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Evaluating research sources as one of our inquiry cycle family day activities! So great to see kids sharing with their parents :) #research #aoba #aobajapaninternationalschool #inquiry #inquirycycle
➖🕖➖➖➖➖➖💲➖ ... Hi Guys, We The 😁😬😁 Australian Monkey..?..We Are Run by Broken men! ... & The Widespread Child💲Abuse...please correct me if I'm Wrong...How many Children do Not have class rooms with Any Air Conditioning, Let alone Broken ones..? ... This Has been Repeating year After Year... repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat The FUCK💲ING 😬 HEAT💥💥💥🇦🇺💲🇦🇺💥💥💥 ➖🕖➖➖➖😁😁😁💥😁😁😁➖➖➖💲➖ 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺💥🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺💥🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺💥🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺☀️ #dogma #nofuture #norules #humanrights #satire #climate #childabuse #war #education #childcare #slavery #healthcare #happypeople #spiritual #haveaniceday #brokenmen #parliamenthouse #heatwave #resentment #research #data #ai #suffering #dehydration @Turnbullmalcolm #literature #littleones #children #love #life #atmosphere
If you are currently using Nexplanon or Implanon and experiencing irregular bleeding, check out this study from Hawaii Women's Health Research Center. For more information,  call them at: (808)375-3785 Or email: whrc@hawaii.edu Or visit their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiWHRC • • • #research #study #womenshealth #birthcontrol #contraceptive #hawaiiwhrc #hawaiiwomenshealthresearchcenter #universityofhawaii #uhmanoa #health #reproductivehealth #hawaii
✴️Strengthening the Adductor Magnus✴️ . ⚠️⚠️⚠️Chris Beardsley wrote a fantastic overview of the Adductors, many of the concepts below are from his research, I will link the full article below ⬇️ and in my bio ⬆️.⚠️⚠️⚠️ . ✳️The adductor magnus is a very large and heavy muscle. It is much larger and heavier than the other adductors. By some measures it is the second largest muscle in the body after the gluteus maximus. . ✳️The adductor magnus, adductor longus, adductor brevis, gracilis all have substantial hip adduction muscle moment arms. The adductor magnus has a large hip extensor muscle moment arm, making it an unappreciated hip extensor, while the other adductors are hip flexors. . ✳️The hip extension moment arm length of the adductor magnus changes with hip angle and it is a more effective hip extensor than either the hamstrings or gluteus maximus when the hip is flexed. This means that exercises that have peak contractions in positions of hip flexion (like full squats) likely train the adductor magnus very effectively. . ✳️During rehabilitation exercises involving hip adduction, the adductors may be preferentially activated at different degrees of hip flexion. The adductor magnus is most active between 0 – 45 degrees, the adductor longus and gracilis are most active at 45 degrees, and the pectineus is most active at 90 degrees. . ✳️Elastic-band-based resistance training and the Copenhagen adduction exercises can both increase eccentric hip adduction strength in athletes. This may be beneficial for reducing the risk of adductor-related groin strains. . 🎦Adductor Magnus Strengthening🎦 . 1️⃣Copenhagen adductor exercise with a partner. 2️⃣Copenhagen adductor exercise without a partner (less awkward) & broken down into 3 levels of difficulty. 3️⃣Adductor lateral slides and lateral rotational adductor slides. 4️⃣Sidelying elastic band adductor exercises performed at 0 but can also
When the #research is not smooth, find something to smooth your mouth. #hotpot #tasty #yummy #chinesehotpot #fridaynight #friends
: From the original story to a biblical allegory. Pt. 2 : (Seth and Ausar: According to the mythology, Set attempted to kill his brother Ausar. He was initially unsuccessful, but then was able to murder Ausar, cut his body into 14 pieces, and spread them around the world. Set then engaged in a long violent contest against Heru, the son of Ausar, that ended when Heru finally defeated Set at Edfu. : When the gods were called on to judge whether it should be Set or Heru ruling the Earth, they decided that Set, who was favored by Ra, should rule the underworld, and that Heru would be the god of the living. Although Set did not gain the throne, he was able to remain a companion of Ra and therefore to exercise considerable power over activities on the Earth. Set's power could be used to create chaos in the weather. : (God and Satan: An epic battle has been going on between God and a powerful, evil spirit, Satan the devil. How did it begin? : Apparently, because of this great battle, the beautiful earth God had created (Isaiah 45:18) became “without form, and void” (Genesis 1:2). Because of Lucifer’s rebellion, his name was changed to Satan, meaning “adversary.” His followers, fallen angels, became known as demons. : After refashioning the earth so it could sustain human life, God created the first man, Adam. Eve, the first woman, was created a short time later. In addition to placing them in the Garden of Eden, where they could live and multiply, God gave them instruction in the way of life that would lead to happiness and eternal life. : But this couple was also given the choice of whether they would obey their Creator or choose their own path. God gave Adam and Eve the first opportunity to rule when He put all things under the feet of man, giving him dominion over the works of God’s hand (Psalm 8:4-8). : Research it yourself if U will!💻📚 : #sethkilledausar #cainkilledabel #research #doyourownresearch #researchityourself #findthetruth #exposethelies
Always a good day when you have to get the liquid nitrogen out! ❄️ #thismaskthough 😂
#plantingseeds please don't believe what I post #research what I #post.. we living in the information age. So don't be a #cypher
Photographed my #artistworking suit today.  In hindsight it feels so emotionally heavy,  I don't know if I could ever do this performance again, not that I would want to, but I don't know if I could emotionally manage a yearlong commitment to something as isolating as this was. The smell was much worse than I remember it. . . . . . . . . . #oneyearperformance #performanceart #artist #contemporaryart #gallery #curator #conceptualart #time #durationalperformance #artisticresearch #research #artist #art #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist
Now that we know hurricanes need warm water to form, how do we know where in the ocean the warm water is? Check out the latest 15 second science in our series on hurricanes to find out! #15secondscience #hurricanes #ocean #science #temperature #monitoring #climate #research #weather #seagrant
👀buffers for dayyyysss 👀
Beautiful 30 degree day in Sydney today! We'll have to smash out the lab work today so we can get out and enjoy it! 😎☀️