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Three great days kick off tonight with dinner with an awesome GM of an awesome dealership followed by a YTD recap and 2018 planning meeting at a great dealership. Some crazy travel tomou afternoon and evening then a really important meeting with an awesome vendor client. Love this time of year with all the planning and strategizing then at the same time really missing home. #getmorefrank #inspiration #motivation #success #grind #marketing #makemoney #entrepreneur #growth #selfdevelopment #ambition #instagood #hustle #leader #carguy #motivate #hustlehard #positivethinking #positivevibes #positivity #cardealershiplife #bizdev #business
This pretty much sums it up for me! #notimeforgames #inspiringwords #selfdevelopment #godisthesource #alwayshustling
*FOOD TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS* Oooooh the holidays. . A time of great joy, but for many of us who have experienced the "diet culture" at some point, it can also be a time of great stress. . I love the idea of "HEY ITS THE HOLIDAYS! Don't woooorry bout it and enjoy yourself." But we all know that it's not as easy as just pretending everything is fine - especially when you're heading to a holiday party and get an overwhelming sense of anxiety of "should I or shouldn't I eat X, Y, Z?" . 🎅🏽Here are some practical tips for a stress-free, mindful holiday: . 1. Never go to a party/dinner/aunt Susan's house hungry. Drink a protein shake (almond milk + choc @gardenoflife protein = BOMB) or have at least protein and veggies. That way, you're not ravenous and tempted to eat everything in sight. . 2. Be discerning. This means don't choose the stale chocolate chip cookies your uncle Jim bought from the store just because they're there. Be discerning about what you indulge in (like having a slice of your grandmas pie she only makes once a year). . 3. Practice mindfulness. Before you fill up your plate, take a deep breath and ask yourself, "what can I eat to truly nourish and energize myself right now?" And if you still choose a piece of pie, totally fine because you are the one with the power, making the decision. #adultlife . 4. Remember the basics: these are *my tips* that work for me - I avoid appetizers (because I just had my protein shake, remember?); I fill the majority of my plate with protein and veggies for my main meal; I choose ONE dessert that I really want (refer to the above point about discernment). . Aaaand most of all: focus on connection! The holidays are one of the only times during the year that most of the family gets together (which can be good and bad hehe), so try to relax, focus on conversation, and have fun! . Oh and you can always recommend a family activity like a walk after dinner or football game (don't pick me, please) . ⛄️ LOVE YA! Happy
Whether you consider yourself an Indigo or not, you've probably experienced the feeling of being called to step into your higher purpose. Maybe you’ve felt lost, overwhelmed, or completely alone on your journey. In "An Indigo Who Made The Call," Niki shows us that we don't have to remain stuck feeling alone and unsupported and that “awakening” is not just about endless struggles and suffering but rather, seizing the opportunity for an evolutionary upgrade that comes with stepping up to “answer your highest calling.” This story illustrates that no matter where you are on your journey that YOU are an integral part of the acceleration of human consciousness happening right now—and your tribe eagerly awaits you. Here, Niki passes the torch to you to Light Your Way on your path to becoming the most extraordinary version of yourself. This short story is a companion to her book "Zeropoint Clarity" coming out Fall 2020. “About the Author”  Hi I’m Niki Manavi. An Author, Speaker, Higher Self-development Coach, and an unstoppable LightWarrior. I work with leaders and changemakers around the globe to answer their highest calling. Join me in the LightWarriors Revolution. It’s time to step up and show up in the world – the way you were divinely designed to!  Link in bio  #leaders #develope #personalcoach #lifecoaching #selfdevelopment #higherevolution #awakenedwoman #lightworkers #socialchange #changemakers #unity #compassion #selflove #awakening #paradigmshift #indigochild #collectiveconsciousness #awakened #spirittribe #truthseekers #consciouscommunity #freeyourself #cosmicconsciousness #highervibrations #starseed #indigoadult #higherconsciousness #higherself #indigoadults #lightwarriors
Positive action!
Work hard like a beast so that the next Christmas when you see yourself in the mirror you can say that "I am proud of myself"  work hard because that's the only thing that's gonna matter on the long run #iamsrk #selflove #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #selfdevelopment #the5amquotes #christmas
Have you ever really sat and thought about why you haven’t reached your career goals or any personal goals you have/had in life.  Sometimes we allow other’s fears and failures to make us afraid before we even try, especially if it’s our parent, a trusted family member, a dear friend, or a mentor.  You have to understand that their fears and failures are not yours.  Don’t allow that to keep you from making sacrifices to do what you choose to do with your life.  At the end of the day YOU have to be happy, and no one has to live with that decision but you.  There will always be opinions but if we lived our lives by the opinions of others... Check out the remainder of the blog at http://tiffanyzachery.com/their-fear-of-failure-isnt-yours/  #femalemotivation  #womeninbusiness  #goals #goaldigger #lifecoach2women #lifecoaching #motivation #coaching2changelives #dailyinspiration #dailymotivation #achievement #changinglives  #motivational #accountability #motivationalspeakers #careerdevelopment #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #productivity #success #empowerment  #personaldevelopmentcoach #selfdevelopment  #career #careercoach #careergoals #careerwomen #corporatewomen  #accountabilitypartner
Join us for an eye-opening, inspiring weekend of learning near the beach and be immersed in a beautiful healing space with like-minded souls. Find your best self and potentially change your life and how you view your body. Come and be inspired to see life through new lenses and learn more about the mind, body and soul connection through tapping into the subconscious mind where you can shift old patterns, stress and emotional blocks and come away feeling energised, loved, nurtured and at peace within yourself. ♡ Be part of one of Melbourne’s leading Kinesiology course and workshop training providers, By The Bay Kinesiology, to learn this Kinesiology Introductory Course ‘Kineasy’ which includes the art, science and magic plus fundamental basics of Kinesiology and muscle reflex testing to use on yourself, friends, family, clients or to perhaps one day become a Kinesiologist! ♡ This unique course is conducted in a hands-on practical and friendly group environment with a simple and easy to understand kinesiology setup and muscle reflex testing process for beginners. By the end of this course you will be thrilled that you are able to confidently, comfortably and accurately muscle test on another person while enjoying the process and understand the beauty and science of kinesiology. You will also facilitate your first mini kinesiology balance with lots of fun natural healing remedies such as crystals, essential oils, flower essences, sound and colour. ♡ You will see how powerful and accurate the subconscious mind and the body are during this uplifting, fun and fulfilling course. Come and be inspired, energised and have your heart fulfilled during this life-changing weekend with us! ♡ Pre-requisite: Nil - anyone can attend!! Everyone welcome :) Dates: 10-11 February 2018 Times: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm Investment: $550 inc. GST Accreditation/CPE: 20 hours Be inspired here: https://bythebaykinesiology.com.au/kineasy-intro-course/ ♡ #bythebaykinesiology
A little strange not having any snow right now, but it still feels a lot like Christmas 😊🎅🏻🎄
I never let go of friends who didn't want bigger or better. But I did make new friends too. The ones that wanted the same. The ones that kept the fire in me alive. Elevate your surroundings to elevate yourself. #motivation #success #succeed #debtfree #hustle #friends #relationships #networking #pivot #elevate #businessowner #girlboss #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #bebetter #dreambigger #money #working #mindset #healthymind #meditation #personaldevelopment #selfdevelopment #grind #goforit #youdeserveit #strategy #financialfreedom #fearless
Make your vision so clear that Your Fears become Irrelevant 📚 Checkout the link in my Bi0 and learn one strategy and Build your Online Business Today. 💻