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I feel like this topic has come up a lot lately. The sizes on your tags in your clothes don’t matter. No one sees them except you and if they bug you- cut them out. You don’t need that negative energy sitting on you. You should feel confident, sexy, beautiful, strong... the list goes on and on. But you should be happy at the end of it all.  The better an item fits your body, the taller you are going to stand, and the prouder you are going to be. Body positivity starts within. So embrace you and help others find themselves through their own fashion choices too!  And just to pound out the thought that sizes don’t actually mean anything. Over the past year - I’ve dropped pounds and inches and reshaped my whole body. But I’m still wearing some of the same jeans and dresses and tops. They just fit me differently. Find a good tailor and  work with them to structure your favorite pieces and show off your personality!  #loveyourself #behappy #bodypositivity #fashion #style #supporteachother #sizesdontdefineyou #roadlesstravelled
A couple of weeks ago this dress was a little too snug, but this week it flows on my body just as the day I bought it😊. Even better is that I have no idea what this dress size is because I started cutting the sizes out of my dresses. I do know that my closet has sizes 4-12 and they all fit a particular way when I'm at my fitish weight goal. That's why I decided to cut the sizes of all dresses over a size 4!!! This removed the negativity of designers who size smaller or larger. The sizes are irrelevant as long as I feel beautiful in them. #goals #fitish #sizesdontdefineyou
let’s get real for a sec about clothing sizes... I went to get jeans today as I’ve gained & maintained weight over the past few months. As I was trying on jeans I noticed the difference in sizing. The jeans I was wearing all day were 2s but the ones that gave me the same fit at the store were 4s. I’ll admit for a moment standing under poor lighting in a pair of 4s I started to feel bad about myself.  But when it comes down to it my worth cannot be measured in pounds or inches. And all that I am is neither reflected, nor summed up by a number sewn into a pair of jeans. So if my body is under social seige, I welcome it with a smile. Because battalions of words cannot compare to the cannon fire of insecurity and trigger pulling I've had in my head for 20 years. We girls are really good at these sort of days because, we're good at insulting ourselves first. Moral of the story is sizes are only that, sizes. And every store will have different fits for sizes. It’s normal and it doesn’t make you any less of a person.
“....Earth below me...” 🌍 2/3 . . . . . www.FEMMEFATALSWIM.com #abrandforeveryone #sizesdontmatter #sizesdontdefineyou #curvesaresexy #shoplinkinbio #healthylifestyle
So basically anyone remotely close to me knows I’ve done my fair share of struggling with body image issues. I’m sharing this with all of you because I used to be obsessed with numbers (and definitely still am sometimes), and I’m pretty positive I’m not alone in that. I got two pairs of jeans I ordered from H & M today. Both the exact same waist size, just different inseam length. One pair fits absolutely perfectly and the other pair makes me look like a busted can of biscuits. So to anyone else out there who struggles like I do, this is your friendly reminder that clothing sizes are ARBITRARY AS FUCK AND LITERALLY DO NOT MATTER. My new goal is to like myself a little more and numbers a little less. #edrecovery #sizesdontdefineyou #fucknumbers #positivebodyimage
Be thankful and happy with what you got🙏🏽. I use to want skinny legs, didn’t like the fact that i had thunder thighs but thats us women, we want what other women have but forget that maybe those women want what you have. We all have our own flaws, embrace it, love yourself and own it💪🏻🏋️‍♀️❤️ #sizesdontdefineyou #loveyourselffirst  #thunderthighsfordays #legdaygotmelike 😂
This goes specially for all our followers who are choosing #recovery in the struggle with #eatingdisorders: We know that it can feel incredibly #painful. We know it feels like the hardest thing you have ever done. We know that every day when you look yourself at the mirror and aren't able to see bones, it doesn't feel good.  We know that while #eatingwell all your mind can even think is about you'll get thicker, fatter, uglier. Believe us. We know. But you have to trust us on this one... recovery IS possible and IS worth it. For you. For your body. For your health. You need to take care of your body as your sanctuary, treat it like that. And even though it may take some time to see your beauty in a different size, never forget that numbers DON'T MEAN HOW MUCH YOU ARE WORTH IT.  #effyourbodystandards #everybodyisbeautiful #beyoutiful #eatingdisorders #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #bodydismorphia #orthorexiarecovery #numbersdontdefineyou #sizesdontdefineyou #beautifulyouare
#transformationtuesday this is me in my old shorts (which I loved wearing😍)... both my legs now fit in one leg!! Size 18 ➡️Size 8 ... 6 years on, 6stone 12lbs gone by following @slimmingworld plan, at home & then by joining a group! Loving being a healthier version of myself, doing things I never imagined I could! From the girl who used to always "feel sick" to get out of PE class in school, to the girl who actually pays money to exercise now 😂😂 my lifestyle has had a complete make-over. I was happy & confident as a size 18, I am happy & confident as a size 8...clothes sizes are irrelevant, don't let someone tell you you'll be happier if you get to a certain size! Do what's best for you- work towards being the best version of yourself #doyou #sizesdontdefineyou #listentoyourbody #yourbodyyourrules #yourbodyisbeautiful #bodypositive #bodyimage #bethebestyou #behappy #selflove #lovewhatyouhave #healthylifestyle #selfcare #healthygoals #behealthy #skinnytofit #healthynotskinny #bodymagic #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworld #swinsta #swmotivation #slimmingworldtargetmember #slimmingworldmotivation #swuk #swmafia #transformation #beyou #youareamazing
April Social Media Challenge...get prepared to play along this month! From funny memes to LuLa inspired posts to personal tidbits about yours truly, who knows what the day will hold! #lularoe #lularoeobsessed  #lularoenorthlasvegas #comfortwins #socialmediachallenge #lularoefashion #sizesdontdefineyou
FYI.... LuLaRoe isn't like your average clothing company. LuLaRoe doesn't conform to a certain size. Play around, try a smaller or even bigger size. With a little styling adjustments, something that you wouldn't normally fit in becomes a SUPER cute tunic, dress, or maybe even tube top! #lularoe #lulaaddict #lularoenorthlasvegas #lularoelasvegas #lulafave #sizesdontdefineyou #liveoutsidethesize #livealittle #selfconfidenceiskey
LuLaRoe is big on your "why." Why did you join? What brought you to the decision to sell LuLaRoe? Well for those who don't know me personally, here's my why....The biggest reason I opted to become a LuLaRoe consultant was because my husband and I wanted the FINANCIAL STABILITY that comes with selling. My husband is active duty military and even though our incomes combined are decent, we wanted/needed more. We've been married for coming on 4 years and technically, never been on a HONEYMOON or VACATION together really. Yes, we've been to Disneyland, traveled Europe a little bit when he was stationed in Italy but never a "fly to a new or favorite place, no cares in the world, just kick back, relax, and enjoy" type of vacation. The best BIGGEST reason we chose to become a consultant, IVF/FAMILY. I can't have kids naturally which means I have to do IVF, shot after shot, hormone after hormone, egg retrieval, egg transfer, blood work after blood work and ultrasound after ultrasound. We've done one round so far however, that round didn't work. For those who don't know, IVF is EXPENSIVE! We were lucky enough that my parents paid for the first round which came to a staggering $10,000+!!!!! We both have "day jobs" which will always be our primary source of income but knowing that we are hoping to start a family later this year and maybe take a babymoon before said bambino is born as well as pay debt off, help us reach our WHY. We don't ask for THOUSANDS of dollars in sales but I'll never say no to significant sales.  So see something you like, keep in mind what and where that money will ultimately go. Come onnnn, who doesn't like seeing baby pictures??? 💕💜💕💜💕 #lularoe #lulalove #lularoewhy #lulawhy #lularoelasvegas #lularoenorthlasvegas #comfortwins #cuteclothes #liveoutsideasize #sizesdontdefineyou #loveyourself #ivfcommunity #ivfforbaby #ivfjourney #lulafaves
Don't be afraid of a size! Top picture is 3XL followed by a XS followed by a L and the picture on the right, a XXS. Yes, you can see my muffin top but throw a blazer or button up over the top, go up a size or two, wear it backwards...the possibilities are endless! For reference, I typically wear a S or M in a Classic because I'm big busted and want to cover said muffin top 🤣😂🤣 play a little! #liveoutsideasize #sizesdontdefineyou
I can't do the photo a day challenge today because I didn't get a picture of my lunch earlier but it was literally a medium iced cold brew from Starbucks on my way out of the mall after working an inventory at a sister store for my company. I had been up since 4am (drove a combined 3 hours there and back) and had a protein shake on the way there. ANYWAY, after inventory I walked around the mall going to various stores in finding absolutely nothing that fit me at any of my usual stops. This was a size small at H&M, it looks like a baggie shapeless sack. Meanwhile I could barely fit into a large size dress at the same store. I tried on many pairs of shorts and pants in size is both smaller and larger than the ones I walked in in, and nothing fit so I got very frustrated and left. The difference in size in women's clothing today make it impossible to keep your head on straight when you're trying to treat yourself to a new outfit. Very different from my experience at my lowest weight this same month last year. #struggle #weightloss #weightlossjourney #wls #vsg #teamvsg #vsginstacrew #wlslife #vsglife #thestruggle #womensclothing #sizesdontdefineyou #bodypositive #mentalwellness #bariatricsurgery #frustrated #realtalk #nothingfitsme
Alright ladies, proof that we should NOT get hung up on size. I am NOT a size 2, but some pants are made very different. Be happy with your size and confident in the skin you are in...being healthy is also being confident 😘❤️ #fitchick #wellness #confidence #sizesdontdefineyou