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They can’t copy the wave💯🏄🏾🌊🦋💎 thank you @huge285 @official_rxmuscle 🤙🏾
Went crazy today for leg day🤘🏾😤 always can count on @beastsportsnutrition #bcaas211 to keep my intensity high! Tropical breeze is that fire too taste like a pina colada🍍😏 get yours at beastsports.com and use my code “brandon15” 💯🏄🏾💎
I don’t want it the easy way..I live to work💯🏄🏾🌊🦋☔️💎
All I had was a dream, ambition and two hands..#TransformationTuesday Don't ever forget where you come from! I spent years chasing the physique I've always envisioned..and it's just the beginning! we all have our "Day 1"! Bodybuilding is a selfish sport, it's all about you and you have all the control of where you want to take your body! That's what makes the journey that much more interesting! You have to be a visionary, an artist, and a patient savage all in one😌Only you can stop you..Higher Vibes Only 💯🌊🦋☔️💎 2011-2017
Happy Monday! New week, new goals or maybe staying focused on current goals. We want it ALL, but are we willing to give it our ALL, cause ultimately at the end of the day your success is ALL up to YOU #focused #allontheline #alluptoyou #mondaymotivation #goingforgold #chanceofalifetime #olympia2017 #olympia2018 #olympiatakeover #joeweider #joeweidersolympia #wpd #ifbbproleague #ifbbwpd #husbandwifeteam #womensphysique #womenwithmuscle #smalltowngirl #dreambig #teamhillbilly #womenofiron #shewentforit #darrenburnsphotography @ironarmourmuscleapparel PHOTO CREDIT Darren Burns📷
#mondaymotivation  To inspire others to understand Fitness  and spread the word on how freaking awesome it is to compete alongside not against so many badass inspiring women from around the globe!! 💪🏼❤💪🏼❤💪🏼❤💪🏼❤ #savefitness  Photo by @carbonimagery  @flex_magazine  @profitnessphotos  @mrolympiallc  8th place Fitness  #spiderina🕷 #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #npc
Never knew the motivation could even get this high..feeling unstoppable, who ain’t workin...💯🏄🏾🌊💎
I haven’t earned time to rest yet💯🏄🏾☔️🦋💎
Atleta @diogomontpro , único atleta masculino a representar o Brasil no Olympia. Após várias apresentações antes do olympia que ficou entre os 5 primeiros , não conseguiu se colocar no top 10!!!👊 》#gym #13  #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #mens #pro #212 #open #classic #olympia #brazil #insta #photography #gigante #usa #bikini #arnold #repost @diogomontpro (@get_repost) ・・・ Boa noite time! Acabei de voltar para o hotel e antes de banho/comer/descansar vim aqui conversar com vcs. Hoje as coisas não deram muito certo, fui para o 3º confronto, isso praticamente me tira do top15, não teve nada a ver com politicagem/patriotismo ou algo do gênero... tem tudo a ver com um fato, que queira Deus seja um fato isolado. Pela primeira vez passei mal num backstage, tive crise de cólica, muita azia e o abdômen inchou por causa dos gases, acabei não conseguindo fazer uma apresentação como eu gostaria, tal qual no confronto não consegui colocar aquela confiança de sempre, pois estava sentindo muitas dores. Estou feliz por ter colocado o Brasil mais um ano dentro do #mrolympia, porém não escondo insatisfação por não ter representado melhor nossa bandeira. Mas esse momento vai servir de estímulo para evoluir e trabalhar cada vez mais duro, é assim que se faz, tirar proveito das adversidades e se manter positivo nos momentos ruins, essa é uma lição em todos os aspectos da vida. Muito obrigado pelo apoio e carinho de sempre! Da mesma forma que eu motivo vcs, vcs também me motivam, pois busco sempre dar meu melhor para encher vcs de orgulho. Tmj time! Ano que vem tem mais #olympia e garanto que o Brasil estará lá de novo! 🇧🇷 #estamosnojogo #diogomontpro #teammont #olympia2017 #olympiatakeover #mensphysique #mensphysiquepic
Last night round 2 cuz idk what to do with my Friday nights anymore but lift and be better💯🏄🏾🌊☔️💎
Why would I️ slow down when being consistent is what got me here in the first place? I️ live and breathe progression💯🌊☔️🦋💎
VISION is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. - Always sipping on my tropical punch BCAA's by @relentlesslabz to promote muscle growth and recovery - Relentlesslabz.com code💰 bakkeRL
Always a work in progress..but damn I love the work😤💯☔️🌊💎
Miami nationals 2016 vs pro debut June 3rd 2017. Last year in Miami I got 4th callouts which was the best thing that has ever happened to me. That one loss lit a fucking fire within me. Its what made it possible for me to stand in front of the same judges 10 months later at the Olympia, not fighting for my pro card this time but competing to be the best in the world. Every show, every person you meet is an experience that is a part of your journey. Whether you turn pro or not this weekend, if you gave it your all and look your best then you WON. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend and remember to enjoy your experience!
Papaflexx on the Wave 🐺@darcsport #wavewolf 🌊
The vision could never be broken..this is a testament to being consistent..the losses turned into motivation and the progression turned into wins💯🌊☔️🦋💎 #tbt
I don't give anyone a reason to hate me. They create their own drama out of pure jealousy #tbt