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Adios America #prayforperu
Esta semana entreno del tema de mi hermano @aaronfernandezmusic junto a mi hermanazo @yoeldaviddiaz una oración cantada. Muy propicia para este tiempo que cada país está viviendo. "Oh Señor que cambien todas estas cosas y mi país se recupere y vuelva a creer en el poder que sale de ti para cambiar las cosas" en especial para mi amada Venezuela 🇻🇪 #new #song #brothers #friends #praying #prayforvenezuela #prayforecuador #prayforcolombia #prayforperu #prayforargentina #prayforchile #prayforbolivia #prayforuruguay #prayforbrazil #prayforparaguay #prayforlatinoamerica #hope #faith #love #god
Small things... guys, this trip could be HUGE!!! Can you imagine what women committed to God's Word, refreshed and restored could do for His Kingdom?! This could literally CHANGE everything for the country of Peru! ⠀ *⠀ Maybe I'm being dramatic... but we serve a BIG, HUGE dramatic God!  Don't you want to stand back and watch Him answer your prayers in incredible ways?! Join our prayer team: http://buff.ly/2s88p8q⠀ *⠀ #sdltoperu⠀ #missionstrip⠀ #missions⠀ #prayforperu⠀ #bigbiggod
You guys... 😱😱😱 😭😭😭 😍😍😍 _ All the feels.  I woke up this morning to an email from the #sdltoperu @youcaring page and this is what I see!!! _ THANK YOU for supporting this trip!!! _ We've also sold 3 tshirts in the last 24 hours!!! This is so amazing!!! I'm so grateful!!! _ Yesterday morning I spent 3 hours training with a therapist friend of mine who gave me some tools and techniques to use as I minister to these women. I'm so excited!  God has opened so many doors for these dear ones who have been so discouraged and disheartened.  And YOU ALL have been such a huge part of the provision.  _ There's still more time to order tshirts!  You can get to the links with the link in my profile.  Learn more about the trip there too!! #godisgood  #sdltoperu  #tshirtfundraiser  #prayforperu  #ministrywomen  #womaninministry  #linkinbio
#repost from @simpledeeplife  Yall go support my friend and her mission trip coming up!  I love lifting up other women here!!!! This is a good one and super cute tank! 3 more days for tshirts, or hoodies, or tanks! http://buff.ly/2rYzCO4 OR #linkinbio . #sdltoperu  #prayforperu  #tshirtfundraiser Reposted in @gridsapp
3 more days for tshirts, or hoodies, or tanks! http://buff.ly/2rYzCO4 OR #linkinbio . #sdltoperu  #prayforperu  #tshirtfundraiser
-Estoy tan indignada, triste y llena de impotencia por esta horrible noticia en la capital de mi pais, es tan triste saber que no se pudo salvar vidas humanas y que el fuego lleve ya 12 horas y que se este reavivando... Oremos por las familias afectadas! 🙏 #prayforlima #peru #prayforthefamilies #prayforperu
This is it!!! Only 1 week more of the #tshirtfundraiser!!! Come on guys!  If you've been considering getting one but just haven't... PLEASE head over to http://buff.ly/2sZrDx0 and get yours today!!! ⠀ *⠀ Maybe you can't give financially, but you CAN support us through buying this incredibly soft tshirt for a gift, or yourself!!!⠀ *⠀ #sdltoperu⠀ #missionstrip⠀ #missions⠀ #prayforperu
😭😭que Pena #prayforperu
Our Tshirt fundraiser is back up and we need YOUR SUPPORT!!!!⠀ *⠀ I have one of these and they are SO. STINKIN'. SOFT.  Be aware that the slim fit does run very small, so order up... OR you can get a regular T, tank, or hoodie as well! ⠀ *⠀ Only 3 more orders needed!!! Please consider ordering one for yourself, or as a gift! ⠀ *⠀ #tshirtfundraiser⠀ #sdltoperu⠀ #missionstrip⠀ #missions⠀ #prayforperu
Check my Insta-story for an awesome (and super easy!) #giveaway!!! . . 1️⃣Post a picture of yourself using the hashtag #sdltoperu on Instagram OR Facebook before Friday, June 16th at noon (EST). 2️⃣A winner will be chosen from those hashtags by 9pm on Friday! 3️⃣Take your pick of one of these beautiful Peruvian-made tablecloths! . . How easy is that?!? Remember, only until Friday at noon!!! 🗓⏰ . . #sdltoperu  #missiontrip  #missiontripprep  #prayforperu
Just did my first live video for those of you who were brave enough to watch, but here's some of the fun things we picked up today for the kiddos we'll be seeing in Peru. . . #sdltoperu  #targetdollarspot  #missions  #prayforperu  #missiontrip
Would you pray with us today?  It's super important to me to have an army of prayer warriors behind us as we step out into this opportunity.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ The enemy does NOT want this trip to go well, or for God's Word to be spoken over these women in Peru.  He wants to distract, discourage, and disengage all of us involved to keep God's Kingdom from advancing. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I'm asking for 30 prayer warriors who will COMMIT to pray for Simple Deep Life every Tuesday.  Would you step up and be one of those?  Click the link in my profile or go here -->http://buff.ly/2razV
Incendio en Perú-Lima Fecha: 12-06-2017 #incendio #perú #prayforperu
We always get asked if we own a restaurant... 😂 #salsasaturdays #salsitabysarita #prayforperu #victorymissions2017 #sendme2017
Checking in this evening to let you all know some exciting news... • Simple Deep Life is at about 30% of our goal for the funding to get to Peru in July!!! • THANK YOU!!!! Because of so many of you that have generously partnered with this trip I will be able to go and minister to 20 Peruvian missionary ladies! • Want to know what I'll be doing?  Here's a brief run-down: 1️⃣Host the @ifgathering 2017 conference (which has been translated into SPANISH this year!!!) 2️⃣ Hold both individual and group coaching sessions to process through the flood disaster and see where these ladies are... and where they want to go. 3️⃣ Encourage and pamper them (as the budget permits) with some girly gifts.  4️⃣ Equip them with resources to continue on their journey of restoration and growth.  SO thankful to the amazing folks at @lifeway for their donation of @jenwilkin books!! • Want to know more?  Want to get involved?  Your impact will directly affect the spread of the gospel in Peru as I minister to these ladies on the "front lines". Check the #linkinbio to find out how!  Every donation or tshirt purchase will go DIRECTLY to this trip fund. • #sdltoperu  #missions  #missiontrip  #prayforperu
Continuing our series of the stories of these amazing Peruvian women... up next is my sweet friend, Luz del Mar.  Her story is particularly precious to me because she is one of the biggest reasons that Simple Deep Life exists!  Here's a brief excerpt to whet your appetite... We had already put the baby down for bed and were getting ready for bed ourselves when suddenly we heard "The river is overflowing!  The river is overflowing!" I thought then, "Well, maybe it will just be like last time.  The guys can put a few sandbags out and we'll be fine." But after a few minutes that thought changed drastically as we watched the water coming faster and faster, with more and more strength.  You can read her story here --> http://www.simpledeeplife.com/blog/2017/6/1/luzs-story