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When most other things suck. Chucks and tattoos don’t. I have a few spots left in October. Swing in and we’ll set something up before it’s too cold to show off. #abouttimetattoo #abouttime #inktober #gettattooed #tattootime #southnashuatattoo #southnashua #tcb #movingforward #chucks #tattoos #tattoo
Tag a friend that’s in the process of moving to brighten their day ☀️ 📦 🚚  Shot exclusively for @modelspay . 📸@justinpricephoto . 👸🏼@hshanholtz . 🌎@fortlauderdale . #bookingagent @goldengirlsofmiami . . . . . . #ggom . #goldengirlsofmiami . #modellife . #modelspay . #justinprice . #heathershanholtz
so sweet!  went out to the uhaul this morning and these juicy garden tomatoes were hanging in a bag from the side mirror.  we havw bwen welcomed to the neighborhood.  #bethechange #bekind #behappy #changeisgood #movingforward
Look Forward and Continue to Move Forward.  #arealboss #movingforward
Check out Malikah for Social Star 2017!!! Using social media to connect and inspire. What a fun way to showcase your ideas and talents. #movingforward #socialstar #exciteinspirepursue #bealive #changeyourlife #beauty #creative @jo_annstrauss @mauritius.za @horizon_holidays @samsungsa
Лорэн попросила Артура представить, что он выиграл на конкурсе приз — каждое утро банк открывает ему кредит в 86 400 долларов. Но есть правила. — Первое заключается в том, что все, не истраченное за день, вечером изымается, и смухлевать нельзя — скажем, нельзя перевести деньги на другой счёт, можно только их истратить, но каждое утро, когда ты просыпаешься, банк открывает тебе новый счёт — 86 400 долларов на текущий день.  Второе правило: банк имеет право прервать игру без предупреждения; в любой момент он может заявить, что всё кончено, счёт закрыт и нового не будет. — Что бы ты сделал?  Артур пожал плечами. Он ответил, что потратил бы каждый доллар на собственное удовольствие и на то, чтобы накупить кучу подарков тем, кого любит. Он бы использовал каждый цент из этого волшебного банка, чтобы привнести счастье в свою жизнь и жизнь окружающих, «даже тех, кого я не знаю, потому что не уверен, что сумел бы тратить на себя и близких 86 400 долларов в день; но к чему ты клонишь?». Она ответила: — Такой волшебный банк доступен каждому из нас — это время! Рог изобилия, из которого постоянно текут
👀 Here we go again 💦💯✊ @Akke5 knows how to make me work more when I get to tierd 🙏🌟 #pads #coachakke #allstarsgym #thaiboxing #boxing #drills #rounds #neverstop #movingforward #cardio #technical #ready #fightmode #fightlife #hardwork #nevergiveup #badboysverige #badboyeu #badboybrands @Badboysverige
Can't go around blaming the entire 🌎 for your problems. Everything happens for a reason. Figure out why, then do your part to change it and use it as a learning/growth opportunity. That is all. #accountability #growth #learningexperience #change #movingforward #survivingthestorm
Do I really need to explain what the feeling of “not good enough” means?  Because we’ve all been there at times.  Those times you were pretty sure that the points and laughter were directed towards you.  That time you thought he or she loved you, but it turned out that was not the case.  The instance from 20 years ago that still flies through your mind every so often, lingeringly floating, as if to say: “Not waaaaaannnnnnntttttted.” I suppose that I could choose a more elaborate word.  Maybe undesirable.  Unaccepted.  Unworthy.  Can I tell you that if you are a Christian, all of the above are lies from Satan himself?  God’s Word declares the opposite is true.  You are desired and chased after by the most High God.  You are accepted in the beloved.  You are made worthy through the blood of Jesus.  No better ammunition exists to fire at the lies of Satan than God’s Word.  Tag a friend or two who need to remember they are enough! As they are - because of Who's they are 💕  #youareneough #qotd #truthfultuesday
Nothing quite like that San Diego skyline! Another shot from the 33rd floor of the iconic Grande North Downtown!
Happy Tuesday my loves!  Wishing everyone a beautiful & blessed day. #movingforward #bepositivestaypositive #positivevibez
#life #goldenyears #movingforward
Habakkuk 2:3 TLB “But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day.” We are 6 months into our temporary space and it seems, at times, that we are making no progress. But GOD is STILL faithful and we are pushing forward to get the boutique ready to receive Veterans. #movingforward #godsvision #cristinascloset #ministry #serving #veterans #faithful #patience #building #hisglory
My new sexy medicated skincare routine lol  It was a quite sad last night as I went into deep conversation with Shiloh. He was almost crying because we realized that even the most potent stuff I'm giving him as an esthitician, his acne never fully goes away because there's something else going on internally. And the doctors had to take him off acne meds. It's completely embarassing to him and it's all he thinks about. And you can see he's depressed because of it.  And with my skin condition, I was told that it's very noticeable and that customers may think that if I can't control my own skin, how can I fix theirs? So they don't take me seriously. Which I did notice. A client even laughed at the fact a have to go see a dermatologist (she wasn't trying to be rude). I'm always in pain and scratching and I was told I have to live with it for the rest of my life.  As an esthetician, many people actually thank me because they say other estheticians that they went to have never actually cared that much and gave them so much information as I do because I know how debilitating it can be. If I see a client looking at my hands or arms, I immediately explain what I have. Please don't assume that somebody isn't taking care of themselves just because they have a condition that you can clearly see. If it was easily fixable, they would have done that already. I honestly think that it was some sort of lesson that my nephew and I developed two completely opposite severe skin conditions that even I can't do anything about around the exact time I go to school for skin. Not sure what that lesson is but I am learning a lot from it.  #eczema #dermatitis #atopicdermatitis #blisters #itchy #scratching #skincare #dibilitating #ance #painful #rash #esthitician #dermatologist #lesson #lifelesson #learning #movingforward #judging
Nothing can seperate us from the love of God ! 😍 ... Have a blessed day !  #strongertogether #baycity #baycitychurch #movingforward #churchfam #seekhimfirst