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Day 9️⃣ of 8️⃣0️⃣ - When my alarm goes off at 4:50am, do i want to get out of my warm bed and workout in my cold basement for 60 minutes before work?? After the kids wake up in the middle of the night?? NOPE! 😉 I love working out, but there is nothing easy about that! It takes more then the desire to be better, you have to visualize the person you want to be and go after it! You have to want it so bad.. you are willing to GRIND for it! - Consistency starts with taking the first step, and if you’re waiting for it to be easy, you better keep on waiting! - Belief comes with consistency and consistency creates lifestyles! Let this be the year that you crush your goals! 2018 baby 👊🏼
I can't say if this is a writing update or not... Writing does, in face, help me cope through it all.  I'm at a point in my life where I've seen things I wish I hadn't, done things I regret, experienced things that didn't help me, and doubt myself to a point where all seemed hopeless. And no doubt, I'll experience much more tragic things ahead. It scares me to be vulnerable. It feels like if I let my guard down, I will be dragged down. I'm only 19 years old. In Feb, I'll be 20. And everyday seemed harder to a point where I just repeatedly let myself down... And sometimes, I just don't care. And I'll regret thinking that. Anger, sadness, loss, hopelessness... I've been let down multiple times- so much that I let myself down as well. Writing had brought me up from there. Reading had eased some of the burn. It'll always be till the end. I take it a day at a time, hoping all this I'm working for will be something I'll be proud of. (this is more like inside a writer's mind, haha!)⭐ . . . . . #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersmind #poetsofig #ink #vulnerability #vulnerable #hopeless #strength #riseandgrind #womenwhowrite #reader #readersmakeleaders #human #mistakes #try #nevergiveup #dreamer #success #believeinyourself #believer
Pretty productive day. You know sometimes we get caught up in asking for more blessings and forget to be thankful for the ones we ve already been given. I ended this video with me doing a bible study i ve been going through. Not only do we need to train our body but our mind also. Whatever that may look like to you. This year i ve made a goal to not only train my body but to train my mind, switch up the thought process, read more, not only my bible but other material, to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as i can and keep growing physically and mentally. #riseandgrind #sticktotheprocess #countyourblessings #firefighter #trainharder
Working on putting all the peices to the puzzle together s/o to @perrypowerbuilding on the camera