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That little wallet is so rad! Comes in clutch for those times when you want something ultra low profile. Crafted from @horweenleather and matches our straps and cases beautifully.  Photo by: @edw_private  #adventureon #nomadgoods
Happy Thanksgivings-Eve! Staying tuned into what makes your life good and what you’re grateful for is so essential for being happy in your life and bringing more blessings your way. I’m so thankful for turkey and my husband and my mom and family and my friends-who-are-family and for laughing and for puppies and healing and opportunities and helpful people. For books and my work and and pain-turned-to-progress, for my health and all the amazing resources we all have at our fingertips. And for run-on sentences;) What are you guys most grateful for? I really want to hear, don’t be shy. #thankful #thanksgiving #turkeytime
#damafw17: A shot from our look book shot by @tawfick, styled by @tasheema_ and featuring @astridprz.
Minimal Art at the 3331 Gallery
. 아이가 낮잠자는 시간의 고요함과 평화! 이 시간은 왜 이렇게 빨리 지나가는지,.. 얼마남지 않았다. 초조해진다,.. 😔 . . #육아#일상#낮잠시간#평화로움#눈안오고#해가쨍쨍 #홈스타그램#집스타그램#우리집#거실#미니멀라이프 #momlife#myhome#minimalism#minimallife
Hội những người ( năm nào) mới tháng 11 cũng rần rần Noel rồi. Và ( năm nào) cũng gào thét Sài Gòn nóng quá nóng nữa 🔆
I just need you to stop growing. This is a problem for me. Also stop getting more blonde ... I married your gorgeous dad so I could have mocha babies for Pete’s sake!