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As we know attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common among childhood and rising more in adults no surprise there due to the amount of chemicals we have taken at a very young age from vaccines. ___ It is often characterized by inattention, motor over ability and motor restlessness, poor impulse control, cognitive issues, can't sit still for awhile, distractibility, and difficulty sustaining attention. ___ Many parents are often given more steroids and medications such as ADHA stimulants (Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin) or antidepressants (Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Zoloft) to give their kids or themselves that have ADHD however this overtime can harm a child more than help. ___ Used for a very long time in Ayurvedic Medicine. #ashwagandha had been tested to be effective for combating ADHA, helping with sleep, lowering stress and anxiety, it's anti-aging, it helps with retaining memory (dha) it also helps with cognition and focus. It is a natural sedative which won't put you to sleep but it will make you more calm and aware. It's a natural adaptogen which means it can help the body response to stress in a less harsh way and it also boost the immune system.  ___  Ashwagandha has a natural antidepressant effect and it's very effective at memory- enhancing. (Withania Somnifra Linn) It is known to have an postive effect on performance and alertness. With a natural nootropic-effect. Since ADHD may be due to the central nervous system inflammation. Ashwagandha also has a positive effect on the GABA receptors.  ___  #adha #childadha #children #vaccines #healthy #healthcare #immune #stress #naturopath #holistichealth #holisticapproach #healing #memory #iq #brain #nervoussystem #natural #antidepressants #antiinflammatory #mothernature #universe #holistic #foodasmedicine
The freshest corn silk. 🌽  We’ll be having cobs smothered in butter with dinner and then I’ll chop up the silk, pop it in my teapot and cover with boiling water. 🌽  This will clear and nourish my urinary system, which is chugging along nicely FYI/TMI, but will still relish in the remedy. 🌽  #naturopath #thebeautynaturopath #corn #cornsilk #cornsilktea #markets #sundayfunday
Gallon bottle in the background supplies the “boat” with Kangen 9.5 Water. Refreshing cucumber and lemon in my jug 🥛 change your water / change your Life 💦💧💦💧💦💧💦
Selfcare sundays ✨✨Time to regroup and recharge for the week ahead via @assemblylabel
Great event to end up a solid first year at Holistic Health Club . Keeping it fun - because life needs to be 🎅🏻😀. . Exciting things happening next year we are looking forward to evolving and bringing everyone on the journey with us. . ====================== ➡️Our Next Event In 2018 will be . ❇️Sunday 14th January❇️ 10-1pm . Holistic Health Club presents ‘Let It In’ with Guy Lawrence 💟 . 🧠Workshop Blending Meditation & Neuroscience To Create Transformation & Change ❤️ . This is a ticket only event and tickets must be purchased online at . guylawrence.com.com.au/events
As 2017 draws to an end, one cannot help but reflect. Health and well-being can both be dwelled into the concept of W E L L N E S S. It is the balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of an individual. • For me a plantbased, organic, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle is vital for my wellbeing and I personally believe it is so important for the hands of the future- not only for us as human beings, but for all other living beings, our environment. •Slow living and eliminating the concepts in our living day that is not important nor contributing to helping us evolve is a slow- winded process but an essential one. Be confident. Embrace your imperfections. Find the courage to say no. Listen to your heart. •Surrounding myself in the gifts of Mother Nature- grounding my bare feet on the soft grass, the sand, the rocks... listening to the whispers of the leaves... watching the clouds in the sky make shapes that send my imagination to overdrive and last but not least- respecting the Sun and the Moon. •Meditation and yoga, a seemingly trend these days but one to follow. Yoga is not about competing with others, or the comparison of flexibility and achieving complicated- looking poses. It’s about the j o u r n e y as your mind, body and soul bind together in a dimension that is based on YOU. Meditating- a few deep and mindful breaths is often all you need. •Last but not least. LOVE! Love one another. Be kind. Be grateful. Be genuine. Be humble. Be generous. Avoid the negativity and surround yourself with positivity! 🌼 #futureofwellness @endeavourcollege
Holy Cacaowww 🙊 Check out this ginger, chocolate, reishi slab! 🧐 I made the base simply by food processing 1cup almonds, 3/4cup walnuts, 5 medjool dates, 3tbsp maple syrup, 3tbsp cacao, 1tbsp grated fresh ginger, pinch sea salt, 1tsp vanilla and pressing it down into a brownie tin then placing it in the freezer. For the frosting (beware this parts addictive! 👹) just process an avo, 2tbsp cacao, 1/4cup coconut nectar and 3 dates... oh yeah and I laced both the frosting and base with a heap of Reishi mushroom for some immunological support 👊🏾@superfeast 💥 Take the base out of the freezer and cut in half, smooth a couple tablespoons of frosting on one of the slabs, then place the other slab on top like a sandwich 🥪 Use the rest of the frosting to smother over the entire cake, decorating it however you want! 😛🍰 An awesome healthy alternative to Christmas/Birthday cakes, the taste will blow you away... one of my non-herbalist/naturopath friends said it was the BEST cake they have ever eaten! 😎🏆⭐️🍫
Daily Tip #18: Your Surroundings! In regards to people and places. This became important to me when I started having children. I've always tried to put my kids around good holy people. Who you are with effects you a lot! You pickup on many things without being aware of it. Try to be around people who are uplifting and inspiring. Listen to your intuition when you are with someone. Energy will tell you everything. Someone you look up too. Are amazed by! Your home is your sanctuary. A holy place. Keep it this way. Make it comfortable and warm. Choose wisely the places you go, you work. All of this has a big effect on your health. People and places can be toxic. Be sensitive and conscious! Blessings! Enjoy www.chanasholistic.com . .  #holyplace #bewise #consciousness #dailytips #chanasholistic #children #healthylifestyle #naturopath #holistic #holistichealth #intuition #listentoyourheart #people
Exploring Sydney 🤤🌞
✨Team Wakame✨(+ friends) 🌿
Wondering what your going to eat for Xmas dinner on a Gluten free diet? Head over to my blog for my menu plan and all the recipes ewe.kyljeglover.com #xmasdinnerrecipes #glutenfreexmas #gljtenfree #healthcoach #naturopath #sunshinecoast
Loving holiday vibes.. Even though it's not officially holidays yet.  Be sure to have all orders in by Tuesday 19th December as we close Thursday 21st.  #8sleeps #summeressentials #aussiemozi #nonasties #nomorebugs #queensland #outdoors #nontoxic #nourish #naturopath #mumlife #christmas #archernaturals
This is what “amazingly blessed happy tired” looks like! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️😴😴😴 This girl ran from one thing to the next today NON stop and now... here I am plopped down on my couch- near my fire- in my happy place feeling so overjoyed!! Thank you Jesus for days like TODAY! ♥️🎄 #atl #ashleypoptodorova #ashley #aandawellness #tired #saturdaynight #saturday #weekend #love #fitfam #fitness #family #blessed #blessings #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathicnutrition #naturopath #healthycouple #fitcouple #winter #christmas2017 #christmas #homeiswheretheheartis #cozy #bedtime #zzz #cozyup  #life #busybee #blanket
Making your own coconut milk is incredibly easy!  Take a bunch of fresh meat into some cheese cloth with water and begin squeezing! Only takes a few minutes.  Coconuts are amazing for @theelderbody by providing tons of nutrients and keeping you hydrated while long days exploring Buddha temples!
Delicious fresh pressed juices to start off @theelderbody's beach day on the beautiful island of Langkawi!  Went with the beetroot/orange to help kick up my immune system to help fight off sickness.  This place is delicious and will have to post about the food after I'm done stuffing my face 😃!
It’s one of my favs... just trading the hat for a crown 😉. Emotionally, physically and chemically, your brain is your most important asset, look after it. Fun practice posters at www.cleversausagedesign.com.au #healthylifestyle #healthy #naturalhealing #naturopath #chiropractic #chirokids #childrenshealth #childrenspsychology #osteopath #pediatricosteopathy #physiotherapy #powerfulquotes #practicemarketing