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It‘s been wayyyyy too long since this beam of light and I went on an adventure together {meaning, it’s never happened}. We need your help deciding where to go for our first sisterly escapade.  Our birthdays are in April, so that’s when we’re planning to leave on a jet plane.  We’ve tossed about Bhutan, Thailand, Peru, Nicaragua and we are currently leaning heavily towards Jamaica.  Chime in.  Where to?
I couldn’t help but grieve a little for ya’ll.
Utkata Konasana or Goddess Pose⠀ .⠀ utkata: powerful or fierce⠀ kona: angle⠀ asana: pose⠀ .⠀ This pose brings you closer to your divine feminine energy. Use this shape to connect to yourself and the love you have for your whole being. Bring your mind-body into a space of balance between the fierce and soft side of life-bringing energy (think childbirth - between states of power-pushing and vulnerability-new life).⠀ .⠀ #yogatoday #goddesspose #deviasana #utkatakonasana⠀ apparel: @onzie⠀ yogi: @britanyhastings
Twist to Detox⠀ .⠀ BKS Iyengar says twists are detoxifying to the body because of their "squeeze and soak" action. Your internal organs are being squeezed which can aid in digestion. Twists can also bring more awareness into the spine, realigning your shoulder girdle with your spine and balancing their relationship.⠀ .⠀ #yogatoday #doingthings  apparel: @outdoorvoices yogi: @britanyhastings ⠀ instructor: @gracedubery
In 2017, Tyler and I spent a lot of weekends wandering deep into the wilderness all over the PNW but the most memorable adventure (not counting our honeymoon) was the hike through goats rock wilderness. The beauty of this area is amazing but we still have many more miles of this trail to explore so we will plan to go back again in 2018.
Those thinkers in whom all the stars move in cyclic orbits, are not the most profound. He who looks into himself, as into an immense universe, and carries Milky Ways in himself, knows also how irregular all Milky Ways are; they lead into the very chaos and labyrinth of existence. "322: A Simile" from The Joyful Wisdom by Friedrich Nietzsche  #adventureswithkitcat
So many peaks to be discovered around our home mountains and with a splitboard under our feet we spend the winter in search of the "Perfect White Wave". 📷: @lukinoramelli  #snowsurfing #swissalps #splitboardmission  #exploring #fromthealpstothesea #protectwhereweplay
“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.” -Paulo Coelho⠀ .⠀ Be your tree. Take your journey. Start your Practice for Life. .⠀ #yogatoday
This trail is appropriately named Paradise Park and consists of many views of Mt Hood and the Cascade Range (South views only). 🏔🏕However, this trail is not for the faint of heart or those not prepared for long hours of strenuous activity. It’s a 12 mile hike categorized as difficult - the trail crosses a glacier fed stream (twice) and contains many exposed sections of sketchy trail on scree and snow.🌊❄️🗻 Unfortunately, last year during a storm many sections of the trail washed out or became impassable due to an abundance of fallen trees so🤞that the trail will be open soon! #summerhiking #paradiseparktrail
‘Wildness is the preservation of the world.’ -Henry David Thoreau
our recent trip to Oregon rekindled my love for my home. during our travels I was mesmerized by the lushness of the temperate rainforests, when I returned home I saw my own backyard with the same awe and attention to detail. I think the greatest thing about travel is the change of perspective rather than the change of location
🌀❄️💘 love is a place & through this place of love move (with brightness of peace) all places ∞ yes is a world & in this world of yes live (skilfully curled) all worlds ∞ ~EE Cummings . . . . #spirallove #snowglow #heartflow #truelove #purepeace #serenescene #divinenature #lovevividly #winterlight #snowkissed #explore #adore #amor #spiral #symbolism #eternity #infinity #journey #twinflame #kindredspirits #soulpartner #poetry #homeisyou #loveisaplace #yesisaworld #eecummings #rewild #protectwhereweplay #mohonkpreserve #hudsonvalley
Yesterday @ubuddestination asked if I believed in magic. I shrugged my shoulders and replied ‘eh sometimes’. Throughout the day, I asked numerous questions. I dove deep into the Balinese culture, the politics, the connection with nature, family life, insider secrets, the act of bartering, even the process in which offerings are presented. I got all up in his business and was nothing short of a nosy American. He answered everything, and was never bothered.  We climbed down 542 (give or take) of the tallest stairs I’ve ever seen to get here. Now maybe it’s just a combination of the negative ions, adrenaline, or moss that I consumed when I face planted on these rocks (because God will tell you first hand that I’ve never been very spiritual), but a place like this sure has a way of connecting you with something larger than yourself. Dare I say, something magical. #rainbowsandwaterfalls . . . . . . #bali #chasingwaterfalls #travelstoke #letsgosomewhere #aquaholic #livesimply #awakethesoul #exploreindonesia #keepitwild #optoutside #nungnung #wanderout #humaneffect #takeahike #waterfalling #adventureculture #outdoorslife #exploretocreate #umbrella #protectwhereweplay #dirtbagdreams
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