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@ Charleston, South Carolina US
Mona Lisa💉
Happy end of the weekend guys! 💙  I know no one is excited to go to work tomorrow especially since it got warmer and makes you not wanna sit in the office.  But I’m excited for this week to come. I think working hard is a good thing and I don’t want to avoid it.  Working hard and learning should be an ongoing process. When you don’t grow you basically stop living. I was always scared to get stuck and stop growing.  So this morning I took a little (but pretty intense) webinar by @photostudy.me and by lunch time I had 5 more ideas of things I can do to improve my work as a photographer. I’ve learned something new and confirmed to myself some things I already knew were right. Learning felt good. It makes you feel alive.  I got so inspired and encouraged. I got reminded that my crazy desire to get better at what I do is actually okay. I always look for ways how to make my photos prettier, my service better and just get better and better at everything.  Currently I don’t have a full-time job and photography here and illustration at @mira.knott is what I do. Doing your own thing is a lot more difficult then going to work everyday where you just have to follow routine. Especially hard when you just moved to a different country and have to figure out the market and the people you don’t know and how to serve them your awesome service.  But it’s good to be on your own because it pushes you to work harder, think wider, go further than others. Better, faster, stronger. It’s a lot more work, it’s hard and doesn’t reward you right away. Doing your own little business is like having a baby. You have to take care of it day and night and you don’t stop for years.  But working hard is part of your purpose. Its what keeps your blood boiling with life.  So guys Monday is exciting. Monday is good. I’m excited.  Keep on rolling, keep learning. ✨  #photostudyme #porthopeontario #porthopebeach #porthope #northumberlandcoast #ontario #photographylife
Picão! 🌿  #nofilter #semfiltro  #photographysouls #photographylover #plant #plants #nature #naturelovers #naturezaperfeita #natureza #details #detalhe #naturephotography #naturephoto #photographylife #leaf #picao #picão #simply #simplicidade #simplicidades #simplicidadeétudo #hand #simplicidadesempre #simplylife ∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞•∞• (fotos de minha autoria 📷💫)