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DID YOU KNOW: activating specific muscle groups before an activity will facilitate better use of those muscle groups?! As a DPT I use this strategy not only for my patients, but also for myself. Activating them #glutes for my evening jog! 🍑 minimizing injury and improving mechanics 💪🏼 Get activated, people!  #doctorofphysicaltherapy #practicewhatyoupreach #redondobeach #southbay #performbetter
Beast Mode!!!!💪🏽
✅Warm up tips with @laforestperformance ✔ - 💥Warming up properly before your workout is crucial for keeping you injury free in the gym. When you do a dynamic warm up you raise your body's internal temperature and produce something called Synovial Fluid. - Synovial fluid lubricates your joints prior to lifting  weights so you can lift more effectively with less stress on the body. Here's an example of a warm up you can do after a quick foam roll. - Don't be afraid to spend a little more time warming up if you don't feel ready, take your time and you'll set yourself up for great session💥 ______________  #vancouver #vancouverisawesome #vancouverfitness #vancouverlife #vancouverite #vancity #yvr #yvrliving #vancouverliving #vancouverlifting #vancitybuzz #vancityhype #fitvancouver #health #wellness #fitness #vancouverpersonaltraining #personaltraining #performbetter #canada #gym
I am quite literally surrounded by, and coached by, the best. Between my parents, the people within these👆🏼 walls, and the coaches & teammates I have from the field... I sometimes have no choice but to stop and be overwhelmed by gratitude. I haaave to stop and look up and say "thank you" with the most confused look on my face because how I got this blessed, I will never know. But I do know if my parents didn't raise me to believe in myself, tell me that my dreams were possible (if only I did what I loved and put my whole heart into it) and to seek nothing but the best... I would've never chose to live Giant. I do know if I never had Giantland, I wouldn't stand so whole and at peace with who I am. And I wouldn't have had the strength to have this quality of relationships in my life. I do know if we didn't train at this place right here, I wouldn't have realized how limitless I was. I wouldn't have known that ALL of the desires of my heart (be a kick ass athlete, travel the world, practice new languages/immerse myself in new cultures, write books, take hip hop classes [in the works, who's in?😏] take on new cities and lead new teams) were possible. I knew IIIII was possible-- but ALL of it? Jeeze. ....So today's one of those days. The overwhelmingly grateful ones. And I guess it's safe to say these people totally screwed up my life. They've screwed up everything I thought I knew about myself and the world. Everything I thought I was or simply could or couldn't be. It's all completely ruined....... and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. - "The best way to truly show your appreciation for something you love, is to take all that it's given to you- and give it away." (me🤚🏼) - The point? It's literally my duty to show up for the world. Because they show(ed) up for me. #barbers #giantland #livecfalife
Shruggin off the haters! Lol 😤#sunsoutgunsout #merica #heavyshrugs
Side-lying external rotation. One of the hallmark exercises for rotator cuff activation and strengthening protocols. This is by far one of my favorite exercises to give patients that are experiencing any pinching or pain in the shoulder with reaching or overhead activities. This high rep, low load model will occasionally work like a charm to "clear out" any pinching sensation with reaching overhead. Amount of reps will be 40-50 reps per set. Amount of weight will be no weight to start, but simply gravity. Here is how to perform properly. . . 1️⃣ - Get completely on side with head supported by opposite hand or pillow. Keep elbow at side and form a perfect 90 degree angle at the elbow. Also, keep shoulder blade depressed (down) and slightly pinched back. . . 2️⃣ - Place a pillow or towel (I am using a dynadisc in this video) directly underneath elbow. This will put the arm in a slightly abducted position - creating a better position for the external rotators to activate. . . 3️⃣ - Slowly bring hand up by rotating through the shoulder. Be sure to move at the shoulder joint and DO NOT straighten the elbow. Maintain the perfect 90 degree at elbow and slightly press elbow down into pillow or whatever is under elbow. Tension and muscle activation should be on the posterior (backside) area of the shoulder. . . 4️⃣ - Use slow and controlled movement on both upward and downward phase. Repeat roughly 30-50 times. This high rep set will activate the teres minor and infraspinatus (2 rotator cuff muscles responsible for external rotation) to a large degree, which in turn will reciprocally inhibit the often over active internal rotators (IR) - pecs, lats, subscapularis. . . 🐥 - I have had numerous patients that come in with shoulder impingement and painful arc symptoms that simply do 1-2 sets of 40-50 reps of this, and then can almost achieve full active scaption or flexion with a large reduction of pain! Now, I'm not saying that this will 100% work every time
We are pretty shameless about saying that we have the best team. (only a piece of us pictured, here.) We set our standards high and we hold everyone to only the most quality of service. Coach Kayla talked about what it means to be apart of a team- "a damn good one"- and we loved what she had to say. - "Sooo... I told every one to just "be themselves."📷 And what we ended up with was a shirtless, hippie, health nerd, jock.  And in my eyes there was literally nothing more perfect.  I freakin' loved it... [so much.] Cause it was clear that we successfully- & kind of effortlessly- captured the very badass, dorky, free-spirited essence of the team. •The very essence that makes us a damn good one.• 👉🏼Next time you think 'team' means you have to look the same, be the same, have the same preferences, opinions, hobbies..... think again.  The best teams fill holes. They take on roles that only they could do. That only they could create, be or be successful at.  And it's only when everyone on the team acknowledges their own unique role-- and owns it whole-heartedly... that it begins to be successful. That it begins to have FUN. 👉🏼It's only when YOU begin to step into who you were made to be-- even in the midst of the shirtless, and the hippies, and the jocks.... that you can begin to be happy.  That you can begin to realize the beauty that you are. The holes that you fill and the beauty that you bring to the team... And then, best of all, all the beauty that surrounds you." - Coach @kaylacbarber • • • Turns out what's best for everyone involved, is to be unapologetic about being the best version of you. Now that's #livecfalife.💥
@Regrann from @joegambinodpt -  If you have stubbornly tight hip flexors that all the smashing and rolling can't seem to fix - maybe you need another solution. _ 💸Tight hip flexors are often caused by weakness of the hip flexors. Instead of trying to constantly stretch them, maybe you should try these 2 drills. _ 1️⃣Psoas Marches 💷In order to bias the illiopsoas from the other hip flexors, we must bring our hips past 90 degrees of hip flexion. _ •Press your lower back flat into the ground and maintain your trunk position as you extend one leg.  As you do so, keep your opposite hip angle the same, don't lose your hip flexion! _ 2️⃣Elevated Psoas March 🛫The technique is the same, but this drill is a harder variation as the video prior. _ 🚁Elevating your torso increases the stability demands causing your body have to work harder. _ 🏟Give these drills a try and let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 🗻If you found this helpful, please share ‼️ . . . . #strength #strengthmatters #hips #fitspo #performance #performbetter @perform_better #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #physicaltherapist #perfectstridept #physicaltherapystudent #dptstudent #clinicalathlete @clinicalathlete #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessaddict  #fitnessgoals #fitnesslife #nycfit #nycfitness #astoriafitness #astoria #queens #nyc #healthandwellness
BOOM‼️ So this happened today! Have been studying for the past 2 months during all my chemo treatments and it finally paid off! Finally certified as a functional strength coach thanks to @kjj333 for her great coaching abilities! And thanks to the other coaches for putting on such a great learning experience @kev_in_carr @collectmomentsnotthingz @stigelow  #strengthandconditioning #cfsc #fitness #coaching #certifiedfunctionalstrengthcoach #performbetter
Here is a great information from @thestretchtherapist to increase performance in life and in sport  DOES YOUR JOINT MOBILITY SUCK💩?? (here is the lovely ❤️ @nuts_and_bowls getting a tune-up for her hip mobility - all warm and toasty! 😊) . WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT JOINT MOBILITY? .  1️⃣Ever watch children play? 👼🏽They’re bendy, flexible little sprites with perfect squat and deadlift form. Attainment of joint mobility, then, is regaining what was lost, not inventing something new. Everyone has to pick up groceries, or walk up stairs, or perform any number of mundane tasks requiring the use of joints and limbs. If those joints and limbs are going to be useful, they have to be mobile. They need a full range of motion in order to REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY . .  2️⃣And if you are an athlete 🏋🏽‍♀️, mobility is even more important. The powerful athletes/strongest lifters are the ones who move weights (or just themselves) through the full range of motion using compound movements and utilizing healthy, active joints. If you have poor joint mobility, performing quality squats, deadlifts, presses – any compound movement that requires precision and communication between joints and limbs – it’s going to be that much harder, and the risk for injury that much higher. . 3️⃣Power output and speed 🥊 will be compromised with poor joint mobility. When you shoot a rubber band, the farther back you pull it, the more tension there is, and the farther it shoots. The greater your joint mobility, the greater your range of motion, and the more tension – and therefore power – you’ll be able to generate. . 4️⃣Most importantly, maintaining adequate joint mobility keeps our joints healthy.” 🍎🍏Thanks to @marksdailyapple marksdailyapple.com/the-importance-of-mobility-the-hips/ . . Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on HIP MOBILITY & WHY SITTING COULD KILL YOU ☠️ . .  #fascialstretchtherapy @stretchtowin #crossfit
Float like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee - Muhammad Ali Clay Top of the KettleBell Swing is a Plank.  it's coming from a soft hinge and when the KettleBell is right in front of your chest your body is solid as rock. I like this concept, be soft in life but when the time comes be solid as rock that no one can move you.  @strongfirst #kettlebell #sfg2 #strongfirst #strongfirstcertified #kettlebellswing #strength #strong @perform_better #performbetter @trxtraining #trxtraining @ultimatesandbag #dvrtultimatesandbag #dvrt #fitness #fitnesscoach @sokolstrong #awesome @muhammadali #thegreatest @underarmour #uaglendale #underarmour #iwill #donedonedone @c.frankel #rolemodel 📷 @carolinetran
@Regrann from @pogophysio -  Physio with a finish line. We don't want to be known as the physios that didn't 'work', or the physios that just wanted to 'keep you coming back'. So we engineered an industry first way of offering physiotherapy. Introducing our 2, 6, or 12 week Finish Line Programs. Click link to beat your injury and get back to your physical best. 🏁💪 #performbetter #finishline  https://www.pogophysio.com.au/finish-line-programs/ - #regrann
It's been a minute but I'm back! Getting ready for @perform_better summit tomorrow with this metabolic finisher for 5 rounds: •2x body weight (275lb) trap bar farmer carry •Sled marches •Rear delt work using the TRX
Thanks #greenwichtime for the great article! Come and experience the 'cryozone' at #combinecryo ❄️❄️first session is free❄️❄️ #coldfastrecovery #cryo #cryotherapy #wholebodycryotherapy #performbetter #wellness #cryozone #greenwichct #greenwich #fitness
Proud to have attended the CFSC L1 training seminar and earned the CFSC certificate. This cert is much more different and challenging than your normal certification because in addition to a written exam, there's a full day practical exam, providing hands on teaching and cues on how to improve mobility, activation, warmup, power drills, and strength training the basic movement patterns and their regression/progressions for the broad fitness levels of the general population. The staff is very intelligent, friendly, and most important-they want you to succeed. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get better and walk out knowing they'll get a great return on their investment (so will your clients 👻💪🏻) #cfsc #performbetter #mbsc #strength #conditioning #movement #health #stabilize #mobilize #strengthen #education #forlife @certifiedfsc
"If you want to seek health, look first to the spine." -Socrates When it comes to the thoracic spine (upper back) you need to move it or you're gonna lose it. With as much time as we spend in modern times sitting in a flexed forward position, we need create a practice that counters our habitual tendencies by moving all the other planes of motion that the t-spine can move through, namely lateral flexion, extension and rotation. That's why kneeling spinal CARs find their way into most of my warm ups and "rest" periods between sets of strength training. 🔹🔹🔹Jessica and I identified the sleepiest portion of her spine and I gave her feedback to create the rotation strictly from the point I placed my finger. This has improved her body awareness/control as well as reducing chronic neck and face tension. The first rep she tried to make up for her lack of range of motion with hip movement, but with a little more physical cuing she was able to create pure spinal movement from my pivot point. 🔷🔷🔷At Vajra Body we use Functional Range Conditioning to learn to make our bodies work for us instead of being slaves to our current limitations. #controlyourself #frcms #spinalhealth #bodyawareness #vajrabody #performbetter #nycfit #brooklyn #garagegym #nyc #mobility #movementmedicine #fitness #functionalrangeconditioning #makeshitworknice #performance #movementmeditation @jessleit
Meet my BFF😘  I've been busy all day, and I've got a double workout on my program's schedule today.  It's time! All excuses aside, time to get it done! #mybff #getitdone #movemore #leaveexcusesbehind #noexcuses #iamcommitted #pushplay #busymom #myhealthmatters #workoutathome #energyboost #energy #performbetter #activemom #momoffour #teachermom #gottaworkout