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Madilyne Wentz was 11 months old when she was shaken to death.  Madilyne began daycare on the 9th April 2005 and the first three days at the day care, Madilyne seemed to be doing fine. Nothing was abnormal about the day care, and Madilyne was happy. On the fourth day Madilyne was at the day care, something was very wrong when Rachel went to pick her up. Madilyne was unconscious. She was taken to get medical help. It was found that both sides of her brain had suffered massive strokes.  At the hospital, her injuries were so serious that had actually gone into a coma. She had severe head trauma, bilateral retinal hemorrhaging, and bruises on her body. Medical professionals knew that Madilyne had been abused and they knew she would not be able to survive.  In the morning of April 14, 2005, Madilyne was pronounced brain dead.  Medical examiners concluded that her death was a homicide caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome. Her day care provider, Melinda Bautista, was arrested. In August of 2005, Melinda made a two-hour long confession. She said that Madilyne had been irritable that day and that nothing she was doing was soothing her. She confessed to shaking Madilyne, saying that she shook her "until she was blue in the face, gasped, and went quiet." Melinda was charged with Madilyne's death, however, the jury in the trial decided, in less than one hour, that she was not guilty, despite the fact that she confessed to becoming frustrated with Madilyne and shaking her, which gave her the injuries that ultimately ended her life.  17 May 2004 - 14 April 2005 #madilynewentz #forever11monthsold #gonetoosoon #neverforgotten #murdered #angel #innocent #foreverinourhearts❤ #fl#baby
Cherish Lily Perrywinkle,8, was murdered and raped by sex offender, 56 year old Donald Smith.  On a Friday night, Cherish, her mother and two younger sisters (aged 4 and 5) went to a dollar store at around 11pm. When her mother said that she couldn't afford a dress that Cherish wanted. Donald offered to "Help her out". He said he had a gift card that he could buy the dress with and that he was waiting for his wife to come meet him.  He then heard them say that they were going to head over to Walmart and he offered to drive them there. He then went to the store's McDonald's and talked Cherish into coming with him. Instead of going to McDonald's he took her to his van, that would have have been the last time she was seen alive. While a Amber Alert was issued, Donald was stopped by police. Cherish was no where to be seen.  When police searched a graveyard, which was over four miles away from the Walmart he abducted her from, her body was found. Cherish was partially-clothed body was in about 6 inches of water of the tidal creek, hidden under a log and weighted down by asphalt chunks.  It is thought that Cherish was bound and then raped in the back of Donald's van before him tying her hands up and taking her to the Church car park, where he killed Cherish.  He was arrested to life in prison. Donald had only been out of jail three weeks before he murdered Cherish. He had previously been arrested for attempted kidnappings for three different young girls, one of the times he tried to lure a 11 year old girl with pornography magazines. He seemed desperate to rape and kill a girl and that girl was little Cherish.  24 December 2004 - 21 June 2013 #cherishperrywinkle #flyhigh #neverforgotten #murdered #angel #rip #justice #fly #gonetoosoon #tragic #innocent #raped #donaldsmith
Last time with this look, surprises be coming 💀
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GT4 Concept 🚀 💣 Follow for more! @amgultra ! 💣
Got home from work tonight and decided to rip the rocker boxes off the Harley. Ditched the chrom rocker boxes, as well as pushrod covers for these ones I had @krisbooth16 whip some powder coat on. Definitely changed the attitude of the motor! Was also kinda neat to get an inside look at some of the fancy big bore stuff that’s going on inside, not to mention it having the base gasket for the rocker box on backwards for the front cylinder. Almost ready to go ratty tat!! #harley #murdered
Maybe one day ill be able to relax but until then ill continue working after work building this thing. Chasing wiring issues this week. #grandprixgtp #gtp #l67swap #sleeper #becauseracecar #zzperformance #supercharged #lowlife #shopdays #gettingsomelove #workhardplayhard #murdered #tinted #ohio #northeastohio #cle #cleveland #geaugacounty
Firecrackers 💥💥💥 @becausephilchow
#gprepost #reposter #regram_app @pitties3 via @GPRepostApp for Android ------------------ 🌹Rest Peacefully Sweetheart 💔💔😢😢😢😢😢 . My name was MOLLY 💐 My animal id was #20213 I was a desexed female brown brindle dog at the #Brooklyn Animal Care Center. The shelter thought I was about #7years 1 weeks old. #stray on 08-Feb-2018 - surrender reason stated as OWNER’S HEALTH💔 – going into care facility.  I WAS #adoptable!!! . AT RISK - diagnosed with several SMALL #nodules in #mammary chain bilaterally 😨 . Molly came into the home the a year ago and was surrendered due to the OWNER’S HEALTH 💔. Previously lived with 2 adults. Around strangers Molly is #friendly and #allows people to pet her💓. Molly has been children and is #playful and #exuberant. When Molly sees another dog she barks and tries to #seek attention😀. NO BITE HISTORY NOR guarding issues. Described as friendly, #affectionate, and playful. Molly loves to follow the family around the home😍 and is kept indoors but is potty trained to uses the grass or cement. Left alone in the home Molly is well-#behaved and has never been crate trained. Molly likes to sit on command and brisk walks on leash, she pulls very hard and wanders off leash but #comes back when called. . LISTED FOR JUST ONE NIGHT ONLY 💔NO ONE CAME FORWARD TO HELP HER 😢💔 . GOD BLESS THE INNOCENT VICTIMS 🙏🏻💓 NO-KILL PETITION IN MY BIO 🙏🏻🙏🏻SIGN . #20 DOGS KILLED IN FEBRUARY 2018 #nycacckills #nocompassion #stopkilling #deathrowdogs #murdered #goodgirl #failedbyacc #nocompassion #familydog
Momma said alligators are always angry because they got all them teeth and no tooth brush (tags friends cuz im buzzed and yolo)  _______________________________________________________ Sponsored & Supported by @Adamspolishes - Code “blackout15”  @farmuhperformance  @Diodedynamics  @Blackvueofficial  @mf_autodesigns  @luxeautoconcepts - Code “blackout” _______________________________________________________  Badass builds - @dark_kngt.s550 @ozzy5.0 @breezeandlove @hegonee5.0 @5.byeee @athena_s550  _______________________________________________________ Blacked Out #detail #murdered #blacklist #mustang #blackout