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Aquela sobrancelha que você merece 🥇 . Aqui você não corre o risco de sair com traços infantis nem muito menos com uma sobrancelha que chegue antes de você (estilo carvão) kkk. . . . 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Seja um Artista da Micropigmentação . . Cursos / Procedimentos . ✔ SP - ITAQUERA . R. José Henrique tomas de lima, 164 - 📱(11) 951524441 - ☏ (11) 20536452 . NOSSOS CURSOS (AULAS VIP - ESSE É NOSSO DIFERENCIAL) . ⛦ MICROBLADING ⛦ MICROPIGMENTAÇÃO FIO A  FIO COM DERMÓGRAFO ⛦ DESIGN DE SOBRANCELHAS ⛦ MAGIC SHADOW ⛦ OMBRÉ ⛦ TÉCNICA HÍBRIDA FIOS + SHADOW . #clodoaldolima #sobrancelhasperfeitas #dermografo #microblading #sobrancelhas #permanentmakeup #micropigmentação #sobrancelhasfioafio #realismo #tebori #transformacao #micropigmentation #hairstroke #tatto #tattoeyebrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #realism #dermopigmentação #hudabeauty #hiperrealista #pausaparafeminices #fioafio #maquiagemdefinitiva #fioafiohiperrealista #eyebrow #amiea
ABGEILTES ERGENIS NACH NUR 1 BEHANDLUNG!😍so Mädels wir ihr seht, ist die liebe @katjaruniello geschminkt bloß ihre Augenbrauen braucht sie nicht mehr zu schminken da sie die Shadingbrows Methode hat 😍😍😍😍 mit dieser Methode seht ihr sogar ungeschminkt toll aus und trotzdem dezent !❤️ heute haben wir die zweite Nachbehandlung gemacht um Kleinigkeiten danach zu korrigieren ❤️ #permanentmakeup #shading #shadingtattoo #shadingbrows #shadingeyebrow #pmu #tattoo #tattoogirl #tattooart #tattoolove #hamburg #alster #elzacosmetics #040 #beauty #tattooink #eyebrows #eyebrowsonfleek #eyebrowtattoo
Приглашаю моделей на перманентный макияж век в технике 💥стрелка с растушёвкой💥👍 Цена 1000 р. вместо 5000 р. 🔥 Все подробности в Директ/WA!!! 📲 89268424939 ☝️
Delineado de gatinho 😻😻 Isso mesmo gata! Você que aaama esse delineado e não tem paciência de fazer, pode optar pela blefaropigmentação.  Studio AH cursos e procedimentos ☎(27) 99907-3897 (27) 3219-5862 falar com Dalva ou Juliano.  #olhar43 #semprepronta #delineadogatinho #permanentmakeup #micropigmentação #alessandrahernándezmicropigmentaçao
No hair? No problem! ✨client requested thin brows and lighter in color, I will usually advise against this as the brows will already thin out during the healing process and lighten 40-50%. But this is a special of mine who I call "mom", and even when it comes to brows she thinks she knows best. Sometimes if the client is persistent and scared of the initial dark thick look immediately following procedure, I will go with their request JUST so they can experience the healing process for themselves. Then when it comes time for their touch up(included) they will feel more comfortable and understand that the initial dark thick look is only temporary. *She has combination/ mature skin and these brows will likely heal to a very faint light brown. The shape will still be there, thinner but she will have an easier time getting ready in the morning being able to just fill them in rather than building the shape from scratch.
✨ 💫 B R O W S 💫 ✨  Beautiful new brows for a beautiful lady. Lovely Emel came in this evening for her first microblading session. Having a lovely natural shape to start with, we’ve thickened them out slightly and mostly added lots of fine strokes to give them a denser look. Emel will pop back to see me at around 5-8 weeks from now to check on the healing and see if we need to touch up any strokes.  Thank you for your trust and your patience this evening Em💛
Nur noch bis 31.12.17 auf Permanent Make-up 10%%%% #permanentmakeup #lips #eyebrows #eyeliner
❥ She wanted it dark like her soul .  Lipigment Micro line Eclipse | 0.18-18 slant. @face.amor Synthetic Mink 0.10 9-13mm  ____________________________________________________ EYEBROW EMBROIDERY Results May Vary Per Individual All images are copyright©