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#softness for #decemberreflections2017 .  This year, I am easing into my holiday season. Proactively tackling what matters to me (cards, presies, tree) in a way that feels easy and satisfying. And this leaves me roomy room to be here watching my people. .  She said she wanted to see Santa. And they conversed for a good 5 minutes at least. He told her all of his elves played with Barbies daily. He is a very kind and gentle man this Santa. .  While I lit the tree tonight, she exclaimed, "Christmas is not about giving presents, it's about giving love." Again she has out-wised us all. .  Soft is a state of heart and I wish tons of it for you today. .  #taleswithfriends #santa #fionamariepeach #mywisdomlessons #alifeofintention #theartofslowliving #bedeeplyrooted #bepresent #collectivelycreate #cultivatewhatmatters #embracingaslowerlife #everydaymagic #exploretocreate #feelfreefeed #flashesofdelight #everythingissacred
#symmetric for #navigatingthroughnovember .  This is the gateway to my world. I live on a peninsula separated from civilization by an enormous bay. You have to pay to enter my world. .  These two spans of the Chesapeake Bay bridge used to mark the excitement of a journey to the beach from the mainland. Now they mark being a half hour from home. .  Today on my blog, I consider my life expectations and how they may be messing me up. "What if I am already living the life I always wanted? What if in this constant looking beyond to the future and then disregarding my now is robbing me of the one life I get to enjoy? Because I think that’s exactly what is going on." .  Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com. .  #easternshoreofmaryland #ontheblog #chesapeakebaybridge #delmarva #lowerslowershore #shoreliving #mywisdomlessons #taleswithfriends .
#uplifting for #navigatingthroughnovember . .  I'm currently enduring a life bump that is trying me. My faith in humanity, my patience with process, my energy and wisdom for coping. And then Fiona says, "We are a family team" and let's not break up today. Let's be together. .  So we left the house and spread our family wings on Friday. A picnic and romp at Sailwinds park on our Choptank River in Cambridge, Maryland an hour South of our house where the river is wide and wonderous. .  Then we rode further South to see the new Harriet Tubman visitor center in Dorchester County. The small and rich interactice exhibit provided me with some inspiration and unexpected understanding of myself. .  In the face of horror and grief, this woman refused to accept anything as a given. She knew her purpose was to be of service to her people by the direction of her God. Every step she took was right. Born in 1822…she lived to be 91. Uplifting? Hell Yeah. Swipe right to left for the short slide show. .  #family #storyofmyday #fionamariepeach #sailwindspark #cambridgemd #taleswithfeiends #choptankriver #easternshoreofmd #harriettubman #selfleadership #emotionalmaturity #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #harriettubmanvisitorcenter
#nimbus for #navigatingthroughnovember .  Lest we forget my golden-haired boy. My first born. My piano prodigy. He is gracious about his sister bumping him from of his primary attention position. But I have to make it up to him by listening (sort of) while he talks non-stop about his recent game obsession. Currently, he is writing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign inspired by our watching of Stranger Things together. .  #eamonspencerpeach #selfie #getoutside #family #firstborn #taleswithfriends #liveauthentic #creativemamas #twomoredaysofthanksgivingvacation #mywisdomlessons
#soul #spirit for #navigatingthroughnovember .  The way the setting sun glows orange-red, the wind plays shushing percussion on the pine trees, the reservoir surface mirrors the sky, and my son is a self-appointed protector of the wooly bear caterpillar on the dirt path to this lookout point. .  I adore this season of the year so much that I ache. My soul says yes to the turning inward. My spirit soars with the hawk above and converses with the murder of crows. Every detail clings to my eyes fighting to stay like the last berries on these barren bushes at the water's edge. .  Hoping you all have a joyous gracious Thanksgiving holiday and your gratitude spills from your heart, your soul, and your eyes and lands where it is needed. .  #taleswithfriends #wonderfull #getoutside #autumn #storyofmyday #tuckahoestatepark #motherearth #mindfulness #connecttonature #bepresent #mywisdomlessons #nature #ordinaryadventures #mywisdomlessons
#hands for #navigatingthroughnovember . "When we commit to taking our hands off of changing things and just letting them go instead, work will be done." From my blog post to publish 11/22 titled The Work and the Waiting. .  Sometimes we are in process and that's enough. Sometimes keeping on is good enough. .  #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #tomatoes #mywisdomlessons #backyard #thoughtleader #ontheblog
#atnight for #navigatingthroughnovember .  For the past 12 years, I've been tucking people into bed at night. Giving baths, reading books, and brushing teeth. I have perhaps another 5 or 6 years more to go. I am often exhausted  trying to grab a few minutes to myself before I collapse. .  But seeing this boy no longer in need of tucking in. Him stealing a cuddle every now and then. It is all as it should be. I am present, never resentful. All moments are a gift. .  #eamonspencerpeach #bedtime #orangeblanket #beautifulboy #giftofnow #mywisdomlessons #taleswithfriends #emotionalintelligence #hotelbed
A distant memory for #navigatingthroughnovember .  In 2004, I opened my beautiful gift and antiques shop called Bally Eden. "Cottage Comfort Vintage Vogue" was my tagline. .  At the same time, I got pregnant and then had my son in 2005. .  And then the US entered the depression that they denied was one. I refused to take food from my baby's mouth. .  And so in January 2007, we shut my lovely shop down and I came home with my toddler and a dread of being trapped in the house with him. Except, then my next choice was to start writing. .  One of the last souvenirs of my shop-ownership is this tin of Milk bath. Bally Eden had a bath line. Sigh. .  I learned that you need to follow your heart even if that takes you to failure. Not all failure is within your control. Endings lead to beginnings. And retail is murderous. .  #blastfromthepast #memories #mywisdomlessons #ballyeden #taleswithfriends #emotionalintelligence #ubercreative #bathroom #vintage
#navigatingthroughnovember - Forever Grateful For these alliances with women who I admire and trust and am understanding I'm in need of to help me understand myself. .  The Mindful Meet-up that I started in the Spring has blossomed into an entity larger than any of us. We are discovering our own strength and wisdom as well as how we can allow and ask for the support we need. That is still kinda mind blowing. Thanks @sue_in_caroline_co.md @amanda_courie23 @annielivingstone @karen.phebus @warriormiss and Anne Jacobs @nursecoach_shantel  Meanwhile, on the blog, I republished a perennial favorite titled Kindergarten Homework and today's piece is about how we encourage self-respect for our kids. And I say that is the same as how we do so for ourselves. If we are actively parenting, we must model what we want to see. .  Link in my profile to my blog post at Shalavee.com titled "Does 'Self-respecting' Describe the Parent and Self-parent You Are?" .  #gratitudeweek2017 #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #friendship #selfesteem #selfdiscovery #selfleadership #community #gratitude #liveauthentic #mywisdomlessons
#lessonlearned for #navigatingthroughnovember .  If you visit my blog (link everpresent in my profile), you would see my byline is Gathering My Lessons Daily .I'm a big believer in lessons. Always on alert for them so that I may share them as I process. And here's one I learned recently that got a loud resounding AHA! .  Resentment and Forgiveness : when you find it hard to let go of something that happened and the hard feelings you have towards someone, it goes deeper. This is you being mad at yourself for being vulnerable. For not holding up your boundaries and preventing the hurt from happening. Your inner child was shamed or injured and she's mad because she was and you didn't keep her safe.  I have had a few stalled resentments of recent and I just couldn't figure my way around them until this. So while I continue to fortify my boundaries and learn how to trust me to keep me safe in the future, I am working on releasing my anger and forgiving everyone's humanity. .  On the blog, a renovated perennial titled Kindergarten Homework dedicated to Mrs. Kistler who is Fiona's pre-K yeacher and 8 years ago, was Eamon's Kindergarten teacher. .  #createeveryday #fionamariepeach #watercolor #creativemamas #ourcreativeselves #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #ontheblog #selfleadership #liveauthentic #gingersofig #playtime #emotionalmaturity #emotionalintelligence #taleswithfriends
#aromatic for #navigatingthroughnovember .  I am positively obsessed with this candle. It is from a library themed collection which is no longer being carried by Barnes and Nobles. It's the Ralph Waldo Emerson scent. Earthy! It is cedar and smoke and cinnamon and maybe orange rind. And I just can't get enough of it at this time of the year! I went online and ordered two for the season for me! .  I was feeling a little grumbly, dreadful, and weird yesterday evening. I realized this morning, although I'd gotten a good writing fix in, it was my art child inside who needed to get some creative play on. So I redecorated my space for the Fall/ pre-Thanksgiving vibe and I feel so much better. I lit my candle and made a mulled wine drink with lite cranberry juice, apple cider, and the last of the Malbec. .  My brown shag rug's in place and I lit the pilot for the gas fireplace 🔥🍷🕯. I guess we always know what we need to feel cared for. It takes such patience and intention to make those self care choices happen. . "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson- .  #cornucopia #candle #paddywax #taleswithfriends #trendrebels #interiors #fridayfaffing #onthebar #beyourself #mywisdomlessons #ralphwaldoemerson
#wellness for #naigatingthroughnovember .  My wellness was all I was focused on this past Summer. Pain and propensity for infection had me going to a dozen appointments in those three months. I say, you need to keep following the bread crumbs to your own health and recovery. .  The sinus surgery hasn't quite healed and last month, I got an infection after a cold. Ok.Whatevs.  And this Monday I go get a procedure done to hopefully finally alleviate me from the SI joint pain completely. There are more options. .  Sometimes wellness seems so intangible. Sometimes you do and you do and you expect for it all to be better. And it isn't. That seems harder than anything but I just keep on keeping on. .  We are worthy of hope. We are worthy of care. And sometimes that just takes a while. .  Hugs to all of you who need to begin on your wellness plans. I get it. .  #zinnias #brickpatio #backyard #healing #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #nothingsordinary #liveauthentic #writersofig
#coziness for #navigatingthroughnovember . .  My boys are upstairs sleeping off their red-eye flight from California. Cozy in their beds the heat pump kicking in now. .  I played with the spoils from their adventures. And all is right with the world again. .  I published a piece on the blog yesterday titled A Choice Between Perfectionism and Doing Your Best. I was a human doing once. Now sometimes just making an effort towards something, the walk I'm about to take and this IG post, is enough done. It feels like solid living my life, hope in action. .  Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee where telling the truth to myself is always my aim. .  #taleswithfeiends #mywisdomlessons #createeveryday #creativemamas #ourcreativeselves #cultivatewhatmatters #embracingaslowerlife #everydaymagic #exploretocreate #feelfreefeed #flashesofdelight #everythingissacred #nothingisordinary #thehappynow #liveunscripted #pursuepretty
#intention for #navigatingthroughnovember - .  I have been working hard to clarify and delineate my goals and my intentions and my passions etc. And I've recently nailed my intention. .  An intention is worded in the present tense. It is inspirational and proactive encompassing your feeling towards how you want to live with the ultimate responsibility being yours. .  It is also immensely freeing. Mine allows me to choose projects I want that benefit me as well as others in varying levels. Here it is: "I am connecting with and seeing myself more as I engage in conversations with like-minded people, telling and listening to our stories and lending permission to others to tell their stories too." .  It's all there for me. I am doing my heart work and artwork. I am publishing, blogging, guestblogging, chatting online and off, and perhaps participating in podcasts. If it fits into these parameters, it's golden. .  #liveauthentically #selfleadership #leadership #taleswithfriends #soul_selfie #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity  #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #qrowthmindset #movingforward #mywisdomlessons #fionamariepeach .
Day 3 of #navigatingthroughnovember  It's a powerful poisonous #potion we make ourselves drink when we reject our truths, belittle our passions, and bully our inner fair maidens into hiding. Our oppression has become self-administered. .  We live our curses, our condemnations in the quiet chaos of our own minds. Until we don't. .  I'm busy pouring out that poisonous potion. And wrangling all the joy I can from my every day before I have no more days to squander.  Today on my blog, I discuss Breaking the Pattern of the Body Fix and ditching the self-hatred. .  Link to Shalavee.com (pronounced Chez La Vie) in my profile. .  #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #costumes #selfie #trickortreat
#resonance  for #navigatingthroughnovember with @IndiaRoss .  As I'm finding my way back to myself, I uncovered my own words and wonder why I left. .  I Am  Creative Leader  Mother warrior  Purposeful Healer  Focused Journeyer  Faithful Friend  Intuitive Path Seeker .  Rediscover who I know myself to be and I'll be grounded here and grow into the future.  #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #taleswithfriends #selfleadership #emotionalmaturity #liveaurhentically ##selfdevelopment #cultivatewhatmatters #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #qrowthmindset #movingforward
And to think, there was a moment when I was jconcerned that my idea to bring these women together might not appeal to them. Bahahahaha !!! .  Good food, great company, interesting conversation, and few bottles of prosecco later and we had a marvelous mindful meet-up... again. .  I made psole and apple crisp. We talked about Forgiveness, especially forgiving yourself when you trusted the wrong person and you were let down. And my sister joined us.  I adore these women and their thoughts and how much they adore me back! .  #mindfulmeetup #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #liveauthentically #selfleadership #leadership #taleswithfriends  #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity  #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #qrowthmindset #movingforward
The number one fear and fallacy you're basing your life choices on is ....what "they" think matters. Malarkey.  An excerpt from my blog post yesterday: "What if we made decisions instead on what we liked and what we wanted?What if we assumed we were well-liked, or perhaps didn’t care what people thought, and went from there. If we decorated our houses, our bodies, and thoughts with the stuff we like. How inspiring we would be to all the other people in the world if we showed them what individuality means." .  Whoever told us all we were mind-readers was lying. We can not possibly know what anyone but us is thinking. So let's make what we're thinking mean more than what they're thinking about us. Because those people are worried about the exact same thing. .  Link to my blog post at Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #createeveryday #creativity #liveauthentically #mywisdomlessons #ontheblog #soul_selfie #writersofig #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #guitar #toddlersofig #redheadshavemorefun
Today, joy and gratitude for the community here on IG that joined in my Soul Selfie Challenge last week. WOW!!! So up on the blog, a tribute to this amazing occurrence in which insights and Ahas we're flying off the page and then greedily grabbed up by their readers. I believe strongly in community, in creativity, in connection, and in the power of even small doses of discovery and ownership. Link in my profile to The Fall Soul Selfie Challenge of 2017 Wrap-Up blog post on Shalavee.com . .  An excerpt from my blog post: "They say you should go and create the very things that you wish to be a part of. And this outpouring of self-discovery is exactly where I feel most alive. Just have a look at my blog and you’ll get me.  ButI also truly need community to do this journeying with. I’ve been alone for so long inside my head all the while I thinking "it would be nice to connect with others on these soul-searching subjects". And that is exactly what I got when I created this challenge, and then some." .  My deepest gratitude to the almost 30 people who so earnestly and honestly contributed to this event in small quantities and large. It feels like hope and compassion and truth to me. And I will be clutching that to my chest for a very very long time. .  #soul_selfie #challenge #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #gratitude #community #mywisdomlessons #selfdiscovery #liveauthentically #gratitude #creativeattitude
#change for the 7th day of the #soul_selfie Challenge . .  I have come to understand that issuing change , influencing change, ushering it into my life takes as long as it takes. .  Set patterns, pathways in my brain are willing to budge after much much work. My understanding morphs so slothlike and so gradually that I doubt my efforts to court and create the change.  And then one day someone reminds me of how I used to be. I remember my old fears now long since tossed out. Perspective and acknowledgement are always the key to permanently setting your accomplishments on your trophy shelf. Change becomes a good thing once more.  I adore all of you for participating in and witnessing my Fourth Soul Selfie Challenge. I began it as a way to connect and acknowledge my need to understand myself better. And I proved others needed that too. I love you all! Thank you. A wrap up will be on the blog next week probably. I'll let you know. .  #gratitude #mantel #interiors #autumn #trendrebel #challenge #mywisdomlessons #selfdevelopment #liveauthentically #nothingsordinary #taleswithfriends