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My Riley as Poison Ivy fancast has become a little more real considering Margot is producing the Harley Quinn movie, I’m shook #margotrobbie #tessathompson #rileykeough
『ローガン・ラッキー』またもや!今年観た映画の中でも大好きな映画です。『オーシャンズ』シリーズよりずっといい、スティーブン・ソダーバーグ❤️要チェックのアダム・ドライヴァー、『スターウォーズ』でも、活躍❤️皆んなダメ人間だけど愛おしいハッピーな映画🎞👌🤣💥💣💰💸🎁#loganlucky #stevensoderbergh #farrahmackenzie #channingtatum #rileykeough #adamdriver #danielcraig #comedy #crime
#rileykeough #1eyesymbolism via amyannec
2017劇場鑑賞152本目! 【ローガン・ラッキー】 スティーヴン・ソダーバーグ監督が全米最大のモーターカーイベントの裏側で現金強奪を目論むローガン一家の姿を描いた犯罪ドラマ。 . オーシャンズシリーズのソダーバーグ監督だけあって軽妙な犯罪劇が楽しめました。 オーシャンズと違い主人公たちのポンコツ感が面白く、監督らしい遊び心も随所で見られて良かったです。 展開や設定は無茶苦茶だけど、テンポ良く、結末は流石だなって感じで、もう一度観たくなりました。 内容的には少しくだらないけど、俳優陣も豪華で上手くまとまった映画でした。 #ローガンラッキー #loganlucky #スティーブンソダーバーグ #stevensoderbergh #チャニングテイタム #channingtatum #アダムドライバー #adamdriver #ライリーキーオ #rileykeough #ダニエルクレイグ #danielcraig #映画 #movie #cinema #映画鑑賞 #映画好き #映画好きな人と繋がりたい #洋画 #モーターカー
La petite fille d'Elvis, Riley Keough, est la cover girl de notre numéro double et elle nous met K.O. ! Rencontre #elvis #rileykeough #apc #louisvuitton #pierrehardy #covergirl #glamourparis Photo @emmaxanderson stylisme @itsmargotrousseau hair @renatocampora make-up @beau_nelson
CATCH-UP REVIEW - Logan Lucky  Damn this thing was fun. The screenplay is whip smart and funny, and each member of the cast is pitch perfect. Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, Riley Keough, they're all just great to watch bounce through Blunt's script. Soderbergh doesn't waste time, and the pacing is always fantastically in motion.  The film pokes meta jokes by characters calling their heist "Ocean's 7-11", and in some ways that's true, namely in how Soderbergh uses similar storytelling techniques to reveal twists and surprises. But its characters make it all its own. Soderbergh takes Southern middle/working class characters, and makes them the mastermind heroes of the film, rather than the punchline. These characters are hard-done-by figures, everydaymen who you would never envision planning a multi-million dollar heist. And that's what makes this movie so great. They're simultaneously hilarious and endearing to watch.  Jimmy Logan (Tatum) has been laid off from his job, and he wants to contest his ex-wife's decision to move interstate which will rob him of his ability to spend time with his daughter. In this way the story feels far more personal than a regular heist film, and a surprising commentary on middle/working class America. Adam Driver's Clyde is a war veteran amputee working at a bar, being mocked for his disability when he served on two tours for his country. Channing Tatum's Jimmy is laid off for his past leg injury because of the insurance risks involved in keeping him on. To his employers, he's no more than a "pre-existing liability". Meanwhile, Seth MacFarlane's despicable Max Chilblain makes millions off his energy drink. At the same time that Soderbergh crafts a romp of a plot, it's nice that the characters are given depth and feel fresh. . (On a quick side note, I'm a firm believer that Daniel Craig is a sorely underrated actor. In Logan Lucky he is absolutely brilliant.) . Hillary Swank's performance feels like it drags the film on a
“I am in-car-ce-re-ted.” #loganlucky #stevensoderbergh #channingtatum #adamdriver #danielcraig #rileykeough
It Comes at Night Review:  While this film was marketed more as a typical horror film, it works as an excellent psychological film that puts you in the position of two families trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. This feels like a movie a film student would make and I mean that in the best possible way, with a very claustrophobic setting, ambiguous backstory, and slow pace. The cast gives good performances with Joel Edgerton again showing how under appreciated he is as an actor. A lot of people complained that we never get any sort of answer as to what "It" is that's out in the woods, but I quite honestly didn't care as that's not what the story was about. There are some dream sequences that get rather repetitive but overall this is an underrated psychological horror film. I'm going to give It Comes at Night an 8/10 #itcomesatnight #itcomesatnightmovie #a24 #joeledgerton #carmenejogo #christopherabbott #rileykeough #kelvinharrisonjr #treyedwardshults #indiefilm #indiehorror