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Personal Album Review Rank: 3/4 Favorite Track: u  To Pimp A Butterfly is my third favorite Kendrick album, which might seem low to lot of people, because it is a classic. However, I haven’t embraced TPAB as much as Section 80 or GKMC, which doesn’t stop this from also being the best album of 2015. When Kendrick released the single “i”, he was heavily criticized for the happy, radio single, but it all made sense in the context of this politically fueled album which addressed the problems of America. No other Kendrick album goes so heavily into black oppression, police brutality, and a racist government, yet preaches positivity through songs like Alright, a black power national anthem in its own sense, and i. This album is about the tiny quality of life improvements that are made during these hard times, yet has a very mournful tone. Kendrick’s use of jazz samples makes the album unique, and special, but is what turned me away from this album compared to the top 2(I dislike jazz much). In King Kunta, Kendrick raised a topic that would become more talked about later in 2015: ghostwriting. This album shows Kendrick’s futuristic self as he predicts the problems of America, and hip hop culture as well, as the album serves as a perfect intro to a Trump America that we have today.  Do you guys agree with the review, and ranking? Is TPAB a modern classic?
"imma comPtown representa concrete back flippa a.k.a that nigga" #dontworry #overlydedicated #tunnelvision i come from the era of witnessing greatness and come from a area where greatness came from. #michaeljordan #kendricklamar #2much
Kendrick Performing California Love at the iHeart Music Awards 2014!
"We hurt people that love us, love people that hurt us." - @kendricklamar 🎥 If you want to know more about the life of Kendrick Lamar, then check out the video below! ❌ NEW ANIMATED VIDEO OUT NOW! ❌ ➡️ https://youtu.be/gsdZBfm1504 ... presented by The Biographer ... #kendricklamar #kendrick #section80 #overlydedicated #kdot #goodkidmaadcity #damn #allthestars #blackpantherthealbum #bio #hiiipower #drdre #2pac #thegame #blackhippy
Song of the Day: Real ft Anna Wise Recommend other tracks below!
Personal Album Review Rank: 4/4 Favorite Track: LOVE Review: The latest Kendrick album was to me his least great album out of the four, which shows how dope Kendrick is, because this is a HIGH QUALITY album for me, and the best of 2017. Kendrick hyped this up The Heart Part IV, with possible disses at Drake & Big Sean, and to me, it seemed like Kendrick was trying to show other mainstream artists that he could use their style, and do it better than them through radio play. He achieves this easily with tracks like Humble, DNA, Loyalty, and LOVE, solid Kenny tracks with massive airplay. The fact that the album can be played backwards shows the genius of the man, and he explores a variety of themes here. My favorite thing of the album is the variety of sounds that Kendrick accessed and mastered, while sticking to his storyline of the boy from Compton whose at the top of the rap game. Kendrick’s bars and lyrics are solid as always, which are fast & furious in its delivery. Finally, the message of Kendrick’s album here was that his purpose in the world is to help people find what they have lost: their own humanity.  Overall Rating: 8/10 Which album do you think will come in third place?
“We look so much on color that we forget about the soul.“ – @kendricklamar 🎥 If you want to know more about the life of Kendrick Lamar, then check out the video below! ❌ NEW ANIMATED VIDEO OUT NOW! ❌ ➡️ https://youtu.be/gsdZBfm1504 ... presented by The Biographer ... #kendricklamar #kendrick #section80 #overlydedicated #kdot #goodkidmaadcity #damn #allthestars #blackpantherthealbum #bio #hiiipower #drdre #2pac #jayz
Kendrick Lamar.
Kendrick Lamar and his overly dedicated days 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @kendricklamar #overlydedicated #kendricklamar #undergroundmusic #underrated #rap #hiphop #tde
Kendrick n crew giving out some dope Nike Cortez Check out @kendrick_based for some more dope Kendrick content!
Some more pics from Kendrick’s performance at O2 in London! DAMN TOUR 🔥🔥 Creds to @moh_wav
Happy Birthday to one of the absolute legends of the game, and the best producer of all time possibly! From NWA to the Chronic to Eminem & 50, and to executive producing good Kid Maad City, Happy Birthday to DR. DRE  ITS DRE DAY MUTHAFUCKAS
#abs popping all day. Still getting better and going for aesthetics.  #bodybuilding  #gains #muscle #strength #shred #fit #fitness #overlydedicated  #workout