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Niall at Kimmy's wedding // Today is a good day
Let me bless you with this piece of Art // today is a good day because Nouis is together
Louis at Kimmy's wedding/today is a good day
goodmorning baby, it‘s currently 1:50am for me and you‘ll be reading this when you wake up, while i‘ll still be sleeping jfkdk anyways! you‘re sleeping rn and i can hear you moving gajdhd ur so cute wth! alright where do i start? let me just say that it‘s been 2 extremely tough months for us. it‘s crazy and i still wish it was just a nightmare but sadly it isn‘t and we have to deal with certain people not accepting us but i‘m still glad i made this big step and came out to my parents. it‘s been so hard for us but i‘m so proud of you. i‘m proud of us, just how far we‘ve come, even while we had to go through this shit. i‘m so grateful and happy to have you in my life. i was happy to have you back then, when we used to be friends but i‘m even happier to have you as my girlfriend. you make me so happy and i felt so terrible a few days ago, yknow why and i‘m glad we‘ve sorted things out. i‘m literally an empty mess without you, because you complete me and i wish certain people would understand and see it from our point of view, as you say, they don‘t know about us by 1D is literally us, like! it‘s playing rn skskd anyways! i love our late night conversations when we talk about our future together, i live for those nights fr. i also love when we annoy eachother and call eachother names ksidkf i love those nights when we‘re hyped or everytime you’re about to go sleep and i say bye and then you open the dm and text again and then i say bye again and you wont stop opening and replying ksksd, i love those nights where we‘re extra cheesy n all cute to eachother. i love those nights where we talk about random things like idk omf we‘re so dksnfk definitely not normal istg! i love when we tell eachother knock knock jokes. i love it when one of us makes a typo and we piss eachother off kdksjf i love it when we play tanks, filler and d&b. fr there‘s so many more things that i love about our relationship but the most important thing
Guys. Tomorrow marks one year since Camila left 5h. I remember when I saw her on xfactor for the first time. As soon as I heard her little voice I knew she was going to make it far. She didn't disappoint. Now 5 years down the line she is an amazing, inspiring and talented solo singer and I have never been so proud. She shows that if you work hard you can get places. That's why tomorrow I am sending in an audition for xfactor UK. Camila has shown me that if she can do it and become one of the most amazing women in the world, so can I. I love you Camz and thank you for being you and following your dreams, keep up the good work. 💕@camila_cabello @laurenjauregui #camren #camilacabello #fifthharmony #harmonizerforever #camilizerforlife #laurenza #camilita #karlacamilacabelloestrabao #laurenmichellejauregui #dinahjane #allybrooke #normanikordei #laurenjauregui #ot5 #cc1 #camilaalbum #camila12thjanuary #fifthharmonyalbum
Repost. Tomorrow marks one year since Camila left 5h to follow her dreams. 1 year later and she is one of the most admired artists in the world continuing to amaze us everyday. I remember first seeing her on xfactor and thinking, wow this girl is going to make it places. You didn't disappoint Camila. 5 years later and I am so proud of the amazing young woman you have become. You continue making your dreams come true and make every single one of us proud. Love you Camz 💕💃🏻🦋@camila_cabello @laurenjauregui #camren #camilacabello #fifthharmony #harmonizerforever #camilizerforlife #laurenza #camilita #karlacamilacabelloestrabao #laurenmichellejauregui #dinahjane #allybrooke #normanikordei #laurenjauregui #ot5 #cc1 #camilaalbum #camila12thjanuary #fifthharmonyalbum
Apparently someone called xavi outed Camila as queer and he’s her friend but I feel like people shouldn’t spread rumors that is incredibly disrespectful and a real friend wouldn’t do that • • • #camilacabello #laurenjauregui #dinahjane #normanikordei #allybrooke #fifthharmony #harmonizers #camilizers #5h #camren #camrenedit #camrenfeels #fifthharmonyedits #camilacabelloedit #alren #norminah #laurinah #camally #laurmani #normila #caminah #dinally #love #edits #fifthharmonyedits #camilizer #ot5 #havana #like4like #gaintrick #lgbt @camila_cabello
Guys tomorrow marks one year since Camila left 5h to pursue her own dreams. I'm so proud of how far you have come Camz and you continue to amaze us every day! I remember watching her first xfactor show and thinking, wow she will make it places. Girl you certainly did. Now you're beautiful, talented and so loved by millions of us. Thank you for inspiring me. Tomorrow I am recording and sending in an audition tape for UK Xfactor 2018. One year since Camila left and followed her dreams, I am going to follow my dreams. She has shown that if she can do it anyone can. Love you Mila and keep up the good work 💕@camila_cabello @laurenjauregui #camren #camilacabello #fifthharmony #harmonizerforever #camilizerforlife #laurenza #camilita #karlacamilacabelloestrabao #laurenmichellejauregui #dinahjane #allybrooke #normanikordei #laurenjauregui #ot5 #cc1 #camilaalbum #camila12thjanuary #fifthharmonyalbum