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Today, joy and gratitude for the community here on IG that joined in my Soul Selfie Challenge last week. WOW!!! So up on the blog, a tribute to this amazing occurrence in which insights and Ahas we're flying off the page and then greedily grabbed up by their readers. I believe strongly in community, in creativity, in connection, and in the power of even small doses of discovery and ownership. Link in my profile to The Fall Soul Selfie Challenge of 2017 Wrap-Up blog post on Shalavee.com . .  An excerpt from my blog post: "They say you should go and create the very things that you wish to be a part of. And this outpouring of self-discovery is exactly where I feel most alive. Just have a look at my blog and you’ll get me.  ButI also truly need community to do this journeying with. I’ve been alone for so long inside my head all the while I thinking "it would be nice to connect with others on these soul-searching subjects". And that is exactly what I got when I created this challenge, and then some." .  My deepest gratitude to the almost 30 people who so earnestly and honestly contributed to this event in small quantities and large. It feels like hope and compassion and truth to me. And I will be clutching that to my chest for a very very long time. .  #soul_selfie #challenge #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #gratitude #community #mywisdomlessons #selfdiscovery #liveauthentically #gratitude #creativeattitude
#change for the 7th day of the #soul_selfie Challenge . .  I have come to understand that issuing change , influencing change, ushering it into my life takes as long as it takes. .  Set patterns, pathways in my brain are willing to budge after much much work. My understanding morphs so slothlike and so gradually that I doubt my efforts to court and create the change.  And then one day someone reminds me of how I used to be. I remember my old fears now long since tossed out. Perspective and acknowledgement are always the key to permanently setting your accomplishments on your trophy shelf. Change becomes a good thing once more.  I adore all of you for participating in and witnessing my Fourth Soul Selfie Challenge. I began it as a way to connect and acknowledge my need to understand myself better. And I proved others needed that too. I love you all! Thank you. A wrap up will be on the blog next week probably. I'll let you know. .  #gratitude #mantel #interiors #autumn #trendrebel #challenge #mywisdomlessons #selfdevelopment #liveauthentically #nothingsordinary #taleswithfriends
#should for #soul_selfie challenge day 6.  This word is Loaded with lack of empowerment. It almost implies you can't and you won't. An implied inability. "I should have left my ex-husband sooner." "I should have started writing 10 years ago." "I should already been published." "I should have gotten braces before I was 51." "I should have saved more money." In each situation, I lose. There is nothing that seems gained from any of my experiences. Ever. It focuses away from credit for what I've done today.  I believe we live the life we need to learn from. We are not ready until we are, not a moment sooner. I do not have the strength to drag regrets around behind me. I need my energy and focus on the here and now. My wisdom focused on raising wise children. They will do as I do.  I am doing exactly as I should be doing.  I am proud to be here. Thank you for joining me on my journey.  #liveauthentically #truth #should #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #challenge #selfdevelopment #taleswithfriends #emotionalmaturity #
#wholely for #soul_selfie Challenge day 5 💜 .  I've lived a fractured life. My roundabout decisions based on shoulds I gleaned as goals. No trustworthy plan to follow. A far off concept of OK never attainable now. My enoughness always in question.  And then I found writing. And my husband helped me see my worth and my children gave my self-discovery journey more purpose. The blog led to the friendships led to understandings I never dreamed I needed.  To be wholely is to integrate your parts. To have your many needs and abilities and thoughts begin to swirl in a dance that feels like you. That makes sense to your purpose on this earth. Your song is being written by you every day. It is precious and perfect and unique to you. And people are ready to dance to it with you.  I never know myself better than when I sit and write. That has been my key to my wholeliness. I have permission now to speak and to listen to myself and that is a gift I hold dear. It feels like hope. . BEFORE I FORGET ! The post on my blog Today is on my thoughts on the Challenge prompt True Self !!! Link in my profile to post of additional insight on the challenge and the concept of true self titled What Came From the True Self Prompt on My Soul Selfie Challenge.  #soul_selfie #challenge #writersofig #mywisdomlessons #interiors #ontheshelf #taleswithfriends #selfdevelopment #creativemamas #createeveryday #ourcreativeselves #leadership #wholeliness #wholely
#choice for Day Three of the #soul_selfie Challenge - .  When did this wonderful word become such a burden? Power of choice used to feel so... empowering. And then we we're reminded that we had a choice every minute of every day. A multitude of milliseconds chock full of choice moments were ours but for the snatching. Fear and overwhelm finds us chosing the same safe thing every time. Because it's what we know, who we are, how we roll. .  So let's reframe and question the hell out of our choices instead of succombing to our overwhelm. Let's be proactive and choose not to spend time, energy, and money on anything that doesn't make our own souls sing. Let's choose our own happiness first. Our purposes can only be fulfilled if we are full of light and love for our own lives.  Let's choose ourselves first. And then bring that back to help others. Because what you buy and what you wear to there truly won't be a choice that changes you or the world anytime soon. But choosing to walk or journal or talk or ask will.  On the blog, I stare at the door to my own future paralyzed to open it, memorizing the crackling paint texture. The choice to consider my future should be a good powerful thing. Read the piece titled aThe Door That I've Been Staring at But Can't Open at Shalavee.com , link in my profile.  Ps Fiona buried Eamon on the couch under all the pillows.They we're very amused with themselves.  #choice #instachallenge #fionamariepeach interiors #liveauthentically #mywisdomlessons #creativism #writersofig #creativemamas #createeveryday #creativehealing #selfdevelopment
Day 2 of the #soul_selfie Challenge - TRUE SELF - .  Hmm. Who do I think I am?  Perhaps my true self is the person I think I am. Or is it the person I strive to be? Or perhaps she's the gal I am under the layers of crap I'm attempting to strip off? Layers of me that I have no use for. .  Underneath, I sense the girl I was when I was little, the forgotten one. Maybe my true self is her with some hard earned wisdom layed on top. .  But in the end, I suspect my true self is exactly who I am at this very moment. A girl with a passion for community, an unfailing sense of fairness, an insatiable search for truth, and a compulsion to create. Ever-changing, in search of answers, ... Hi . .  #soul_selfie #truthseeker #liveauthentically #challenge #trueself #taleswithfriends #selfdevelopment #community #mywisdomlessons #ourcreativeselves #creativemamas #instaflowers #floralsofig
Eat. For #breatheseptember2017, .  I think about what I really am right now. What sustains me. The light changing. The children tired and going to bed early. Me luxuriating in alone time. . I am devouring the time and light and shift which is Fall. . A huge big going through for me, for the world. We have a lot of work yet to do. And I am hungry for it.  #taleswithfriends #backporch #light #mywisdomlessons #selfdiscovery #liveauthentic
Shift happens slowly. Only recently I realized that my expectations of myself were unreal. And my impatience was a reflection of my lack of faith in myself. I was harassing myself essentially. . "Personally, and professionally, I had set my expectations and goals so high, I had to rise to them to be the person I have always meant to be Right Now, knowing everything and producing brilliance… or else I was a failure. Right Now." .  My blogpost titled Impatience Makes You Feel You’ve Already Failed , brought me back to the knowledge that you have to be OK where you are before you can move. It's a fact Jack. .  #ontheblog #quiet #breatheseptember2017  #intuition #taleswithfriends #fig #backyard #writersofig #selfdiscovery #emotionalmaturity #leadership #beyounow #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie
--One Wish-- #augustbreak2017  Wellness and no pain. The theme of the Summer has become mending my body. I am using my word of  the year, courage, in spades. Blog Post today on Shalavee.com gives further details. Link in profile. .  Today, I am off to have sinus surgery known as septoplasty. Apparently a deviated septum is to blame for chronic sinusitis. Why did no one figure this out years ago?  I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything until my surgery which is this afternoon. Sigh. If the colonoscopy taught me anything, it was how to fast. .  And........ Today is the 1000th post on my blog. Which is a thing 6 years later. I publish three times weekly on thoughts of life and struggle and rediscovering myself. And living creatively. .  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #scribbles #writesofig #littlemomentsofmylife  #healing
--Glass-- #augustbreak2017 .  The Gettysburg visitor center bustling with people from all over the world and huge windows overlooking beautiful landscaping. My camera lense greedily grabbing ever moment I could to document our time together. .  On the blog today, 25 year old Crazy Brain. Some of us made silly crazy choices 25 years ago. Good news was, they didn't ruin us and we rechose for this life now. These children are my Mulligan. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com . New posts Mon. & Wed. & Fri.. .  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #gettysburg #familytime #taleswithfriends #kidsofig #mywisdomlessons #vsco #ontheblog
--Where I Live-- #augustbreak2017 .  This is where I create. My art room for which I bought a slightly pricey air conditioner to keep cool and keep up with art this Summer. My Creativity is where I find I truly live. There and within this IG community. .  On Wednesday I sat there and wrote three blog posts in a row. Three days in a row this week, I am sharing on the blog the story of my self doubt storm, my self-bullying bust, and how I am endeavoring to build a fortress against the zombie thoughts that want to eat my brains. Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com. .  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #selfdevelopment #artstudio #writelife  #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #momentsofstillness #momentslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #soulful_moments
. Golden -- #augustbreak2017 .  Today on the blog, My childhood trauma causes my debilitating doubt. How my doubt storm started in my head this Summer. A snapshot of me in the middle when it was hard. Tomorrow my discovery. And Friday I move on. Link in my profile to a process, a place that may be familiar to you. . "All in all it's a beautiful day When I wake up all alone I cannot help but run away Now I'm afraid that it's all in my head  Don't you know that it's all in your head  So you rolled the dice Melt the fire burn the ice  Find the girl with yellow eyes and go and break her heart" --Rayland Baxter-- .  My only outside cat Mrs Cheesewheat.  She is feral and sweet,  long haired tortie whose golden eyes greet me every morning at the back door. I recognize her being like she's me.  #catsofinstagram #taleswithfriends #lyrics #mywisdomlessons #selfdevelopment #tortiesdoitbetter
Visions of what might be. A Glimmer of hope, a Glimmer of what you want to be. On my blog, I ponder glimmer, how Social Media is a good thing, and my sixth year blogaversary. Link in my profile.  Tomorrow, I fill every day this week with storytelling on the blog. My story of crashing and burning this Summer, of feeling like poop about myself, busting myself for self-bullying, and making a new plan. Stay tuned, subscribe to my posts on Shalavee.com, and I'll be back to tell you what you're missing.  #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #tomatopatch #mywisdomlessons
What if you could cast a magic spell on yourself and feel, nay know, you were destined for a future of fulfillment and purpose.  Put some lipstick on and strike a pose knowing you were the star of your show and your choices would be the right ones, ones that the world would need you to make. .  My piece on the blog today is called Glimmer. Your life is partly what you do and partly how you think you are doing it. What if you caught sight of the future you, a peek into the secret future garden of your life and it was glorious? Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #writelife #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #studio #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #momentsofstillness #momentslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #soulful_moments
I looked up and I could smell the fresh almost lemony scent of this one magnolia blossom hanging low in the air of the porch. A last late but hopeful flower .  I'm reminded today that saying I CAN means HOPE for something to happen. And saying I CAN'T means that it won't and I'll not try and I'll feel hopeless. A flimsy little switch, a slight of mind that keeps even the strongest bravest people helpless. .  Today I just went ahead and did. And decided that all that overwhelm that I usually so contentedly throw at myself could have a seat for a few minutes and stare blankly into space while I made stuff happen and whipped up some hope.  Tell me all the nice things you did for yourself today. What nice words did you say to you today? What did you realize you could do? .  #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #magnolia #momentsofstillness #momentslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #soulful_moments
On my blog today, a reposted favorite, a short post On Being My Own Hero and Impressng Myself. Inspiration is everywhere. Grab it while it's going by. Link in my profile. . "Today I need to do things that make me uncomfortable, that I’m avoiding doing. But I also know that given a chance, they may become things I truly enjoy doing. They may lead me to the edges where I can happily stop and not wonder what else. They may lead me to places I never foresaw going and are my favorite places in the future. They may even lead me to connecting with my new favorite people. I just have to start with impressing myself. And allowing for the little unexpected, un-perfect, and exciting moments to unfold." .  May you find inspiration today for your journey.  #fionamariepeach #shalavee #mywisdomlessons #savouringhappiness #taleswithfriends #slowliving #nothingsordinary #ontheblog
My post today on my blog Shalavee is on the lessons I've learned from Shame. That sometimes the hardest moments can give you the biggest gifts. An excerpt : "I’d asked for this. I wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t worth loving without hurting, being appreciated for my talents, or worthy of being paid the price of human decency. Except that in each circumstance, I was also not the one acting abhorrent." Surviving these moments has made me who I am and I am not ashamed of them or of myself in their wake. I'm proud. .  Link in my profile to my blog and my honest recollections on how I still rise above what doesn't take me down. .  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #writerslife #writingtoheal #selfdevelopment #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #shame #fionamariepeach
My Summer has been nice yet an underlying theme of self-care has been occupying my mind. I followed the breadcrumbs to find some better doctors. And today, I'm getting an injection in my owey SI joint. .  Grateful to these new doctors and their kindnesses. Looking forward to feeling less pain . Looking forward to feeling Hope. .  It's so important for my inner girl to know I love her and will take of her. Self care starts there knowing that. Next month is my sinus surgery. That'll be a little scarier.  #zinnias #selfcare #mywisdomlessons #taleswithfriends #hope
Our lives are as good as we perceive them to be. But if my plate is always half empty, I'm trapped in a perpetual state of displeasure. My perception is creating my reality. .  From my blog post today titled, You're Living the Good Life if You Think You Are : "But honestly, life is filled with houses full of inanimate objects and people wrapped up in their own perceived outcomes. We are the ones pumping meaning into our everyday and interaction. What if we had faith the outcome was going to be good? Then we’d manifest it as such. " .  Intentionally focusing today on what is good, nay great and hoping to ignore the rest. Tuna salad on Pumpernickel rye toast with summer vegetable salad. And Snapple peach ice tea.off camera. .  #focus #liveintentionally #tunasalad #whatsonmyplateandinmyhead #shalavee #ontheblog taleswithfriends #manifestation #mywisdomlessons #onmyplate
I May Already Be Living the Good Life That I Always Wanted, exclaims the title of my blog post yesterday (link in my bio). I am often aware of my subconscious complaining but things are going pretty damn well if I had the proper perspective. .  Me and my kids are enjoying our Summer Vacation at this moment. This is not something I got to enjoy as a child. Hotel tv watching and fantastic pool with water slide are what we're gifting our children's childhoods. That they may feel abundance and gratitude as they look back on their lives. .  #30daysofwhatmattersmost  is these happy family memories . And I am not only giving them to my children, I'm giving them to myself as well. .  #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons  #familyvacation #ocmaryland #holidayinnexpress #fionamariepeach