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Another day, another @southblockco Nutella bowl. This time with added collagen protein bc apparently collagen is the Jennifer Lawrence of the wellness world 😉⠀ Check out this and other great eats in my WIAW #ontheblog today! 💞⠀ I want to talk about that little sign though, good vibes tribe. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on cultivating a good vibes tribe. ⠀ What I mean by that is i made a very conscious decision to surround myself with people who lift me up, inspire me, and make me feel like me. ⠀ It’s incredible how transformative it can be to surround yourself with like-minded people who love you for you and don’t drag you down or drain you.⠀ These people often come into our lives unexpectedly, without any kind of forced effort, and they leave no doubt that your paths were meant to cross.⠀ More thoughts on good vibes in the post! Have an awesome Wednesday, loves! 💜 ⠀ I’ll be soaking up my favorite city and time with family and friends 😍⠀
What are you celebrating?! #thanksgiving ? 😐😤
Word up #rns #fr #ijs #dt #realtalk
U can't make that change if u don't take the necessary step... #skyface24  #realtalk #change
Came across this today. I really needed this! I’ve not been sleeping well, I haven’t worked out for two days and I’ve been beating myself up over it and I shouldn’t it’s just two days! There is seven in a week and I will get those 3 remaining training days in!. 🙂 My eating had been fine though, I’ve made sure that I’ve stuck to my meals! That’s a big bonus for me, cause normally when I’m tired and have hardly any energy I’d crave all the bad foods you could think of (and that has happened) but I stayed strong and didn’t give in 😊😊 but it’s true, I am only human! I’m going to have bad days, you can’t just walk into a big journey like this and go, this will be perfect I won’t have any bumps in this road! I have to be realistic to myself! And you do too!❤️❤️❤️ . . . . . . . . #motivation #quote #calmdown #realtalk #realistic #itwillbeok #trusttheprocess #trustthejourney #justkeepgoing #justdontstop #nervergiveup #motivationalquote #quotestoliveby #strong #youvegotthis #youcandoit #progressnotperfection
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Touch her soul and she'll be yours forever 💕💫🔮 #tacotuesday #cheatmeal #favoritepose #snapchatfiltersgivemelife #imuglywithoutthem #memyselfandi
Yesterday a fragility crept in to my mind. And this was today’s page. I have this drive/desire to be strong, tough and have this badass-ness yet at my core I know I’m sensitive, empathic and compassionate. Trying to find balance in all of those. #taoteching #thetao #laotsu #growth #mindset #learning #realtalk
Lets talk !! motivation and working out ! Heres a trick🤗  So here i am now, good cat stretch up the wall after a wicked hit sesh ! ... me 1hr 15min ago ! . .  Procrastinating!!!!! sometimes i sip my coffee and listen to jjj way to long before dragging my ass into the gym .  But you know what who cares !  You dont need to pump yourself up to go to the gym trick is to stop thinking!. RIGHT NOW GO !.... dpnt think, do just casualy get your clothes on then get into the car, drive through for some good coffee, listen to some music, park up and then see how you feel  NOW ask yourself can i be bothered ? are you feeling ..Awww im tied ! Im totally not motivated maybe il go tomorrow !? 🤔.. ok then chuck it in reverse and drive all the way home then.. i bet you wont ! I bet you your actually keen now 😏😃🤗 . . Im sorry too many times i hear big buster motivation speaches but errr sometimes it dosnt have to be that way ! See the funny thing is most of the time before you set to change something that you feel is negative in your life giving yourself must words can actualy do the opposite it can set you back ! Instead dont treat what you want as a dreaded chore. Chill out man ! Be a little casual relax with your goals ect. Know when to kick your ass into action (yol know what i mean by that your inner talk) and it is not the time to do it on the couch watching your fav movie sometimes big pep talks to ourselves can be satisfing enough ! And we dont want that... . . You can start that whoping pep talk to yourself tho only when you walk through the door because now your amounst it youl bloody do it !  #fitspiration . #fitlife #fittalk #realtalk #motivation #workout #fitfam #fitness #fitnessgirls #lifestyle #body #hit #gym #goals #stretch #loveyourself #live #fun #happy
This morning before Thanksgiving has me feeling all sorts of grateful 🧡 I was reading Job 37:14 - “Stop & consider the wondrous works of God”- and keep getting my heartstrings pulled to the magnificence of our God. I️t will always be beyond my understanding why He chose me to have the honor of being married to Jared.. he works hard, loves fiercely, provides and leads well, and always directs us to the love of the Father. He is not perfect, but he’s more than what I’d ever hoped for. Thank you Jesus!  #sappypost #realtalk #sorrynotsorry #ilovemyhusbad #mygodisgreater #prethanksgivingthoughts
Happy Humpday before Thanksgiving, babes! It’s time for joy and gratitude and family/friends, yes. But I have to be honest real fast- I’m not feeling 100% and the holidays aren’t always the happiest time for me. Part of me wants to stay in my bed in Chicago alone for a few more days 🤭 Anyone feel me? Sometimes it’s difficult to chose positivity, I get that. But that’s why I do enjoy Thanksgiving. This week we’re going to be surrounded (in real life + online) by declarations of gratitude and love. I think any reminders to be thankful are helpful and necessary. Also, it can be pretty contagious! I’d say this is one bandwagon we should totally jump on 💯 I’ll start, sharing just 3 specific things I’m thankful for right now: 〰️I’m alive. Dramatic, maybe, but I freaked the F out right before my surgery and I’m just so glad it went well and my nose is healing. 〰️ I have a beautiful, beyond loving mother + 2 soulmates waiting to spend time with me in Michigan. 〰️ All of you. Seriously, thanks for checking on me, messaging me well wishes, and inspiring ME on the reg. || You’re turn! What is just ONE thing you are grateful for in this moment? I have full faith you can think of one. I’d love for you to share with me and help spread the magic ✨ #wednesdywisdom #gratitude #spreadpositivity #thanksgiving
I often find myself in thoughts of the past, present and future. I have to often remind myself: that the most precious item is, time. Why spend moments regretting the chances you didn’t take? Every moment we are closer to our inevitable death... so why not cherish every.single.moment.like.it’s.your.last ?! #realtalk 💕 Be positive, be aware, be loving, be free and chase whatever it is you desire. You only get this lifetime once, make it worthwhile! Take the chances you never did, the romances you never had, the friendships you never built. Be loved, share love. Don’t filter your truth: share it. Be who you want, and own it 😘
Don’t take friendships for granted.