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Jutin Bieber e Selena Gomez na Jamaica - 20/02 - ❤❤. • #justinbieber #selenagomez #jelena #beliebers
#selenagomez com primas de #justinbieber na Jamaica.
I don’t really like to rant, but this is becoming a joke now. If we really were a supporting caring fandom then the first thing we would want is for the twins to be happy and to live the best life they can, as tbh their life has been pretty shitty so far. Yeah I totally understand that people see them as being very close to their fans but I’m afraid we have to snap back to reality and realise that’s all we will ever be. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true, please guys if you are going to be selfish and not fucking care about the twins. Then leave we don’t need you here, we have plenty of people who appreciate the twins and want them to be happy. At the end of the day they do YouTube to put a smile on peoples faces, so let’s return the favour and let them live a life they choose and not one that they feel pressured to live. This isn’t aimed at everyone as I know for myself that the MAJORITY of the fandom feel the exact same way. Please just let them be happy .... rant over Goodnight😴 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ @ethandolan @graysondolan #dolantwins #justinbieber#dolan#twins#dolantwinsedits #dolantwinsfanfiction #dolantwinsimagines #ethan#grayson#graysondolanedits #selenagomez#hottwins#beauty#sixpacks#
Reggaeton lento is my song fuck me girls @littlemix @jesynelson @jadethirlwall @leighannepinnock @perrieedwards
@loganpaul run me over with the cool bus and punch me as you rip off my clothes and jump on me while throwing me into the Grand Canyon:)
February 19, 2018: Selena in Jamaica with Justin & His Family for @jeremybieber’s wedding - @selenagomez #jelena @justinbieber #selenagomez #justinbieber
#selenagomez e #justinbieber em uma praia, hoje (20), em Montego Bay, Jamaica.
kehlani is so gorgeous ♡____♡
as these are my last couple  days on here i just wanna give a quick shout out to my favorite yoongi stans, gaia and sica i love you both with all my heart and you are part of what made my time on this account extra special, just because im not gonna do this anymore doesn't mean we have to stop making funny memories either. WOW im being waYYYY too dramatic than I should be lol, but I LOVE yoU😭 FOREVER💗💝❤💙💚💜💟💘💞💗❤💙💛❤💙💚💝💚💝
Jelena out here living their best life ... finally 🙏🏼 #selenagomez #justinbieber #jelena @selenagomez @justinbieber