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Praise God in His holy house of worship; praise Him under the open skies; praise Him for His acts of power; praise Him for His magnificent greatness ❤️❤️❤️ #worshipnight #theriverchurchbelgium #itsallaboutjesus #church #praisegod #lovegodlovepeople #dontdoministryalone
This guy is living out Psalm 150:5 at Disney! ————————————————— #disney #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld #photography #photographer #nikon #cymbals #psalm #bible #verse #praisegod
🖤 Ich will den HERRN loben allezeit; sein Lob soll immerdar in meinem Munde sein (Psalm 34,2) 🖤  Danke JESUS! Für einfach alles!! Du berührst mein Herz immer wieder aufs neue 😭, du bist alles was ich brauche!!! ❤️ man wie ich wünschte, dass meine Freunde dich erkennen. Danke für jeden einzelnen meiner Freunde. Danke für so viel Segen in meinem Leben!!! Danke Jesus dass du alles für mich am Kreuz gegeben hast!! ❤️ ich will das nie vergessen und dich preisen und loben und ein Leben zu deiner Ehre führen!! Du bist alles Jesus. Dank dir geht mein Herz über vor Freude und Liebe 😍😍 #jesus #jesusislord #holyspirit #god #free #joyofthelord #praisegod #everything #truth #way #life #love #heart #jesuslovesyou
#praisegod #missingchild #found #centerformissingchildren #runaway #missing #findselah.  PRAISE GOD ! Selah was found by police late last night and her parents are already on their way to reunite with her . Please continue to pray for this family as they reconcile and reunite - There will be a period of restoration needed - Pray for Selah to experience the Love of our Heavenly Father and that she comes to know how loved she really is !!! #amen
Betapa seringnya kemajuan karir, keluarga atau pelayanan kita “dikotori” oleh sampah perasaan yang tidak mau dikalahkan atau tidak boleh dilukai orang .  Kita terus menerus membesarkan rumus bahwa saya sudah merasa besar & hebat seharusnya mendapat perlakukan terhormat bukan sebaliknya.  Kita akan memberontak jika keadaan atau orang menyudutkan pada situasi yg merebut kenyamanan perasaan.  Jika ini Terjadi di akhir2 ini  MAKA Seharusnya kita kembali menata ulang mental kita dari berorientasi materi menuju pribadi: artinya menempatkan manusia lebih berharga dari yg dimilikinya.  Seharusnya kita mengubah arah kepentingan dari diri sendiri menuju orang lain  DAN Seharusnya kita menggunakan akal sehat bukan dipermainkan oleh gejolak perasaan.  #happysunday #thankgod #janganlupabahagia😄 #instasunday #janganlupaibadah💒💒 #ilovemylife❤️ #praisegod
Think BIG and don't listen to people who say it can't be done 🖊️💯
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!" - Isaiah 52:7⠀ ⠀ There's a message waiting for someone in the middle of a spiritual battle. For one who feels the imminent danger of demonic attack. God has a simple word of encouragement for you today. ⠀ ⠀ Blog: "Imminent & Eminent" {Link in Profile}
Sorry I haven’t been posting but I’ve learned a lot of songs mostly gospel, also I’m a church musician to let y’all know, and I may just post gospel stuff #praisegod #lovethelord #thankjesus
Así como cuando se entrena sabroso 🙆 en un día sabroso☀️, con gente... 🤔 llena de saborrr! #praisegod #k2multisport #endorphins #legsonfire #mommy😘 #siempreaqui #❤️ ️#rude #autodromo #friendship #🚴➕🏃#sweet #pureleña 😊💪
Join us for youth sabbath 2/24 ⚡️Teen takeover⚡️ #praisegod
So, there are many Mysteries of the cross. We know the  cross was around for a few thousand years before Jesus. About 5 years ago man in Europe found a version that had the constellations around the cross and the outer ring moved so the constellations to be adjusted to any point of the cross. Other people have found that the cross has been used as a measuring tool for distance and sometimes looking at the stars. Jesus mentioned people taking up their cross and following him. I think this was twofold or more because God is Not simple and works on multiple levels. They may have carried around the physical representation of the cross well Jesus also taught them what the cross meant to them inside. They now know that the heart is an electromagnetic organism. Some tests in the past of showing that the electromagnetism of the heart can be measured up to 19 feet away. That may be why when someone is sneaking up on you you get the funny feeling that someone is near you. You may be able to detect someone else's energy. So as the center of our galaxy, so as the center of our sun, so as the center of the Earth, and so as the center of us, we are all electromagnetic. In true intentions everything above our heart is made to create, just like in the Galaxy, everything in the northern hemisphere is where all the stars are made. This includes our hands.  they can be representations of the East and West poles. that is why the left hand is always been considered evil. 13000 years ago our solar system pass through the East pole of the Galaxy and much destruction was had.  Sex and bodily waste come out on the lower half which would be the south side and that's the negative. the lines that divide north and south east and west are called bloch and Neel walls and are documented scientifically.  I will provide links and the next comment.