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Cuối năm rồi, thời tiết cũng khó chịu hơn, nhức đầu, sổ mũi, viêm họng, sốt lũ lượt kéo đến làm cho tinh thần bánh trái, ảnh ọt cũng dẹp luôn 😂 Mà mấy bạn chơi IG có từng nghĩ là sẽ in những bức ảnh của mình ra để lưu giữ lại không nhỉ ?! Còn mình thì trong 1 tháng mình sẽ in ra 4 tấm đẹp nhất của mình (theo mình) xong rồi làm 1 cuốn album rồi dán hình đã in lên sau này già mắt mờ, tay run không lướt IG được thì lấy album ra xem lại một thời mê muội 🤣🤣 Hình in từ @boft.vn đấy 😄 Anw ! Nice weekend bà con
We just couldn’t stay away any longer than three days. 🌊  #thatpacificocean #obsessed #blackfriday #optoutside #pnwlife #pnwonderland #northwestisbest
on my last day in london i saw adam’s future self on the tube and we were all shook
The people of Kenya have a special place in my heart. Their faces say it all.
Just our typical black Friday. Full of hiking, babywearing, and breastfeeding.  #optoutside
I felt the presence of something... 💫
Chilly morning by the lake.
The boys. #optoutside
Who actually enjoys Black Friday shopping?? ⠀ This time of year can be a fierce, annual, occasion so hopefully during the hustle and bustle of the day you're giving yourself time to relax and appreciating every moment you have with the ones you love! ⠀ Be safe and be thankful! 🎁⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ If you're tired of shopping at crowded stores in your area save yourself the headache and head on over to @OriginalGrain fo find a timepiece that can help you manage your time in order to live your life to the fullest! #OriginalGrain / #stayoriginal
From a distance
When the snow comes down, find a place to cozy up and hide away for a while
@thuymi of @adventurefaktory staying cool at @skidxb in our latest @rossignol gear! ⠀ ⠀ #teamzsi #alpineskiing #rossignol
The kinds of morning views that have you jumping out of your sleeping bag in a hurry... (throwback to an overnight backpacking trip in the summer) --- Still a few of my 2018 calendars available at KaylaSulak.com, or there is a direct link in my IG bio! . . . . #pnwonderland #hikingculture #backpackermag #welivetoexplore #roamtocreate #herpnwlife #gypsy #wishyouwerenorthwest #northwestisbest #hot_shotz #earthofficial #artofvisuals #awesomearth #awesome_earthpix #wildernessculture  #themountainsarecalling #naturegram #justgoshoot
There are things I’ve learned this summer.  Pan f plus, Fuji Velvia. Canon 1V, 50mm 1.2L