mistakes can be forgiven.  10. Negative thoughts cause illness of the mind, body, and soul. Practice optimism.  11. Nature is not FOR us, but a PART of us. Animals, plants and every other living creature are all part of our worldly family.  12. Children are the seeds of our future. You need to plant love in their hearts and shower them with wisdom and precious life’s lessons. When they're grown, give them space to mature.  13. Avoid hurting other people's heart. The poison of the pain you cause will return to you.  14. Be honest at all times. Honesty and truthfulness are the tests of one’s will within this world.  15. Keep yourself balanced. Work out the body to empower the mind. Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional pain.  16. Make conscious decisions regarding who you'll be and how you'll react. Be responsible for your actions.  17. Respect the privacy and personal space of those around you. Don't touch the personal property of others – especially holy and
🀯 (but I KNEW I knew him from somewhere!) #mindblown
When mum and dad treat us to a 🚁 ride around the most beautiful place on earth 🌏 #romas #wanakawonders #mindblown