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Il dottor Christopher sta visitando gli occhi di uno degli abitanti del villaggio di Lilyachi in Zambia.
Malilo vive in Zambia e ha solo 3 anni. Purtroppo la piccola Malilo ha dei problemi agli occhi dalla nascità, le sue condizioni sono peggiorate l’ultimo anno e ora ha il tracoma. Quando sta bene, le piace giocare con i suoi amici nel villaggio di Lilyachi e aiutare la mamma in cucina.
Il dottor Christopher Wamulume dell’ospedale di Lewanika in Zambia sta visitando Sitali Silume nel villaggio di Lilyachi.
Link in bio ♥️ 🎀Help Me Make A Difference 🎀  #sightsavers
With risk of sounding like a chav with this hashtag, but #loveislove! Hope you’re having a wonderful evening with your loved ones! This definitely melts ones heart 💕(To help create more beautiful miracles, please see link in bio.) ••• #repost @sightsavers with @get_repost ・・・ Joyce was blind for 25 years in Tanzania, so you can imagine how happy she was to see her daughter after sight-saving surgery! 📷 @elizapowellphotography #millionmiracles #blindness #sight #vision #sightloss #visionloss #eyehealth #eyes #eyecare #cataracts #sightsavers #vscoportrait #ig_mood #discoverportrait #portraitphotography #profile_vision #postmoreportraits #portraiture #makeportraits #humaneffect #agameofportraits #tanzania #afrika #igs_africa #afrique #super_africa #ig_africa #unlimitedafrica
Donne e bambini stanno aspettando di essere visitati nel villaggio di Lilyachi in Zambia.
1-year-old Biteye’s smile is stealing our hearts
"If I hadn't had the radio, I would have remained ignorant and my son would still be blind." Reymond's mum Ansella recalls how listening to the radio helped save her son's sight! After hearing about an eye screening through a radio broadcast in Uganda, she took her son to have his eyes checked and he was referred for sight-saving surgery. 📷 @flipmode_filbs  #millionmiracles #worldradioday #sightsavers #blindness #sight #sightloss #visionloss #vision #eyes #eyecare #eyehealth #cataracts #uganda #vscoportrait #ig_mood #discoverportrait #portraitphotography #portraitpage #peopleinframe #vscouganda #african_portraits #radio #radioshow
Ecco il centro per la salute di Liliachi in Zambia.
Ecco la famiglia di Esther che vive in Zambia. Il papà di Esther l’ha portata più volte all’ospedale ma le sue condizioni non sono migliorate. Esther si sente molto sola, quando i suoi occhi le fanno male rimane a casa e non vede i suoi amici.
Il dottor Ndalela sta visitando Esther. Siccome piangeva e si strofinava di continuo gli occhi la sua famiglia ha iniziato a preoccuparsi e ha deciso di portarla al campo di visite organizzato nel villaggio di Muoyo in Zambia.
Esther ha 4 anni e vive a Muoyo in Zambia. Il dottor Ndalela le visita gli occhi e conferma che purtroppo la piccola Esther ha il tracoma, senza gli antibiotici rischia di diventare cieca!
Six-year-old Fahad plays with a flower outside his home in #zanzibar three months after a successful operation to remove cataracts from both of his eyes. After surgery, Fahad was fitted for glasses, helping him see clearly for the first time! 📷 @tommy.trenchard  #sightsavers #millionmiracles #zanzibar #sight #vision #blindness #hypebeast #portraiture #igs_africa #afrique #streetportrait #dailylife #lensculture #vscoportrait #ig_mood
Hassana Dadi Ibrahim ha 65 anni e ha la filariosi linfatica, un’infezione che provoca un’importante invalidità. Ecco Musa Abdulrahman, un operatore per la salute della comunità a Lokoja in Nigeria, che la visita e le dà dei consigli per prendersi cura delle sue gambe.
Il Dottor Christopher Wamulume sta visitando gli occhi del piccolo Chinga, un bambino di 5 anni che vive nel villaggio di Nalolo in Zambia. Chinga ha il tracoma e deve essere curato con gli antibiotici.
#sightsavers @ #msms. We had team from @sightsaversin  including #rinurajankadavil, Team Head; #sunilk; #anoop & @jim_j_thomas. Wonderful Interaction & a unique cause to support and be human👌
Mariam Yakubu vive in Nigeria e oggi riceve a scuola le compresse contro la schistosomiasi insieme ai suoi compagni di classe.
Ecco Riya a scuola con I suoi nuovi occhiali da vista! Ora può andare avanti e realizzare il suo sogno di diventare medico!
Toonie Tuesday Thought Banks are BACK! Sorry, I missed January but it was a bit of a crazy month. Back in action this February and every Tuesday to come of this beautiful new year.  Today's Toonie Tuesday Thought Bank Question is :  If you had $1000 dollars to your name right now, no strings attached what would you do with that money?  With each new answer, I will donate $2.00 (a toonie) to Sightsavers  Sightsavers’ vision is of a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes and where people with disabilities participate equally in society.  Just a little bit about what they do :  Sightsavers prevents avoidable blindness by carrying out eye examinations and referring people for treatment to prevent blindness and restore sight. They also work with our partners to treat and prevent debilitating neglected tropical diseases.  They support equality for people with disabilities by training teaching staff and supplying specialist learning tools. They educate communities to reduce the stigma around disability and empower people with disabilities so they can participate fully in society.  Sightsavers campaigns and advocates for change by working with governments to tackle problems at the root of avoidable blindness, such as access to clean water and education. They aim to make changes for the long term, to support the people who need it most.  This organization needs OUR help! You can donate separately and learn more at www.sightsavers.org or answer today's question and I will donate!  #toonietuesdaythoughtbank #giveback #help #yourthoughtsgoingtogoodcauses #toonie #twodollars #eachnewanswer #give #sightsavers #jointheconversation ❤️
La piccola Riya sta camminando verso la sua scuola a Patna in India.