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"It's like when you finish a book and you don't want it to end even though the characters are happy you're still sad that it's ending." - #pll "This feels like it's the end of something"-Alison DiLaurentis-Fields😭❤️✨🅰️ . . . . . #prettylittleliars #fangirling #love #tvshow #pllgameover #endofanera
Nada melhor neee😍😍😍😍#pllseason7 #pll #pllislife
@josinhaquino com T shirt PLL / Garante a tua em homenagem a essa série que a gente ama 🖤 #pll #prettylittleliars
Пулей примчалась с работы смотреть последнюю серию #pll #emisonendgame
— SPOILERS ‼️ before I start I really love this picture of ian & lucy it's cute, them in their wedding outfits. [EZRIA] I'm so happy they got married and it was so beautiful and they all looked so happy and ahh it was just the best moment. I'm so proud of them like they've overcome so much and I loved how it started with them and ended with them getting a happy ending:') i cried when aria found out she couldn't have children it hurt sm seeing them like that, but ezra was so comforting and reassured her they would have their lil family I love him. It was so emotional when she said she couldn't but like at the end she said they were gonna try adopting after the honeymoon it was so sweet. also ezria SEX I loved how it was legit a parallel from 5x05!! I'm just so happy for them and even though Ezra got kidnapped which was so sad cos he didn't want aria to think he left her and aria was so worried & sad😭 [A.D.] i always had a feeling it could be Spencer's twin when everyone was saying she acted weird in some of them scenes which we found out was her twin!! I actually liked how the episode went and that storyline tbh well I liked it a lot more than the last reveal. I also liked how Alex drake linked to wren and that was so good I thought. I have so much more too say ahh I'll just put it on other captions!!! I can't believe it's actually over now😰😭
Hasta siempre. #pll #pllendgame #pllgameover #pequeñasmentirosas
For an under appreciated character; I've always had a soft spot for Mona. I relate to her a lot in the sense of feeling out of place and left out and constantly trying to earn people's trust. She really proved throughout these past seasons to be the most interesting & dynamic character and it's so sad that so many people are sleeping on her. She made her mistakes in the past but she truly grew from them and matured into a caring person who just wants to help her friends. Mona really has been saving all your faves and you still won't give her credit. I'm so glad she got her happy ending in Paris where she's still running the game, what a legend. After everything she'd been through this happy ending was more then necessary. ―  cr; @liarsmiracle  #varchie #sanvers #delena  #pll #prettylittleliars #ariamontgomery #hannamarin #spencerhastings #emilyfields #alisondilaurentis #emison #ezria #haleb #spaleb #monavanderwaal #spoby #emaya  #delena #wrencer #jaria #spoby #ashleybenson #troianbellisario #shaymitchell #lucyhale #sashapieterse #tylerblackburn #ianharding #keeganallen
what a shitty way to end a TV show 😠😠😠😠😠
Devant le dernier épisode de PLL. Qui regarde ? 🍋 #passioncitron
Aaaaaaaah carai meu coração nao aguenta Pqp 7 temporadas e fim. Acabou .. Já era.... Agora só ficar no chão em posição fetal mesmo. #pll #prettylittleliars
Spencer's twin sister is A.D.! Alex Drake! #pllendgame #pllgameover #pllfinale #pll #prettylittleliars #goodbyepll #7yearsofpll #2017 @prettylittleliars
@brantdaugherty "Updated my twitter bio for the day in honor of the #pll finale 😂" #fiftyshadesfreed #lukesawyer
❌PLL FINALE SPOILERS BELOW❌ ❌ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ❌ ❌ ❌  So I just finished the finale-and I feel SHOOK. I've seen the twincer theories around but I never believed them. Alex Drake completely blew my mind. AND ALL THE EMISON SCENES AHH!! The ending to the finale-with the "New liars" was THE PERFECT ENDING. I think what I'm trying to say is that this finale is the best of all the episodes, and possible the most perfect ending to PLL. Now I do want to talk about Shay, because this IS a fan account of Shay lol. I absolutely adored Emily's character in PLL. When I first started watching the show..I was in 8th grade. Emily Fields struck me as an amazing character. The way she's so loyal, heartwarming, kind, and caring...you know? She's really a unique character. And if you've noticed-with or without makeup, she is straightup GORGEOUS. Another point I'd like to make is that I never had much of an opinion on sexuality-until I watched PLL, and it's really opened my eyes to how we can really love who we want. PLL has (surprisingly) taught me that love is the strongest bond that keeps people together. Love is what makes up everything. It is love that kept the girls together, and love that created A and A.D, and love that brought together our favorite ships. It is also love-that defeated A and A.D in the end, and love-that kept the girls together. Surprising, how much you can learn from a TV show. To wrap up this HUGE rant-I'd like to thank anyone who is still reading this lmao. I'm so excited to continue this account-even though PLL has ended. Shay/Emily will always have a special place in my mind. Thank you @imarleneking @saracshepard @shaymitchell @lucyhale @sleepinthegardn @sashapieterse27 @ashleybenson for everything. Hands down, PLL was incredible.  To end this rant, I just want to say: "Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." ---xoxo @slay_it_shay
I POSTED so please go like and comment (they take time:) thank you!!😌💛 [like my recent to find out ,last digit = ur number ♡] #pll #prettylittleliars #pllfinale #gainpost #arianagrande #gaintrick #fff #ifb #lfl
"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Spencer Hastings (Winnie the Pooh) || Me after watching the last episode of Pretty Little Liars 😭💔 #pll #prettylittleliars #pllendgame #pllgameover