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I may not do a lot of cooking BUT I may have finally found my forté in the kitchen....and it may still not be cooking! 🥘 👨🏻‍🍳 🔝😂 this mornings batch of kitchen counter jam! 👩‍🍳🙂🙃 Love you to join me this week - Classes this week at BodyMindLife!!! . . 🔹Monday 5:15 Yoga Essentials & 6:30 FLOW Vinyasa with some handstands 🙃 🔸Tuesday 9:30 & 12:15 🔹Wednesday - Potts Point 5:15 Yoga Essentials & 6:30pm Vinyasa 🔸Thursday - Pier One - Sold out but maybe a few more could sneak in?? 6:30pm - Vinyasa & DJ  #kitchenjams #atleastbothinggotburned #risenshine #handstandseveryday #cookingsnotmything #hatsoff #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #play #lifeofayogi
Happy Monday! And this week’s forecast - you’ll feel as floaty & serene as a @sugarandcloth scene. 🎈
Today my friends. @retroweirdoz swap meet in Las vegas. #risenshine #sundayfunday
G'mornin❄☕ . . . . #pnw #risenshine #exploregon #explorenw #traveloregon #bliss
Möttes i morse av denna fina soluppgång över Nordre älv. Ja, tänk, ett så härligt liv har jag, tack o lov! #gryning #sunrise #risenshine #solenlyserhimlenärblå #nordreälv #gudsfrianatur
The many feels of a land otter on a Sunday Morning #soflat #worldisntflat #corgisare #sploot
Soccer tournament with the boys #cappuchino #texasaggies #risenshine
#workinprogress 🌝 it’s all #worthit #risenshine #sundayfunday
The rising has been done, but not sure about the shining. Trying to get some work done while Cruz takes an extra early morning nap. We're still trying to get our sleep back on track from last weekend's vacation and an icky cold (which is finally gone, I think!!). 😥  #goodmorningaustin #austinmom #risenshine #riseandshine #secondcupofcoffee #rainymorning #workfromhome
Day 2 ~ complete 🔥🔥 2-days ~ 3 races. 🤩 Oldest in my age group this morning. Had a good time. Met some good people. See ya at the next one ! 🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔥🔻 #fitness #ocr #ocrtraining #gym #spartan #spartanrace #bonefrog #toughmudder #obstacles #burpees #getitdone #unstoppable #risenshine #healthychoices #vegan #limitless #miamisprint #teammeagainstme #miamispartanrace
It's honesty hour 🌿 Topic: A N X I E T Y  For those who know me know that I have dealt with anxiety for years on years now. What I find most interesting about anxiety is that it is one of the hardest things to describe, define, or get people to understand. What's a blessing is when you find those people that do! 🌿  The main struggle is coping. I am pretty good at catching any signs + trying to relax. For those who live with anxiety just like me, reach out to me!!! Also, here's some tips to help overcome it 🙌💙 •  Lavender oil aroma of any sort🍃 Natural anxiety supplements 🍃 Breathing techniques - breathe in through mouth for 10 sec, out through nose for 10! 🍃 Keep the energy around you positive - don't bother with the people that try to take your shine! 🍃 Go for a walk in the woods!! Always helps me 🍃 Staying hydrated - always important 🍃 Don't let your anxiety define you! Stay strong people 💙
Saturday mornings in the bush riding trails as the sun rises 👌👌👌 bliss #kalamundacircuit #perthisok #mtblife #risenshine
Sunday's in my online boot camp are for meal prepping and planning. I share some new meal prep recipes and we all make sure we are prepared for a healthy week week of meals + workouts. Meal prep/plan your week of foods so you can stay on track. Do shakes or egg muffins with fruit for a quick breakfast. For lunch try chicken + veggies + rice, or turkey + spinach wraps for lunch, or taco bowls. Dinners plan out for each night, prep what you need for quick cooking, and plan on some leftover nights. You can use themes for the week: Monday Crock pot night, Tuesday Taco night, Wednesday Stirfry night, Thursday Salad night, and Friday grill night! Make sure your workouts are planned/scheduled, set out workout clothes for the week, and have your workout plans ready. What do you do on Sundays to prepare yourself for a healthy week? I just emailed out a meal prep guide to my newsletter list, did you get it? If not head to the link in my @starr.fit to subscribe! If you need workouts, recipes, and support to get on track join my online boot camp. Details at the link in my bio too!
#raisenpraise #risenshine 🌅🌍🌅🌍🌅🌍🌅