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数々のヒット、名声、栄光を掴んだ天才が故の、計り知れない精神的な苦悩…。 小室哲哉の存在、テンションが上がる名曲達は永遠です。  #小室哲哉#引退#音楽#プロデューサー#作曲家#tetsuyakomuro#retirement#sounds#producer#composer
What’s behind the surge on Wall Street? I discuss on @cbsthismorning with Norah, Gayle and John. Link in bio for full clip ☝️☝️☝️☝️ . . . #money #lifestyle #401k #debt #networking #network #goalsetting #financial #fiduciary #retirement #mortgage #taxes #tax #cfp #finance #economy #career #budget #retire #mortgage #wallstreet #wallst #invest #politics #linkinbio #dow #bullmarket #records
Annual Game/Casino Night?!? Yes we plan those too. Call today to discuss your event! 📷: @ashleighbing
I remember when I was a kid my mom had some kind of pill that was $100+/pill. She couldn't afford to take them. I was pregnant at 17yrs because I couldn't afford $20/month for birth control. I know that's a stupid thing to say but I was young, we had a ...I'll call it a sexual error 😉 Having a kid when your still a kid, not ideal but I'd still say it's the best thing that ever happened to me ❤️ have you had any broke drug experiences?
My cup runneth over. ❤️ (beautiful and honest testimonial from my dear friend’s mom in our current challenge group.) “This is me.  I’m nearly 61 years young.  Before Plexus (June 2017) and now.  I haven’t spoken publicly about my journey.  Ever.  Only with my daughters (who do not do Plexus), and one of their friends, Ruth Wheat.  Ruth didn’t know it, but I’d been stalking her Plexus story for at least a year through my daughter, Lisa.  Finally, I was so frustrated with the constant diarrhea, blotiness, constantly having to watch what I ate for the circumstances I was in, that I reached out to Ruth. (I’ve literally struggled with digestive issues my whole life.). I asked Ruth to tell me about Plexus.  Fortunately, it was near the start of a trial period in June 2017.  I was convinced that I was experiencing a psychosomatic result, and I talked to Ruth about it.  She asked me to trust her and the product, so I did.  My cravings were diminishing, I no longer wanted anything sweet, my appetite was minimal, and I almost immediately was losing weight.  Although I would have loved to lose weight, that is not why I reached out to Ruth.  I don’t pretend to understand the science of these products.  I don’t care about the science.  I trusted Ruth, and I was feeling better, so that was all I needed.  My puffiness is gone.  My appetite is so, so different.  Sweets no longer call my name.  I drink a cup of coffee every morning, because I used to like it and want to still, but honestly, I could take it or leave it.  I have more energy, I’m happier, and I’m wearing a six instead of a 14.  I’ve lost 36 pounds.  I want to stress again that losing weight was an unexpected, but appreciated, consequence.  I remember telling a friend, before Plexus, that I felt like I could prick my skin and all this air would escape.  I no longer feel that.  At all.  I am so happy for all you newbies who are experiencing Plexus for the first time.  Your lives are about to
LINK IN BIO!!! Today, we are wrapping up FIRE Week at Budget Boss with retirement. Many people do not realize the sacrifice needed to retire early. This post shows you the scary numbers. With great goals, comes great dedication. Check out the post and have an amazing weekend Bosses! #fireweek #2018goals #wealth #money #budgetboss #budgets #retirement #financialplanning #goals #instagram #instagood #beautiful #picoftheday #knowledge #power #tbt
Happy Friday! 🍨
Happy Friday! 🍨