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✴︎✴︎✴︎ Feather Earrings ✴︎✴︎✴︎ 🌲🌲Back to the old favorites🌲🌲 ✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎ #feathers #featherjewellery #etsyseller #featherearrings #earrings #handmade #rusticjewelry #bohemianjewelry
(Of course I had to make a copper version) ALSO: can I just say, I LOVE seeing so many creative people//metalsmiths//jewelry lovers on my feed.. it keeps me inspired!! So many talented humans. Thank you!! COPPER//GHOST EYE JASPER. Xoxoxo #aboutjamesco
Hello my sweets!!!! I thinks it’s time for a #meetthemaker party!!!😍 I thought I would post a few things about myself that you probably didn’t know!!🤗 1. I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ. 2. I LOVE bright colors! 3. I’m often referred to as Tinkerbelle due to my unusual exuberance about life! I’m also a huge extrovert!😂 4. I bead my best designs at night with a melancholy chic flic on my computer when/where my emotions are drawn out to create and the world is quiet for the day....💕 5. I am a mountain girl through and through, but after several moves in my childhood, I have a special place in my heart for the prairie and enjoy going back once in a while...🌾 6. I started selling my jewelry in my driveway when I was 14! 😎💸 7. I barely wear jewelry during the week...sshhh....you didn’t hear that...🤭🤗 8. I drink decaf coffee only because caffeine gives me anxiety as well as keeping me up for two days...😂🤪 9. My husband is a whole foot taller than me. 😳 10. My goal for 2018 is to make more pieces that I want to make and making sure that I charge what I’m worth....☺️☺️💜💜 And there you have it my friends!!!!! If they’re not too personal, I’d love to answer any more questions you have!!!!!!!!!!!!☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️ Today is my Hubby’s birthday, so I baked instead of beaded!!!!🤗🥧🍌
The Woven Necklace is great for layering and happens to be in stock and ready to ship.  #handmadejewelry #everydayjewelry #jotd #silver #texturedjewelry #rusticjewelry #madeinoakland #madeinthebay #bayareamade #silverjewelry #silvernecklace #uniquenecklace #crescentnecklace
Little matryoshka earrings❤️. They’re really simple but I just feel like they need so little.  Thank you guys for all the well wishes for Jewel. She’s already doing better. She celebrated so much when I got back from the gym tonight, and played with her toy chicken so hard one leg flew off. She growled so hard when I played like I was taking it away, I’ve never seen her so happy. I’m slowly teaching her to climb the stairs too. She was raised in a trailer and doesn’t know stairs. Which means I can’t go upstairs... I’ve been sleeping on the couch... I don’t like the word hero, I do what any mother would. #rusticjewellery  #jewelrygram #artisanjewelry #artisanjewellery #instajewelry #instajewelrygroup  #jewelryartist #ooakjewelry #assemblagejewelry #rusticjewelry #recycledjewelry  #statementjewelry  #instajewellery #jewelleryart #artjewellery #handmadejewellery  #fancifuldevices #artjewelry #handmadejewelry #instajewellerygroup #upcycledjewelry #statementearrings
Might turn these Antique Victorian belt buckles into pendants ❤️
Crescent moon beauties 🌙
Just listed these ready to ship dainty beauties to the shop. Remember my Christmas deadline for shipping is the 15th.❤️
You may have remembered a few posts back.. when I  was creating these reclaimed vintage belt earrings.. Well here they are 💙 I finally did a photoshoot with them and these are up for grabs grabs grabs.🌿 🌼 Ready to ship 💌  SWIPE 👆 to see each  pair up close😍 $25 each +shipping 💳👌 . DM me to claim a Pair or anything else you see on my page that you may like 💗 💜 . aloha
The count down is on!! If you are still looking for a unique $25 gift then I've got a GREAT deal for you!🎁 These super soft leather and gemstone necklaces come in 6 choices of charms & stones. Also featured is a slide bead in back- Allowing you to choose your desired length👍Regularly $50  Shop yours at link in profile!!
i apologize if i’m overposting, you guys, it will all be over soon (i’ll be taking a break from Dec. 16 - Jan 2, not a peep during that time , i promise!) but i just had to share these asymmetrical earrings with you : sterling silver/ topaz / bronze dangly bits / custom order for Maria / just you wait till i tease you with the necklace that goes with them, i’m all a-twitter with how it turned out... but i gotta dangle some anticipation! tomorrow, my pretties, tomorrow...
Happy to send these babies out to their new homes! I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!! Xo #aboutjamesco
Ok, friends! These M flat hoops in Copper & Brass are officially listed on www.aboutjamesco.etsy.com !! Perfect for everyday. 💋 . . . 🛒SHOP @aboutjamesco Link in bio! xo #aboutjamesco
A couple of my current (dirty) silver works-in-progress, made with Sierra Nevada turquoise 🖤  I used my handsaw to create the feather along with my scribe tool.. & I placed both pieces next to a duck feather I found in the woods this summer 🖤🖤#jewelryinprogress #beginnersilversmith #featherfinds