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This morning we have learnt how to go down the stairs! It took us a while because down was quite scary, but we have done it! 👏🏻 . . . . #rabbitstagram #rabbitsofinstagram #rabbitsofinsta #rabbitsofig #petlife #rabbitlife #smallanimalsofinstagram #petstagram #rabbitcare #instapet
our favorite veggies to eat everyday are red & green lettuce, romaine lettuce, parsley, spinach, kale, cucumber, & mint 🌱♡ #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #lionhead #minilop #hollandlop #veggies #rabbitcare #rabbithealth #petcare #bunnylove
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After reading everything I’ve been able to get my hands on about rabbits, I’ve learned that they should always be in pairs? Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve been feeling like peaches needs a friend, someone to keep her company and active! What’s the best? Female and female, or female and male? How do you bond them the easiest? How long does it usually take? What are some tips? Thanks so much! Anything helps.
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My #bootiful #bunnies getting #groomed @animalcareleague's #spooky #halloween #photoshoot 🎃🍁👻 Brought more #goodies for Coconut & 🐘 too!
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Astrid in meditative mode tuning in to all around her and sending out energy to those in need. She's been extra snuggly this past week, really absorbing all the love I give her. She knows the importance of giving AND receiving. She's especially tuning in to the bunnies at @saveabunny where she lived before coming to me and where a lot of displaced rabbits whose families had to evacuate from the fires and a big group of abandoned rabbits left in boxes in a park with only rice and peanuts (not good for bunnies), no water, and with dire health needs, have come to all be cared for there. 💚 Love to everyone . . . . . .  #wildfires #wildfirerabbits #sendinglove #tahoebunny #magickrabbit #faerybunny #rabbitcare #rabbitmom #houserabbit #astrid #rabbit #rabbitlover #saveabunny #rabbitsofinstagram #rabbitrescue #adoptdontshop #animalcompanion #cutebunnies #instarabbit #crueltyfree #rabbitsoftheworld #bunnydreams #rabbitstagram #dailybunny #bunnies #bunniesofinstagram
Goodnight, dear friends! 🌟🌝🌚🌿🥕🐾🐰
BONDING RABBITS & DOGS. 🐶🐇 Many people think that rabbits and dogs can't be together and they couldn't be more wrong. It obviously takes time for them to bond and get used to each other's company but they will sooner or later. The following tips will help! 1⃣Get them close so they can smell and know each other but always keeping your dog in control with a leash so you can pull them apart fast if they start showing signs of agression.  2⃣Try to pet them and give them treats to compensate their good behavior. 3⃣When you see your dog is completely docil, take off the leash and let them be together in the same space but always with supervision util they are both okay with each other. • • Muchas personas creen que los conejos y perros no pueden estar juntos pero no podrían estar más equivocados. Como todo en la vida, toma tiempo a que se acostumbren uno al otro pero todo se logra. Los siguientes tips te ayudarán. 1⃣Mantenlos lo suficientemente cerca para que puedan olerse y conocerse, siempre manteniendo al perro controlado preferiblemente con correa para poder halarlo rapido si muestra agresión. 2⃣Dales cariño y dale bocadillos para compensar el buen comportamiento. 3⃣Cuando el perro esté completamente docil y tranquilo cerca del conejo, retira la correa y déjalos que socialicen en un mismo espacio, sin barreras pero siempre bajo tu supervisión hasta que se sientan seguros uno con el otro.
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