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This shake. This is MORE than just a “protein shake.” This is NOT a weight loss shake. This is something that i have been drinking DAILY for the last year! . It’s something that helps me not have all the cravings to eat ALL the things. . It’s something that keeps me regular... which i never have been {tmi??} . It’s something that makes my mornings less chaotic when I’m running out the door because i know i need good nutrition to keep me full until lunch. . It’s something that has all my vitamins + pre & probiotics for the day but also tastes like dessert. . I wouldn’t budget this “shake” in each month if i didn’t see the benefit in my daily life. {even my husband drinks it daily} . This shake has changed my life. And not because it’s a shake.... it’s so much MORE!
Self-confidence is a super power. Once you start believing in yourself, magic starts to happen. ✨ __________________________________________________
Life, y'all. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I've been feeling this RIDICULOUS self-induced pressure to have my ducks in a row now that the awful test is successfully behind me. Alas, my car is full of run gear, along with yesterday's half-finished piece of bread munched down between meetings and conference calls, APO brochures, service pins, backup batteries, headlamps, and unfinished coffee beverages. My brakes are screaming to be replaced, but... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ...I have a hole in my dining room ceiling that has been there since June. Rabbits are trying to break in to my basement. Bees ARE in my basement (how?!?!). I haven't vacuumed in a week. The dishes in the kitchen don't stop. Ironing is for suckers, my cubicle is a tornado of 11x17's and yes, more unfinished coffee beverages. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ... My relationship with my husband is balanced, happy, and respectful. I love my family and my in-laws. I walk my dog every day. My work hours are flexible. I have a number of run buddies on speed dial for the emergency therapy run. I love my job and the problems I get to solve (and even most of the people I get to solve them with!). My bills are paid, I own my car, my home is warm. My student loans are paid aggressively. I work two paid jobs, one volunteer job, and try my hardest to make the world a better place every day by listening with an open heart and adjusting my shortcomings. If success is having a clean shiny car and a house I can't afford to heat, I guess I don't need it. #happy #peptalk #drowningalittle #managingexpectations
Grateful for my ups and downs. The things I've learn along the way. This journey has taught me so much about myself and others. What I don't want to be like. Who I want to become. Sometimes I don't have all the answers but I know god is in control. I know that even if I make the wrong decision things will be ok and I can learn from them. Life isn't about being perfect and having the perfect life its living. Living with intention...living with purpose. So don't forget that no matter where you are its ok. Its exactly where you need to be. 🌸 #tuesdaymotivation #nofilter #inspire #beingauthentic #communityovercompetition #ladyboss #peptalk #sunset #californiaadventure
A drink and Warm bath for me tonight... No Hate All Love 💕 ❤️ #iloveyoucharlie #yougotthis #peptalk #me #charmingawakening
Our first Christmas tree 🎄 This year the holidays have been so much more enjoyable for me and I’m so thankful for it. 🙏🏻 Last year I had anxiety around the holidays and this year I feel so much lighter and happier. It’s funny because last year at this time I thought the dark cloud would remain above my head forever. 😔⛈ One day I realized that it starts with me and I started a journey toward happiness, a pursuit of happiness, and here I am today. My nutrition has improved, I’m sweating everyday, I take time to practice self care and I feel so. much. better. 🙌🏻 Most days it didn’t seem worth it to get up in the morning, I never had the desire to drag myself out of bed. You HAVE to! It’s the hardest step but the most important step to having an amazing day that eventually shifts your mindset to a positive one. So don’t hit snooze, get up, get out of bed and do something that you love and enjoy. Do something that isn’t part of the wake up, 9-5, go to sleep. Make that change and I promise you will see a difference in your life. It’s the best thing that I could’ve done. ❤️ - #personal #development #motivation #christmas #christmastree #happyholidays #motivationalquotes #motivation #inspiration #love #follow #like #christmastime #christmas2017 #firstchristmastree #first #peptalk #selflove #selfcare #putyourselffirst #womanpower #happy #happiness #happygirl
Giving yourself a pep talk. Please forgive the language. We are all awesome! #peptalk #badasswoman
Real mothers will never allow just anyone to watch their kids #peptalk 🗣
Because sometimes we all need that little bit of a pep talk and reassurance of how awesome we are. It can get hard to remember all your amazing qualities and positive things in life at times, especially when we’re busy or stressed. Use this post as your reminder of how amazing you are and that you’re absolutely killing it at life and doing your best. Take a step back, breathe and clear your mind, you’ve got this girl! #fernwood #quote #support #awesome #yougogirl #peptalk #bum #perfect #doingawesome #goals #reminder #confidence #busy #christmas #gym #woonona #love #strong #women #reassurance #yougotthis #killingit #butt #happy
Baby 👆🏾You got the Juice 😂 #peptalk #affirmations 🚨NEW VIDEO🚨 LINK IN BIO as always💕
#peptalk #realtalk #loveyourself
Knees to elbows was my first goal in calisthenics. When I first started, I couldn't lift my knees past my hips. It was a bit of a struggle learning to engage my mid back and embrace posterior pelvic tilt, but once I was able to correctly activate my whole back, so many more skills and movements became available to me.  I still use my biceps to activate my back, but I'm slowly working on straight arms and engaging my lats. Slow progress is still progress. . . . #kneestoelbows #peptalk
Keep it weird ✌🏻 🖤🔥💯💃🏼! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. #woke #aligned #wanderlust #tuesday  #confidence #conciousness #powerfulwomen #believe #namaste #positive #compass #strongwomen #goodvibes #networking #keepitreal #beyou #change #transformationtuesday #lawofattraction #lifequotes #relationships #selflove #peptalk #weird #lovethis #awkward #loveyou #weirdo
Pre-show pep talk from Coach. Shaman’s Harvest backstage at the Palladium in Worcester, MA 12/1/17  @officialshamansharvest // . . . . #photographer #concertphotography #musicphotographer #backstage #inthemoment #actionshot #musician #rockphotographer #portrait #tourlife #greenroom #bts #candid #candidphoto #peptalk #preshow #pregame #band
Amen. #failbetter #peptalk #yougotthis
^^ This. Running, biking, boxing, weight lifting, dancing, and all other forms of exercise that make you happy. Go on, test your limits. #peptalk #goneforarun #fitnessmotivation #motivation #enjoyyourexercise #testyourlimits
I cannot express how important it is to be unapologetically passionate for your choices, whether they are the right choices, or the wrong choices, because you will learn from them no matter what and they’ll get you where you need to go. I cannot express how important it is to find people that understand that you can’t meet them half way, but they still love you all the same. I cannot express how important it is to understand that this is not a selfish decision, and this is to be bigger and better, for you, for your future, your family, patients in the ER, on an operating table, or just a routine visit. I cannot express how important it is to understand that in this little world that contains billions of humans within an extravagant universe beyond our reach, there are people that understand this and won’t ever find the need to remind you that you aren’t making their cut. Baby, you need to remember, this is your universe. You call the shots. Respect yourself to draw that little etched line, and if your universe is the scissors they want to use to cut, respect their universe. You work entirely too hard. Too many long hours and restless nights, to ever apologize for the talent and best intentions a human could ever have. You are beyond what a physical gift could provide. A bundle of ambition, determination, motivation for the ones around you, love, and discipline. Traits that are so hard to come by. 🍃🍃🍃🍃 ——————————— Baby, do NOT let the pain change you. You didn’t come this far just to get this far at the expense of other’s comfort zones. You keep fighting, and the right people bring their own universe and provide more light to yours, just don’t lose your own light.