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"Sometimes when you're in a #dark you think you're been #buried but actually you've been #planted" 🌱🌻 My #style of #illustration #hope #selfdiscovery #life #glow #newday #learning #drawing #art #graphic
It’s not always easy to be vulnerable and show yourself, completely as you are, with no cover ups but boy does it feel good when you do! Let this be your motivation to be unapologetically YOU and let yourself shine just as you are 💜💜💜
🌟The SOLAR PLEXUS is the energy centre that houses the mental plane, where the Ego is developed. This Chakra is all about building autonomy, self identity and will power. Yet when we are consistently rewarded for obedience, forming our personal identity can be disrupted and we become ruled by the idea of what we are 'supposed' to be doing. Not knowing how to tap into what we really need to be doing. . So to be able to ramp up and tune into our personal identity, we need to turn up the volume of our inner dialogue and find the voice of our true identity. As we begin to identify ourselves, we might find the voice of our inner critic trying to hold onto the reigns. But the more discipline we use to take hold and ACT on our true identity, the less the inner critic is needed to fill the void of the mental plane. It's the false identity (ego) given to us subconsciously and more often than not, ancestrally. . This quote couldn't be dismissed without recognising the correlation to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Mastering our TRUE IDENTITY is the key to Self-Mastery. How we express it is then a process served by the the Throat Chakra. . Ahhhh, the amazing insights I get to see through the wisdoms of the Human Energy Field. . Chakra Balance anyone?? . Dot xx www.bodyoflightwellness.com.au Healing | Wellness | Transformation
"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." -R Tagore  #triadicarts #mindscience #affirmations #nature #harmony #selfdiscovery #reflect #justbe
Life is a choice.  You wanna be the complainers  or you wanna be the agent of change the agent of solutions. ================= # #instagoodness #selfdiscovery #coach #happy #love #life #friends #inspiring #light #love #motivation
I've been going through a lot of internal changes lately & a transformation. I have always been someone who has put everyone above myself & now I am putting myself above everyone and everything else. It is teaching me who and what is real and it's a hard realization at times. In the process of shedding the mask while finding your authentic self you realize what's true to your soul and what isn't. It is a painful & beautiful transformation. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I know I'm ready.. I'm done sitting on the sidelines and being a wallflower. 💪🏽 #growthgamestrong #selfdiscovery #findyourself #takeoffthemask #oldsoul #spiritualawakening
#treat your body right. Are you in #knead of a vacation but can't get away #louisville #book your staycation #massage 502777-9098 and #release your #stress.kick back#relaxationmode delivered to the door #positivevibes #qualitytime #restore #revive #selfdiscovery #balance #unplugged #selfcare #holistichealth
And it’ll be a colorful ride.
For this life, I cannot change 🤓🤘 @travisscott
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Because it's been 6 months since I completed the basic workshop at #aiminghigh so it's time to re-self evaluate. I made a promise to myself to continue to GROW! #plantaseed #selflove #selfdiscovery #growthgoals #positivevibes #vunerabilityisstrength