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I'm dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. This guy is too much. #nonegativity #realtalk
Pay it forward!:) #realtalk #word
If you’re a girl who loves makeup, you’re probably tired of hearing comments from people about your love for beauty. Visit our website for the full story! . .  #noink #noinkofficial #abscbnpublishing #makeup #fashio #beauty #beautiful #girl #women #woman #girls #beautygirls #tiredofhearingit #comments #comment #loveformakeup #lipstick #realtalk #getreal
I love being a womanprenuer & having late night brew sessions...... Just launched all Fall campaigns with my clients at @liebepr, finalizing our itinerary for our upcoming press tour to @visitgalenaorg , finalizing wine partners at @stmfwc1 & now working on the final pieces of my podcast & web series this weekend... Looks like I settled on a logo β™‘ Looking forward to launching this new venture to continue broadcasting amazing stories, brands & womanprenuers all over the nation & several Euro counties β™‘  Stay tuned to see what I have in-store β™‘  #bleesed  #womenrising #womanprenuer #liebees #roundtabletalks #liebees #prlife #lifestylehost #realtv #brandambassador #designyourlifestyle #docuserieswoman #beyourownguru #traveling #winenot #realtalk
Don't try to put me in a box because you're only good at one thing...if that! #realtalk #youngnaomi
Have you ever realized that it's really easy to not feel good enough, worthy enough, insert what ever current endeavor enough. Maybe it's not that way for everyone. Maybe it's a personality thing. Maybe these feelings have increased because of social media or maybe it's just always been this way. I am a married women. Mother of two. Homemaker. Mixed race. And I live in a travel trailer. There's not much you can argue when it comes to my sex and marital status but beyond that the lines can become blurred. I can tell you I'm part Mexican but I don't speak Spanish. I can tell you I'm also a mix of alot of other things and show you a picture of my great grandmother who had blonde hair and blue eyes. So I'm not really mexican enough because well I don't speak Spanish but I'm not really white either because well just look at me. Being mixed is a beautiful thing but for so many reasons it's also difficult often being rejected by a people because you're not enough like them. So you know filling out paperwork isn't only complicated when it comes to the race box. But then we get to the occupation box and can I just say that I hate checking the homemaker box. I mean seriously what image do you conjure up when you hear the word homemaker. Ya that's what I thought. It just feels so antiquated and patriarchal. (Cue the unfollows) But really think about it aren't we all homemakers. So I'm a full time homemaker but I don't sew, I hate to clean, and I wash all my clothes in cold water. I enjoy taking care of my family but you know what my husband, my partner he takes care of our family too. He cleans the toilet, he does the dishes, and he dumps the poop tank. Which brings me to the next thing. We live in a travel trailer where said poop tank must be dumped on the regular. Are we traveling in said travel trailer? Sometimes. But can we be considered full time travelers? No not really. I don't think we fit in with the unspoken rules of what makes you a full-time traveler. I think
Bendigo it's kinda picturesque! #realtalk
O Well deuces✌...Sorry NOT Sorry! Like I tell my oldest daughter(when she's old enough to date)if they come at you sideways and can't respect the woman that you are...tell them to go find them a girl that don't know her worth because YOU DO & keep it pushing!! #guys #girls #easy #respect #standards #realtalk πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‘
Pardon the face #scruffy #beardgang #fatboy shit and I'm a lil under the weather but #realtalk leave that nigga #kevinhart alone yall sure do love to kick a man when he's down ...damn  Shoulda did like #jayz and made a album about it that public apology was the worst mistake  But I digress