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===> Richie, lose your voice after acting like a drunk ass at a party • REDDIE {COLLEGE AU} • Richie has always been a cocky asshole, always quick with the clever remarks and one liners. Eddie was basically convinced his boyfriend wasn’t human or something and that’s how he was such a smart mouth..The two started dating senior year of highschool finally after a long winded confession right before prom and they have been together ever since. Things actually were going rather well between the two of them. They were living together in a nice little apartment, Eddie going to a few college classes and while he’s practically begged Richie to start thinking about that stuff.. For now, he focused on music… Which wasn’t bad, he was just worried about his boyfriend’s future. Worrying was something Eddie was an expert at… Anyways, the two of them were recently invited to some party, something Bev claimed would be fun.. While Eddie knew he wouldn’t have really anything to drink, since it wasn’t his style, he figured Richie would have a drink or something. He didn’t like it because Richie didn’t have a lot of control… but he might as well just let him have some fun. The night went almost as he had expected it to, all leading up to Richie waking up around noon the next morning feeling like utter fucking garbage. Eddie sat at the end of the bed, reading away on his book as he heard his boyfriend get up, the sounds of hurling coming from the bathroom. “There’s aspirin on the bedside table!” He called, not looking up from his book as Richie stumbled back into the room and flopped onto the bed. After a few minutes, he peeked over at his boyfriend, “What, cat got your tongue sweetheart?” he teased lightly, unable to hold in giggles when Richie tried to talk and only a few whimpery noises. Oh my god, Richie actually managed to lose his voice from all his partying! This was rich! Eddie giggled as he was nudged by Rich in a “shut up” manner.
===> Rad, get ripped because you started working at some guy's store with your sorta ex and now have to watch your bosses' ex(?)'s kid? When did life get so weird Rad? • OK KO {MODERN HIGHSCHOOL AU} • Here he was, ready to start his junior year of high school and Radicles was basically a different dude. Instead of whimpy sensitive Radicles, he was big buff cool Rad! He was a buff, cool, and even had a job. His Co worker Enid was even pretty cool too, even though their last encounter with each other on a date in like middle school, not to brag or anything they were basically best buds! Things were pretty cool between them now, and that was cool. The kid Enid and him basically had to babysit at work wasn't even half bad, sweet little dork that practically worshipped some of the stuff Rad did, and that was cool. He was fun to mess around with at work, little dude was so full of energy and always running around like an excited doofus. He has a pretty good thing going on right now, life was pretty good. School was.. whatever. It sucked, that's for sure. He really wasn't paying it much mind, he had more important things to focus on right now! It was just another normal day when he was chilling at the store as usual, when he was tossing a ball around absentmindedly between his co workers. It was just a normal day around there. no "Hey Rad, go long!" K.O shouted, tossing the ball across the store. "Got it!" He shouted, rushing to catch it. And, like a big oaf, he leaped backwards to catch the ball and fell right onto someone as he caught it. "Oh, uh, whoops," he spoke up when he realized he was sort of sitting on someone. • ▶▶▶OPEN FOR ANY OK KO CHARACTER?? I WANT TO BE RAD◀◀◀ • [Okay so um I caved and made a few starters for ok ko.. cause I love it so much and I wanted to write some stuff before I have finals (which will kill me ;-;)] • Art by: rararadicles
The young Medic was working very hard today in her working room at overwatch HQ.  The young Medic  Finished all of our work and she  Starts becoming  Very bored. Angela  Couldn't help herself and she took off most of her clothes and she lay down on the ground and start  Fingering herself. After 15 mins she came and she start rubing her cum all over her boobs
's post  _ ᎮᏗᏁᎴᎧᏒᏗ ᏇᏗᏕ ᎷᏗᎴᏋ ᏇᎥᏖᏂ ᏰᏋᏗᏬᏖᎩ  _ ༆࿋ϕ  քaռɖօʀa ϕ࿋༆ _ Population- Depending on the three kingdoms and their civilians but it ranges to the highest of 1 million to the lowest of 200.  _ Appearance- Pandora is like earth but healthier and greener except in the West district. It's dark and barren, with the abandoned castle of Veronica ( or so they say it's abandoned ). There's many rare flowers and odd creatures, including unicorns and faeries, elven people. There are many mountains and forests to the North and the East is mainly ocean, the South being country and lots of greens. Farms are scattered across the East with small villages around the whole country. The Three remaning Kingdoms run the whole country.  _ Photogin- The main kingdom, run by Eurielli and her parents. It's the most populated of all three, with the biggest castle and most land owned. They sit in the northern district and control the southern trades.  Their military is the most powerful but peaceful, primarily filled with elven people and druids.  _ Cirotrix- The middle kingdom that controls peace with the North and west since they used to battle. They control the trading of the East. They're the sister kingdom of Photogin and are on good terms but their army is more aggressive since they're primarily orcs and druids. They have the so called strongest leaders since their bloodline is pure.  _  Aquscorn- The Eastern district, it's the weakest and calmest, isolated from all kingdoms. It trades with whoever they can but their kingdom is small and they aren't on good terms with the North since they went into a war some 100 years ago over land and trading rights, their independence. Their population is gilledmen\women ( Fish people) and other species that don't fit in with the other kingdoms. Their leaders switch since they're still figuring things out.  _  Scorched District- The West is blackened, with Tenebris populations but they
💀💖😩💦😖 IM REALLY TIRED (#openrp #roleplay #it #jackgrazer #finnwolfhard #jackgrazerrp #itrp #fack #fackrp #wyattrp #singlerp)
OPEN FOR VERSE BOTTOM OR TOP People show their care for others in many ways. Some go out of their ways to be kind to others. Buying a homeless man some food, buying a child a new toy, fostering teens. Others however, might show their kindness through unconventional forms. Which get a point across but often hurt more then they help.  Y/c’s mother, was the first type. Although y/c was her actual son she would foster teens who needed more structure than an orphanage could supply. They need a little one on one affection? Why not. A tad bit troubled and need help on the right path, take them in. That’s just how she was and recently there was a new addition to the family.  A teen named Oswald but he went by Ozzie most of the time. He was getting constantly into fights and it had been about a month since he was taken in and nothing had changed. There had been plenty of detentions in school and calls from the principal, and also him coming home with bruises or a bloody fists where the blood wasn’t always his. And this couldn’t go on. After many scoldings from y/c’s mother was proving not to work, it was time for maybe y/c to give it a try.  If Ozzie wouldn’t listen or at least hear out an adult maybe he’d listen to someone his own age. Currently he was sat in his room with his door shut. Honestly he hadn’t unpacked anything. He still had suitcases in the corner of his room and it looked like he just moved in that morning.  He sat on his bed wrapping his hand in bandages, a few scrape and cuts on his knuckles causing some blood but it really wasn’t a big deal to him at least. [ #openroleplay #yaoirp #openrp #yaoiroleplay #literaterp #literateroleplay #gayrp #gayyrp #gayroleplay #anyrp #semerp #sekerp #ukerp #pleaserp #rp #roleplay #realrp #realroleplay #dirtyrp #cleanrp ]
SO UM IF YOU KNOW ANY FUCKING GUD MODELS.OR SKMETHIN CUZ I GUESS MINES ARE NOT GOOD? LET ME KNOWWWW ORRR? CUZ IM TRYNAAAAAAA FUCCCK OR SUMTHIN. Sike, I mean not sike on the second part. But my head hurts and I don't feel good, and someone should vote my rp model and or give me cuddles please. :c  #literate #literateroleplay #roleplay #singleroleplay #dirtyrp #sexrp #openrp #anyrp #singlerp #straightrp #roleplay
- having sex in an elevator is wrong on so many levels.
{[ LIKE + COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE FOR A RATE & MAYBE A TBH ! ]} River Rae Luna☽ .fifteen. no ones girl. lives in california. boy & girl kisser. aesthetic. living meme. deadass still emo. childish gambino, no doubt, michael jackson, britney spears, rihanna, beyoncé, destinys child, nsync, sleeping with sirens, twenty øne piløts, pierce the veil, panic! & more. horror movie enthusiast. orange is the new black & friends are the best tv shows. sweet. unholy. horny 24/7. kinky af. meme master. tries to be funny. emotional & clingy. michelle is her best friend, wife, soulmate, ect. noah’s dick picks. misses carsin with all her heart. alessia is a babe. cassidy is a queen. issa twaimz, crankthatfrank, shane dawson & devin corwin stan. old movies. 80s and 90s music and movies. la la land, camp rock, mama mia, & high school musical r the best musicals. still emo oops. lowkey really wants a relationship. actually enjoys role playing a whole lot. really wants some friends. hmu!¡!
go show my intro some love pls&thanks
» HEADCANON » » Upon joining the team, Steve had taken on the liberty of helping Wanda train and have better control of her powers. These routine practices were something they both looked forward to, seeing as they had developed a very close friendship. That, and their practices tended to be entertaining at times when it involved Wanda learning to fly or lift other people. - » Steve becomes protective over Wanda, seeing as she’s young and the newest addition to the team. She’s seen and done a lot for her age, so Steve is always sure to check in on her and give her company if she needs it. - » One day, Steve comes across a sketchbook that Wanda is always doodling in. This leads to the two of them having occasional little art sessions together on their off days where Steve will sometimes teach her things or they just sit, draw, and talk about their week. - » Sometimes Steve turns into a fatherly figure around Wanda when it comes to more emotionally-threatening situations. For example, he would watch Vision and Wanda’s relationship carefully. Of course it would make him happy to see the Sokovian finally smiling more, but he would always be sure to keep an eye on Vision. - » Wanda likes to spend time with Steve and help him get caught up in the modern world by introducing him to some of her favorite hobbies like exploring the city’s night life and events at local coffee shops. At the same time she’s teaching him, she’s also learning new things herself seeing as she couldn’t do many of these things back in Sokovia.
« 9:20 pm » i'm so happy right now like i haven't been this happy in a while jfc.
.:.:.bandages.:.:. - i made this in school based off a rp im doin wif my fren. iss alotta sad shit but gay and cute so that makes up for it. - i have a lot of guilty pleasures and gay stuff are one of them w h a t oh and yes, its tøp - #twentyonepilots #tøp #tylerjoseph #joshdun #roleplay #bandages #blood #cutting #drawing #pencil #redpen #art #triggerwarning - ignore tf outta these hA #panicatthedisco #mychemicalromance #falloutboy #emotrinity #twentyonepilots #alltimelow #bringmethehorizon #emobands #imgoodatthis #tags #randomtags #likespls
I also have an open box Emperor PckNPly 12$ the Emperor is perfect for those who Enjoy Sturdy And firm, Suction cup and Can be worn with a harness. Dm me #used #ftm #packnplay #2in1 #dildo #calexotics #shop #like #sextoy #transgender #selfexpress #roleplay #happy #gay #lgbtq
ELIZABETH BEAUMONT 🏁🍒🎲 fifteen! very single! boy and girl lover! speaks some french! always on youtube! outgoing! conspiracy theories! references vines too often! aesthetic! falls easily! temporary intro!  COMMENT SOMETHING CUTE FOR A TBH
In regards to doing a handstand: "Come on Crossbones, you can do it. Me believe in you. Just try. It's okay if you make a mistake. See? You did it! That is so clever! You are an awesome human!" 😂  #thingskidssay #roleplay #imaginaryplay #storytelling #makingworlds #homeschool #homeschooling #homelearning #homeeducation #homeschoollife #homeschoolaustralia #homeschoolingaustralia #eclectichomeschooling
Just got back into the game... and Yen brought a dead man back to tell the tale of what's happened to #ciri... this is part of his story... #thewitcher3wildhunt #thewitcher #xboxone #gamer #xbox #gaming #geraltofrivia #geralt #rpg #roleplay #game #mordor #lotr #talion #gamers #cdprojectred #wbgames #cirilla #gamersunite #gamerlife #gamersofinstagram
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