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Cat has a new favourite safe house.  She moved out of the fridge box! #cats #sillycats #ilovemycat
Not a not very dignified pose for Spooky and his one green laser eye lol #cutecats #lolcats #catsofinstagram #funnycatsofinstagram #funnycatspictures #catsmakeyoulaugh #sillycats #catsruletheworld #cutecats
I’m sitting down to record the next two episodes, including today’s, yeah it’s late in the day but it’s a Sunday. I don’t feel too bad about the episode coming out a bit later than normal ;) I’m starting something new because of how my work schedule has been and how I’ve noticed everyone downloads the podcast. Episodes will be out at the normal 3ish a.m. release time Monday-Friday so all of you can catch the latest show during your morning commutes. Weekend episodes will potentially be out later, depending on how crazy life has been on my end. For instance, today’s episode is out later because I burned my hand with bacon grease while cooking. I know, I’m super talented.  Anyways, before I get back to recording I wanted to share these pictures. Mr. Tim thought that it was a great time to start playing with his new toy. I had literally just started recording today’s episode when I heard this ball zipping around at a thousand miles an hour. Perfect timing that only a cat is capable of. Note the dejected look on his face in the second picture ;)
When your tree is moving and find this lol  #cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram #cats #christmascat #christmas #sillycats #ilovemycat
Look who Leo found😁#sillycats  #catinabox
#funnycat #sillycats
"Yes human, your drawer is the most suitable napping spot at the moment." -Callicat