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Come in for some #afternoondlite 🚀🌞#tastism #tastid #tastidlite 🍦🗽#motivationmonday #summer
I have a confession to make/story to tell... I'm super lazy and hate cooking for myself. Fast food is my Achilles heel. 🙈There I said it. I know, and yes, I'm ashamed to admit it. 🙊I don't even enjoy fast food; actually, I hate it 🙄(There's a whole psychology to this issue that goes way deeper than I had planned to get in this light-hearted post. That's a different story). I "oooooo" and "ahhhhhh" and drool over so many  healthy, nutrient-packed recipes and take no action. Yep, uh-huh, I'm calling myself out. I have totally slid backwards. So after returning from a vacation full of delicious, thoughtfully-prepared meals, and coming home to decompress and get settled in, I think I got a little too settled. And after struggling in my tired old rut, I finally said enough is enough and made a conscious decision to start participating in life again. Changes will be made (and Erik is feeling the same). I often don't see myself slipping until I'm already pretty stuck. Depression is a sneaky little bastard. I'm ready to get rid of the excess baggage I've been holding onto. I lost 40 pounds a year ago and got comfortable with those results. Now I'm ready to let go of the rest. It's absolutely a metaphor for how I've been living my life, too. I'm afraid of being great, so I stop at good enough. Still protecting myself with the extra padding. It's so obviously a perfect metaphor. Again, more psychology stuff. More work I have to do. And that's a great thing to become aware of. So... yada, yada, yada... I made a different decision today, and I invite you to check out what I did. I'm going to try my best to continue to do this and share in my stories to, not only help me create a healthy habit, but maybe someone else feels the same and needs to see someone trying to break free of tired, old habits that no longer serve them. See how I wing an easy recipe idea I had while trying to finish up food in the house before we go grocery shopping. Check my story for this quick,
The brunch game at Oak + Rowan is A+. (1) prime-grade bone-in ribeye for two, beautifully crusted and marbled (and butchered), served with (not pictured) crispy rösti-style hash browns, crispy poached egg, and caviar-studded hollandaise (2) butter-poached lobster on johnnycakes with caviar (3) eggs benedict with Benton's ham on english muffin with hollandaise, fines herbes, and hash browns. #fortpoint #bostoneats #powerbrunch
Dessert for breakfast😋 yes please 🙋🏻#powerbrunch
#yestergram: Yesterday, I moderated a phenomenal panel of entrepreneurs + influencers @allenchapelame_sedc who are trailblazers in their industries and communities. // Thanks to my friend @moyerbmccoy + @ritneyc for having me! ✨💛 #powerbrunch #legacy #influence #faith #elevation
Had a blast at brunch celebrating the birthday of the sweet and dynamic Amber (@amber_aziza). Thank you for simply standing in your gift and being bold enough to help transform the lives and businesses of thousands. Happy Birthday chica!  Great seeing my friend Jackie @healthyhabitsdc and connecting with new peeps too.  If you haven't met Amber, check out her page as she's gifting everyone 60% off every program and service until 7/24 to celebrate her bday, WOW! . I challenge you to take a moment to step out of your comfort zone and connect with like-minded women who propel you forward too. You get to be the architect of your journey! ...
Love meat!! 🥓
The Power Brunch panel. Thanks, @moyerbmccoy and the Allen Chapel AME Church for having me! . . . . . . . . . #powerbrunch #marketing #financialservices #financialliteracy  #wealthmanagement  #globalcitizen #network #networth #business #opportunity #inspire #finance
When the babies get up earlier than normal. #powerbrunch #avocadotoast #eggwhites #sautéedtomatoes #welcometomykitchen #shortpumplife
Favorite brunch spot! 😋 #todaysbrunch #powerbrunch #brussels #chyl
Breakfast of Champions #powerbrunch #gotskillz
Power brunch. Loving these new bowls from IKEA!
Had a wonderful time in NYC this weekend!! Thanks for hosting @hilaryteresa #rooftop #powerbrunch #kanyebrunch
We're so excited to have @shalleenkaye of @naturalhairdoescare host our P.O.W.E.R™ brunch sponsored by @adwoabeauty on Sunday 10/22.  Shalleen-Kaye and Seanna-Kaye, the dynamic duo collectively known as Natural Hair Does Care, are two sisters on a mission: curating Naturalista Chic through Hairspiration, HairConversion, and HairEducation! Known for their thematic postings on natural hair care, styling ideas, nutrition, and emotional wellness, served with a healthy dash of wit and wisdom, the sisters make living a wholistic lifestyle accessible and fabulous.  We are excited to have Shalleen-Kaye representing the duo in Dallas this fall. Brunch is all inclusive and comes with a whole lot of perks. RSVP at www.bellakinksexpo.com #powerbrunch #bkexpo #bellakinksexpo #naturalhairdoescare