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I've been taking a lot of long walks these days to ground me and find some silence during these times.  #walks #momentsofstillness #stillness #bodensee
A beautiful morning to lifeguard in a kayak for a swimmer 🏊 🌅  #momentsofstillness #tea #kayak
Rain☔ Jazz 🎷 and some Tea☕ this a.m.  #momentsofstillness #meditation #jazzmaster  #earlyriser #lovemornings
Simply beautiful Bali, these sunsets just do it every time
A little bit of balancing by the sea. Finding a little moment of stillness while the waves are crashing all around.  #bakasana #crowpose #balancingbythesea #sunisshining #momentsofstillness #stiramsukhamasanam
It's Saturday and I'm in love! Summer sunshine and a weekend stretching ahead of us. Enjoy!
--Where I Live-- #augustbreak2017 .  This is where I create. My art room for which I bought a slightly pricey air conditioner to keep cool and keep up with art this Summer. My Creativity is where I find I truly live. There and within this IG community. .  On Wednesday I sat there and wrote three blog posts in a row. Three days in a row this week, I am sharing on the blog the story of my self doubt storm, my self-bullying bust, and how I am endeavoring to build a fortress against the zombie thoughts that want to eat my brains. Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com. .  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #selfdevelopment #artstudio #writelife  #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #momentsofstillness #momentslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #soulful_moments
Sharing moments of such stillness and beauty with friends deepens the intimacy. #seakayaking #seakayak #scotland #seakayakingscotland #incrediblebeauty #momentsofstillness #friendship #intimacy #wonderfulmoments #nature
Stunningly beautiful dome of Würzburg where you find magic, history and modern ⛪️ #würzburg #bayern #history #barock #oldmeetsnew #churches #dome #travelling #wanderlust #momentsofstillness #reisen #main
#flutterby #momentsofstillness
Quiet weekend vibes #nofilter
What if you could cast a magic spell on yourself and feel, nay know, you were destined for a future of fulfillment and purpose.  Put some lipstick on and strike a pose knowing you were the star of your show and your choices would be the right ones, ones that the world would need you to make. .  My piece on the blog today is called Glimmer. Your life is partly what you do and partly how you think you are doing it. What if you caught sight of the future you, a peek into the secret future garden of your life and it was glorious? Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #writelife #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #studio #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #momentsofstillness #momentslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #soulful_moments
Cecret Lake at @altaskiarea is far from it's namesake. That doesn't mean you can't get lucky and enjoy the peace and solitude of a sunrise at the lake. When I'm pressed for time but want to get out this is one of my favorite places to visit. Earlier this month I arrived at the lake to catch a few minutes of pre-sunrise light with no people or bugs in sight. That goes down as a triple win for the not so Cecret Lake.
I looked up and I could smell the fresh almost lemony scent of this one magnolia blossom hanging low in the air of the porch. A last late but hopeful flower .  I'm reminded today that saying I CAN means HOPE for something to happen. And saying I CAN'T means that it won't and I'll not try and I'll feel hopeless. A flimsy little switch, a slight of mind that keeps even the strongest bravest people helpless. .  Today I just went ahead and did. And decided that all that overwhelm that I usually so contentedly throw at myself could have a seat for a few minutes and stare blankly into space while I made stuff happen and whipped up some hope.  Tell me all the nice things you did for yourself today. What nice words did you say to you today? What did you realize you could do? .  #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #magnolia #momentsofstillness #momentslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #soulful_moments
Today is a day for brainstorming, getting pen to paper, ideas brought to life... and cake. Who's with me?! .  What's the one thing you NEED today??
What delicious plans do you have for this week?! It's Monday and the kids are soon breaking up, so grab a planner and get organised! .  What's your favourite summer holiday meal?
This card seems fitting today for this wonderful review that recently dropped into our inbox! ❤️ . "Just thought that I would drop you a quick line to say how great it was to receive my order so creatively and lovingly packaged :-) In this day of instant click, order and receive in a cardboard box it is refreshing to know there are some retailers out there who care a little and are passionate about their merchandise. It reminded me of a French Paperterie where everything is gift wrapped. Thank you and good luck with your business."