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Let the light pry into your soul
It had been hours and she still couldn't find him, her mood swings were getting intense, every  minute was hard to handle... she was tired, her chubby figure had started getting weak since the tragedy, there were days when she seemed perfect as any thing and days when she resembles a homeless druggie.... And today was one of those days where nothing was on fleck, *ah  migraine struck hard*  And just like any other chain smoker or drug addict by the side street she rushed , to have her doze of addiction *tea*  Four years and still counting , this relation was ever breaking the addiction was ever lasting ... It had something but what ! She had no answer to it , with every sip she took , she left she was alive, every sip mended her broken parts, her soul was used to the warm hug that wasn't something to be narrated in words.. It was her only companion through those cold dark  blues and those bright days... It reminded her of every beautiful thing' she felt when that tragedy held her close ... It brought all those beautiful flashbacks when her desire to see him once , made her fall for this cup of caffeine... I told you ! Where can she be except the cafeteria *her friend punched her hard in the cheek*  and here she is with the only love life that can never leave her alone , as it's bound to stick by,  unlike him! *shit!* What did I just______  I am so sorry ! It was just a slip of tounge , she was biting her lips furiously... Well I have an answer she told her, reciting one of her favourites  دکھ درد سی میرے مقدراں وچ میں شکوہ کر کے کی کردا؟ جدوں مینوں جینا نہیں آیا میں موت وی منگ کے کی کردا؟ جد انت جدائی پینی سی تیرا ساتھ وی منگ کے کی کردا؟ تُو پیار دی کشتی ڈوب چھڈی میں کلا تر کے کی کردا؟ جد تو ہی اتھرو پونجنے نہیں میں اکھیاں بھر کے کی کردا؟ ایتھے لکھاں رانجھے
Assi Nazuk Dil Dey Lok Han, Sada Dil na Yar Dukhaya Kar,  Na Jhooty Wady Kitta Kar, Na Jhooti Qasmaan Khaya Kar,  Tenu Kinni Wari Me Aakheya Ay, Menu Wal Wal Na Azmaya Kar,  Teri Yad De Vich Mein Mar Ja Saan, Menu Enna Na Yad Aaya Kar…! 31-12-18 She heard her dad, reciting her favourite poem , as she wiped her tears, the prayer mat was wet , by the scars of her soul .... *what was life an year ago!* I have no clue, seems like things moved so quick' the ceiling crashed so fast it never gave me an opportunity to get myself together *sighs* Habitual of looking at her pale hands *you have so many lines, her friends used to exclaim, but how*... Lines, lines, lines,  Pulled her phone out of the quilt. Whever have you been!  said the recent chat... Nothing ! *typed* It's new years night! Exclaimed her friend aren't you excited , *the ticks turned blue, still no response*... You still there! Yeah, I was just sitting on the prayer mat.... *sighs* Offering prayer! *sorry she replied* Nah! Sorry for what who says I was offering a prayer or so, Don't you know it's been an year I can't offer a single prayer .... *stubborn* I just take the mat out in the middle of the night or whenever , things get over powered I cry I roll it I put it back in the cupboard.. *drop dead silence* مشرک! Yeah mushraq, she responded Don't be stupid, replied her friend...! Do you have another word ? *speechless* right! Hey! Listen I feel like texting him *bites her lips* Text him what ! *raised her eyebrow* A new year message *dies inside* Life and year ago was so good, wasn't it! At least he cared' didn't he!!.... . -kaal Ghar- . . #wanderers #bloggers #writersofinstagram #urduliterature #mywritings #ignature #ig_pakistan #inked #moodyplanets #merewords #abandonedhouse #abandonedafterdark #souls #vscopk #vscop #naturephotograph #abstracto #writing #monsoon #wintersarecoming #vcpoloclassic #think #visualsoflife #lenses #iwrite #iwritesinsnottragedies #tragedies #bloggerstyle
اسے کہنا کے اس کی منتظر اب تک وہ بیٹھی ہے۔۔۔ کے دروازے کی چوکہٹ سے وہ یوں لگ کر جو بیٹھی ہے۔۔۔ ۔کال گھر۔ I regret it at times *snifs the cold air* But what do you regret ?  I regret falling for someone, who was not more then a round character *tries hard not to cry* Round character, I don't get it ! Yeah, a round character... Never ready to accept, what he felt towards the circumstances going around ' *sobs* Every day I had to face the same challenge of convincing him , to accept what I had towards him wasn't just mere words but ! I really meant it ... And every day he used to had the same desire to contract me to the fact , that things can't go my way... That he is totally innocent and the facts were against what I intended.... Yet every day I cried , gathered myself again to fight for the love that I held inside me because life without him was nothing .... *tears pulled up her water line* And here I am all empty handed *she opened her pale palms*  He won! I lost , to the one and only love of my life *sighs*  He is not the only one ! Exclaimed her friend , he wasn't meant for you *pulls her hair behind her ear* This is what we humans do when we can't have something we satisfy our self with such statements... *a fake smile stretched across*  So you are so blinded by your one sided affection that you have totally failed to accept what that cute friend of yours hold for you ? What !!.have you completely lost it *astonished* He is just a friend , a senior that's all ! For you it's like that , but I do see the sparks in his eyes dancing madly in love on a mystic tone , every time he looks at you ... What ! But he knows I am still waiting for my known, unknown stranger to return back home.. . . #wanderers #bloggers #writersofinstagram #urduliterature #mywritings #ignature #ig_pakistan #inked #moodyplanets #merewords #abandonedhouse #abandonedafterdark #souls #vscopk #vscop #naturephotograph
Sometimes the light does nothing but pave the way for more darkness . . . . . . . . . . #moodygramplanet #photographersofbangladesh #vscobangladesh #vsco #naturephotography #vscoedit #moodygrambd #moodygrams #visualsoflife #bleachmyfilm  #moodyplanets #agameoftones #photosociety
luminosity of the skin but darkness of the heart is what really kills you . . . . . . . . . . #moodygramplanet #photographersofbangladesh #vscobangladesh #vsco #naturephotography #vscoedit #moodygrambd #moodygrams #visualsoflife #bleachmyfilm  #moodyplanets #agameoftones #photosociety
Do you regret leaving? It's been months since she went back to her grad school, he was still there her friends told her....But why ? Why now? Wasn't he suppose to leave right after he got done with his research !! What is he still doing here *frowned* , I have seen him wandering around the area near the mosque mostly around 2 or something .... *pressing her lips* I should avoid going to that place now ! I should not see him , I can't do this again no I can't ! But for how long ?  You know he did stopped showing up at the cafe , I guess he can't face you ! But why so ? As for him he had never done anything wrong it was me ,my persistent nature and that one sidedness ...wasn't it ? You know what I saw his car,  So he finally got a car! Great he was waiting for the new release since ages *eye rolls* Yeah but wait ! He did hit his car somewhere ...the front is totally damage saw him parking the damaged thing in front of the  generator ...* silence* *she stood up, trembling* Where are you up to ?  Saw her climbing the second floor * need to check if he is okay or not * -kaal ghar- . . #fragmented #blogger #writersblock #writingprompts #writersofinstagram #write #inktober #inktober2017 #inked #vscop #vsco #lights #lightpainting #effects #mytypographicseries #myclicks📷 #moodyplanets #instaclick #random #wintersarecoming #lovelonglost #lostsouls #ig_pakistan #ignature #instashots #iwritesinsnottragedies #lighttothedarkness #possessed #obssesed #wanderer