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Booty Day 🍑 is complete! When the moves got tougher during the last round I envisioned my goals so I wouldn’t give up. Someone smart told me that so I try it. Do you? . For me today during the last 5 Minutes it was a firm and lifted bum bum 😂 #sorrynotsodeepthismorning And probably TMI but it’s true. 😉
Day ✌🏼 is in the books and it looked A LOT different than day 1.🙈 It took me an hour and a half to get it done today. Several times I had to pause—diaper change, potty break, lots of eating for Sloane, outfit changes, you know..just #momlife stuff.😚 I was pretty intimidated by the time on the clock with this program. I felt I had just figured out my 25 and 30 minute workouts and doubling that with 2 kiddos under 2 was a scary thought.  But, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Proud of myself for sticking to it and thankful for this #sahmlife —it keeps me on my toes!🙋🏼👟
Why are sweaty selfies so important?? Because it means we... •didn’t hit the snooze •choose to love ourselves more then sleep •choose to get the hard stuff done first thing •AND we killed the work out... duh! Haha 😂  If you got up and got the hard work done first thing in the morning then it needs to be CELEBRATED!! Give yourself a HUGE high five....you deserve it! 🎉 •••••••••••••••••• If not... that’s okay! Let’s change those habits together! Join me for my February Accountability Group! Like this post for registration details 💜
Don’t you just hate having to cut baby toenails and finger nails👶🏻specially if you have a super wriggler 😂 . #baby #babies #babyface #babyshower #babybump #feet #tiny #mum #mom #momlife #photography #photographer #instababy #instagood #instadaily #kid #tuesday #uk #scotland #pregnant #l4l #like4like #likeforlike #tagsforlikes #f4f #boy #babyboy
Happy Tuesday! #hydetribe #boandevie #momlife
Iris’s school & Ursula’s gym class were cancelled this morning due to freezing rain & general weather yuck, so it’s #toadinthehole & #hotchocolate time, with my coordinating @lecreuset blue mug & cast iron pan. #scenesfrommykitchen #rainymorning #momlife
🤣🙌🏼 now I’m not saying  carbs are the enemy friends, but they were mine! For years I struggled with my weight and only when I cut the carbs down did I notice a change.  The difference then was I didn’t up my fat or protein I legit just stopped eating carbs 🙄. Now I eat low net carb. Give net carb a google for more clarification but it’s essentially CARB-FIBRE. So homegirl still eats carbs 🙃. We are always learning. . . The ketogenuc diet doesn’t need to be hard if you have the right tools. If anyone is curious I’d be happy to help! So don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know what works for your body until you try it! #transformationtuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #keto  #selflove  #weightloss #weightlossjourney #ketoaf #lowcarb #sweatlife #fitmom  #momlife #fitnessjourney  #eatclean #fitfam #fitfamily  #momofone #nevergiveup  #happiness #selfcare #momlife #believeinyourself  #ketosis #momboss #hippie #spiritjunkie  #girlboss #sweatymess  #lchf  #grateful #gratitude
We put this belly to good use lastnight using it as our nail painting station 😂  #pregnantbelly #pregnant #10moreweeks #nailsofinstagram #nails #baby #belly #30weekspregnant #nailpaint #mom #momlife
✅✅ Booty Work baby!!! ✅✅ I tell you what using blue💙 on almost every move is tough and a great way to feel the burn!! 🔥🔥 I was grunting and grimacing on some of these moves and than she said said to stop that and relax... Was she watching me??! 😜🙂 Seems like she always says the right thing at the exact time I need to hear it.... Love love love her workouts!!!🤗🤗🤗 This program has been my favorite so far and this particular workout is my favorite because Rebecca's saggy butt needs a lift. Lol ⬆️⬆️⬆️ We all got problem areas and working on them is key!! I am actually feeling it and only 8 days in the program it already feels more solid... What is it going to look like on day 80!!?? I just know that I have a rocking BOD under these rolls... I just know it lol  I am excited to uncover it all!!😘😍😍 She said where do you want to be at end of this program??? A bikini?👙 🤔🤔🤔 How freaking awesome would that be?? Picture your after selfie and focus on the target of the moves and squeeze!!!!!!! 😎  My buns are going to look great.. Lol I feel it!! 😂😂😂😂😂🤓🤓🤓🤓
Did you know that you can eat clean/organic but if you are still using products full of toxins and chemicals, it won't do you any good!  What you put on your skin gets absorbed in 26 seconds, so use safe products! Link in bio! . . . . . #knowbetter #dobetter #beautycounter #realmom #realtalk #keepingitreal #momlife
Essential oil safety is a hot topic, and rightfully so. Oils, especially high quality, potent oils such as doTERRA's, need to be used with care. Just as you wouldn't abuse prescription medicine (well hopefully you wouldn't!!), you need to treat essential oils with the same caution and respect.  Today's #tiptuesday is proper dilution with rollerbottles. Using rollerbottles is one of my favorite ways to apply oils topically. It makes it so easy and convenient. You can use them to dilute oils that you use everyday - for example, I have a diluted On Guard oil rollerbottle that I roll on my son's feet every night as a preventative measure and immune booster. Or you can make your own blend - to your specific needs and to your preference of scent. Either way, your oils are then pre-diluted to use safely on your whole family. For adults, using a 10ml sized rollerbottle, I use approximately 30 drops of oils and then fill with a carrier oil. My favorites are Fractionated Coconut OIl or Grapeseed Oil, but there are tons of other options. If you have young children you can dilute even more than that - use 5 - 10 drops and fill with carrier oil. With this post you can see two of my favorite blends that are staples for myself and my family.  #rollerballblends #essentialoils #oilsforlife #naturalsolutions #alternativemedicine #oilblends #oilsafety #oildilution #momlife #momwin # mombecomesher
My entire world in one picture!! ☝🏼That’s what made me turn things around last year.  I’ve never been into fitness or really cared about working out....but never say never‼️ 👉🏻The way it’s made me FEEL and the energy I’ve gained are priceless!  Had you asked me if I would be leading others in a healthier lifestyle I would have laughed. ➖Am I teaching them about Doritos and twizzlers⁉️🙈 I was so closed off to the idea of anything new that I said no for the longest time. Then I reached the point where I jumped in without even the blink of an eye. I figured I was already trying to live my own healthy lifestyle so why not help other women do the same?! We could do it together ‼️ Does it interest you to get healthy and help others do the same?! ❤️There is no secret sauce or pill, simply HARD work and a team of amazing women cheering you on!  Message me for details on a sneak peak starting tomorrow!! My new group starts in one week and you can also find out about this “coaching” thing 🤷🏼‍♀️😍What’s the harm in trying?!
Anyone else been stuck in the house sick for days?? We really needed this beautiful day and fresh air 🌤 • • • • • • • • #momlife #mommyandme #memoirsofmotherhood #mytinymoments #toddler #toddlersofinstagram #boymom #threenager #tattoedmom #playdate #forsythpark #
Übermorgen bist du 9 Monate alt. Genauso lange warst du in meinem Bauch. Also ich finde es ein bisschen krass🤷‍♀️ Und auf einmal kannst du so viel😱 Ich konnte es kaum erwarten, bis du all die Dinge tust, die du tust, und nun läuft es mir eiskalt den Rücken runter😏 Wann bist du denn so groß geworden und aufgehört ein kleines Baby zu sein? Erst als ein Freund zu mir sagte: „ach hör mal, er ist doch kein Baby mehr!“ wurde mir eins klar ...es geht mir zu schnell! Und ich wünsche es mir so sehr, dass du groß, gesund und glücklich wirst, aber niemand denkt an mein armes Mamiherz😭 du kannst krabbeln, ziehst dich überall hoch, läufst brav deine Schritte ab, isst alles, deine 6 Beißerchen stellen meine Schmerzgrenze auf die Probe, du lachst, du denkst, du redest mit mir. Und manchmal guckst du mich so an, als ob du sagen möchtest: ach Mama, du bist so komisch 😂Ich liebe dich so sehr, mein kleiner Junge. Mein Baby💕#babyboy #baby #aprilbaby #9months #aprilkinder #momlife #postpartum #lebenmitjungs #leipzig #germany #iloveyoutothemoonandback🌙 #meinsohn #meinjunge #love #mama #mamaherz
Good Morning world  #changingmymindset #buildingmybody #momlife #momofgirls