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Luca has been my steady gym partner as I ease back into my CF routine. He already has 9 check ins! #thelittlestmanintheworld  #crossfit #crossfiticehouse #lman #littlenugget #postpregnancy #feelslikeimstartingover #homunculus #nopelvicfloor
Fixate pork tenderloin and pumpkin spiced apples .... hello happy belly!
This kid eats so many bananas we are pretty sure he’s gonna turn into a cute little monkey 🐵🍌
We’ve figured out how much we love toys and there’s no going back now! These two love their exersaucers and it sure makes it easier for us to get some things done around the house ☺️☺️ • • • • #dailyparenting #moditwins #monoditwins #idtwins #identicaltwins #twins #twinstagram #twinning #twinmom #boymom #motherhood #twinboys #identicaltwinboys #postpartum #momlifeisthebestlife #miraclesdohappen #pregnancyjourney #postpregnancy #pregnancy #momof2 #lifeofamom #fourthtrimester #5monthsold #candidchildhood #lifewithtwins #borntogetherfriendsforever #twiniversity
Try this all over body blast with Dumbbells. Try at home or in the gym. For an express workout go for 30 seconds each exercise...for a full workout go for 20,30,40 seconds of each with a short rest in between. Have fun with it! Dancing baby is optional 😂 . . . @onlinefitnesswithlianne @onlinefitvideos . #fitfam #fitnessvideos #workoutvideos #liannesonlinefitnessgroup #liannesonlinefitness #onlinefitnesswithlianne #fitmom #dancing #babyworkout #postpregnancy #lovefitness #fitnessmotivation #dumbbells #justdoit #goforit #goals #motivation #wednesdayworkout #welovefitness #hiit #fitnessfreaks
Have you ever tried resistance training⁉️ . .  Ideal for upper and lower body workouts I LOVE ❤️ using my V-bands to stay in shape on the go! . . They’re super durable and lightweight and portable so I can keep them with me at all times for a convenient total body workout in any size space. . .  If you’ve never exercised with elastic fitness bands I’ve outline a few of my favorite moves that help my bod in CHECK! . . 🔹15 squats- add band movement to every step to increase upper body workout . 🔹15 seated rowing- with your feet out infront of you (seated) pull the bands towards you . 🔹15 hip press- lay on your back and lift your hip with band over it . . My V-bands include three resistances so you can fine-tune your workout as you progress and get stronger! Get started today at VANNABELT.COM
What do you do before and after workouts to improve your body⁉️ . .  When I decided to get in the best shape possible I knew it would take more than just exercising to reach my goals. I made a  dramatic change to what I did before, during, and after my workouts to maximize my HIIT workouts. Meet my 24 hour firming kit and the V-kit. . . Increase circulation and get your dream bod with my 24 hour firming and reduction kit, My 24 hour firming and reduction system features my Gel-V 🍃 to help heal stretch marks and tighten skin during the day. I apply this before and after my workouts. For night-time, use the included Gel-V Hot 🔥 to hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of dimples or cellulite on my midsection and legs. Best part, the 24 hour kit includes a V-glove 🤚 . .  I use my v-glove 🤚to improve the circulation in in my skin and increase absorption of the gels. . . Instantly contour your body with my v-kit: The V-Kit includes the v-belt and v-belt 2.0 to instantly chisel your midsection ⏳. I wear my V-belt in and out of the gym. It also includes Gel-V 🍃 and V-Glove 🤚to help stimulate circulation in the areas you want to be firmer while you’re not in the gym working on those v-cuts or traps! . . Don’t waste the time between workouts and improve your body with my v-kits from VANNABELT.COM
@lucyfit : 💥CORE CRUSHER💥 Get back at it with this HIIT . Bring those abs out with some sprint intervals and these two exercises . . . Always powered by my TRIM-V 💊💜 The nootropic fat burner helps increase your energy, fight cravings, burn fat, focus, and keeps you in a great mood. For maximum results, apply that #gelv 🍃ladies! 😍💃🏼 . 🎶Licensed music provided by Artlist.io , Song name: anthem of A Quirky Hipster Artist: Rex Banner🎶 . . Shop now at VANNABELT.COM and use Promocode: LUCYFIT10 for a discount
. Thank you doesn’t even come close to how much I appreciate the support I’ve received within the last day I feel overwhelmed, emotional and just to be honest .... I feel normal ! So many things can happen inside your head, so many thoughts and it can truly be a lonely place ! It makes you feel like you’re crazy, that you’re overthinking and that others will not understand so maybe you should just shut up . this is when it is time to speak up . The voice you need is the voice you own, never shut up, never be silent! Whatever you’re feeling, however you’re feeling .... never feel alone, what you are feeling IS important and shouldn’t go unheard 💗 . Thank you so much for all being with me on just another chapter of my journey, my life and my account Forever grateful for all the advice and support given! Social media can be such a helpful tool, it’s full of kind, informative and likeminded people who may be going through exactly what you are ! By being open you can help yourself by releasing some negative energy or thoughts and you can help others too x . I want my current state to have some positivity to arise out of it and if that means I can help one person by being open then it brings a silver lining to this storm x . #mentalhealth #speakup #itsokaynottobeokay .  #nonscalevictory  #nutrition #weightlossmotivation #transformation #thenandnow #fitfam #inspiration #fatloss #blogger #weightlossjourney #macrocounting #macros #fitmum  #postpregnancy #postpartum #cleaneating #caloriecounting #goals
First workout post baby! It went well I did 30 mins incline treadmill and a light shoulder circuit. It felt great! I haven’t been cleared by the doc for the heavy stuff yet but I can see it in my reach and I’m so excited to get back into prep and train hard for #npcbikini ❤️ for now just focusing on eating good and loosing some baby weight. Used my sweet sweat for the first time it worked super awesome🤟🏻 . . Silo was such a little angel at the gym slept quietly in his car seat. He was ready to play when we got back home ❤️ his first doc appt went well he was only 1oz away from his birth weight in the first week! The doc said we are doing a “wonderful job” ❤️ we are so proud to be your parents Silo Dayne 🌟 swipe to see Silo! ➡️ . . #fitmom #postpartumfitness #postpartum #babyboy #postpregnancy #12dayspostpartum #npcbikinicompetitor #npc #fitspo #gymmotivation #sweetsweatwaisttrimmer #sweetsweat #trainharder #instagood #instamood #boymom #fitnessjourney #bodypositive #cardio #shoulders #loveyourbody 🌟
Transformation Tuesday! - This Body After Baby Shred client has absolutely killed it these past 6 weeks. She is leaner, stronger, and not killing herself with cardio or a low calorie diet. She suffered from diastasis recti after having 4 kiddos and she’s been able to really strength and bring her abdominals back together. - Can’t wait to see everyone’s final measurements and pictures this week. 😍 - Don’t forget to sign up for the next round of Body After Baby Shred at https://candacetfitness.lpages.co/body-after-baby-shred/ starting Monday, February 26th! You will not regret this investment in yourself. Buddy deal of 50% off for both you and a friend is still going on. 🤗 Go to my profile link or DM me. - 👉https://candacetfitness.lpages.co/amazing-arms/ to get my FREE guide to Amazing Arms and sample workout. - Check out www.candacetfitness.com for all the programs I offer or to schedule a consultation to help you get in the best shape of your life!  #transformationtuesday #proudtrainer #bikinibody #progress
Раскладка моего ИГ это карта психозов и социопатии😂😆😅. У меня всегда в загашнике есть пара свежих историй про бешенных таксистов, неадекватных продавцов, мамаш-пупов земли и тупых детей😃😃. Вышла в магаз, вот тебе и новый рассказ👌. Хорошие истории тоже есть😄Но в основном не про людей. Зарплату перечислили, завтра тратить пойду. Все😃😃 . .  #декрет#декретныйотпуск#инстадетки#инстамама#личныйдневник#мойблог#блог#блоггер#селфи#Чувашия#momsblog#mommy#diaryofmom#diary#selfie#postpregnancy#малыш#instalook#instakid#instakids#family#familyportrait#familia#cheboksary#дневникмамы#историимамы#смыслжизни#зарплата
**Noticing change** if you missed my insta stories yesterday. finally seeing changes in my body, for my post baby abs making a come back! Today I did some serious walking again while William was at nursery. I’m making much more of a conscious effort to suck those abs tight when walking! Helping both my posture and core strength! Which are both important, especially when after most meals I look like I’m 3/4 months pregnant again 😂 #foodbaby  Pretty proud of my body, it’s produced three little people. And now it’s slowly bouncing back too it’s former “glory” 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 .  Be proud of your bodies ladies, they do amazing things!! . . #abs #fitfamuk #strongnotskinny #postbabybody #postpregnancy #postbabyfitness #ufbgcommunity #ufbg #7minuteworkouts
A few tips on how to take good care of yourself: ❥ go for a walk in a beautiful place ❥ compliment yourself ❥ have a 30 second dance party ❥ treat your senses with music, scented candles & a cozy blanket ❥ write in a journal ❥ organize your closet ❥ bake cookies ❥ pamper yourself with a long bath & face mask Do you have any other ideas? Share with us below! 💕