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I had to change my Holy Sh!t 😣😖 into a Holy Shift. 🙏🏻✨ Shifting your mindset can change your entire life. A phrase that changed my mindset was... “ Do you want to be Pitiful or Powerful?” This just made me sit up in my chair... wow.  I had been feeling sorry for myself for so long, it became second nature. It became comfortable... it became Home to me.  My husband walked out after almost 15 years together  I lost my job  I then had to work two / three jobs  I lost full custody of my children I was so financially stuck  I felt so unwanted and unattractive  It was easy to sit and wallow in my self - pity and brokenness.  When you think like a victim, you become one.  So how do you stay positive when life for you ... well just plain sucks, you feel like there is no way out or up?  1. Show gratitude. When you wake up in the morning start with just one thing you are grateful for. ( this is really hard to start with , but it gets easier every day x )  Then increase it to at least three, this will set the tone for your whole day.  2. Be Kind to others. The fastest way to forget your own problems is to help or to be kind to others.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter, or animal shelter, write a note to someone, visit an aged care Home , send a friend a text to remind them how blessed you are to have them in your life.  3. Congratulate yourself.  Acknowledge the little miracles along the way. Give yourself the recognition for getting through one more day. Or taking one more step forward in the right direction.  4. Protect your Energy and Mindset buy staying away from those who bring you down. This one is vital , you are dealing with the constant battle of negativity already in your own head you don’t need more of it. This may cost you friendships & relationships, but it’s time to be brutal to be kind to yourself.  5. Meditate.  Breathing is key to overcoming anxiety, and stress.  Close your eyes  Breathe in for 5 Counts  Hold for 2 Counts  Breath out for
🕊🌹She’s my muse The inspiration  I often use ~my daughter
i love you @mileycyrus
لیلی افشارنخستین نوازنده زن در دنیاست که در رشته اجرای گیتار کلاسیک به درجه دکترا دست یافته است. افشار در سال 2000 کرسی پروفسوری خود را در دانشگاه ممفیس آمریکا به دست آورد و از آن پس،‌ برنامه لیسانس و فوق لیسانس نوازندگی گیتار را در این دانشگاه اداره می‎کند. وی همچنین با سفرهایی به ایران، اقدام به برگزاری کلاس‎های تکمیلی و گروهی برای هنرجویان گیتار کلاسیک در ایران می‎کند. یکی از ویژگی‎های متمایز نوازندگی افشار، نصب فرت یا باره ربع پرده روی ساز گیتار به منظور اجرای قطعات موسیقی ایرانی با این ساز است. #leiliafshar #powerful#art#women #powerfulwomen#music #لیلی_افشار#زنان_هنرمند#زنان_بااراده#زنان_تاثیرگذار #زنان_توانایی_انجام_هرکاری_را_دارند #موسیقی#گیتار#زنان_توانا#زنان#زنان_توانمند
NEVER LOOK BACK... except when checking out your gains 💁🏼. Long time Tribe member, Belinda working on her Chin-ups at 5:30am this morning.  Check out that Back! ⚡️
This the season🎍🎄 Happy Holidays Mom, I know its the season where your kids are expressing their wants. And boy have we heard them!! A good way to get your kids to change their focus , is to create memories each year for your children. In our family each year we build Gingerbread houses the night before, and take pics with the family the day of the Holiday. I hear my kids talk about how excited they are about the memories as much as they talk about the gifts. .🎁🎁 . .  Why is this important??? Because as they mature into adulthood making memories should become a PRIORITY way over consumption. Not getting the  latest gadget is not a self eteem deteriorate because they know what's really important. Teach them NOW!!! www.prosperwithregina.com and PURCHASE your copy of 10 Prosperity Secrets for the Young and Fly!!📕📕📕📕 #prosperwithregina . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tistheseason#moneymadnesss#wakeupandwin#teachthemthetruth#powerfulwomen#parentsday#youngparents#parentslife#millionairesurroundings#giftshop#giftsforkids#staygrounded#collegeclasses#richpeople#blackschoolteachers#schoolteachers#atlnta#georgia#grateful#makememories#wisewords#middleschools#financegadgets#personalfinance#theinnerwork#teengadgets#teengifts#moneymaking#residualincome
Celebrate the unique aspects of femininity. #hvacbabes
Surround yourself with people who get it.  #ironsharpensiron #drtracilynn
ALWAYS REMEMBER - You are a powerful being with a powerful voice and powerful presence. Never forget how radiant you truly are!
#truestory #love #unity #peace #empathy #powerfulwomen #spititual ✨✨✨✨🌟
Maryam Nawaz Sharif, was named among the top 11 powerful women of the world in a 2017 ranking issued by New York times!💫 #maryamnawazsharif #womenpower #powerfulwomen #top11 #politicians #lifestyle #runwaypakistan #runwaypakistanmagazine
Why legit are these pictures on my IG? Its going to ruin your feed... I can see @socialbrandschool saying that to me now... Well firstly its to wish one of my day ones Happy Birthday! She’s not on IG so don’t go looking for her page... She not into that rae- rae. Secondly its to say I cherish friendships... My next hitta @ms_sanoir has been in my life for over 24 years, we about to be 25 years... She knows how to just leave me be.... love you mama! The third reason is because, I am going to get to this status with my brand like @carnivaltribe . This is the GOAL of TM... To have that type of brand loyalty.... To have that brand recognition... To have those events that ROCK the status quo... That’s what WE are working on! Monday reflections... Monday goals... 2018 the year of GRAB! Go Relentlessly After Business  See you guys here tonight at 8:30 pm... IG live @holistically_you_tt  @bejewelled_accessoriestt  @adannataylor