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Little bit of calm in the big city 🌊 . . . . . . . . . .  #getlost #teampixel #streets #water #exploretocreate #study #toronto #ontario #canada #optoutside #macro #smallmoments #photography #pixel_ig #moment #stream
•time is precious• . Today’s to do list has been a mile long. 😜Our biggest event for PTO is tomorrow, we have fun weekend plans that I need to prepare for, meetings and trainings for my team, prepping for my new family group starting soon, dinner to be cooked, and the usual daily chores to be done. I stopped myself and made a choice not to let my list stress me out. 🙅🏽 . The girls and I had a great time baking together and I loved taking time to be in the moment with them. You see, these are the moments I’ve prayed for for years. Being able to really use the time I have with my babies and make it count. Did you know that we only have 936 weeks with our children from birth until they are 18!? 😳That’s not a lot of time...so I’m praying for guidance to use it wisely. . Life can be crazy with 3 kids. 🤣Believe me our house is loud, messy, and we don’t always the best words or tone when speaking to each other but I’m making a choice to embrace the craziness of my life in this season and soak up the moments with my babies. I’m choosing to give myself grace. 🙌🏼 . Time is precious and I am so darn thankful that I have this time at home with my babies. So freaking glad I said YES to something that I was nervous about to make a change for my family. 💗
Caught a rainbow while out at recess today... There was actually a second one on the other side of that cloud! #noraininsight #beautyinthestorm #rainbows #scienceinreallife #recess #rainbowpic  #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #smallmoments
Soaking in every vibrant color and blossom this spring. . . . #littlegifts #freshflowers #vsco #springtime #smallmoments
Welcome to sandpaperandcashew! Life is a culmination of small moments. From our home decor to handmade baby accessories, our shop is here to help you create your own moments with those you care about.  Sandpaperandcashew.etsy.com  #etsyshop #sandpaperandcashew#smallmoments #homedecor #babyaccessories #sandiego #photography
#thebigdamnbridge is quite tiny.  #smallmoments
• I spend a lot of my time working to raise my levels of happiness with practices of daily gratitude. I am and aim to be, for many of my moments, good and grateful. And for the most part, it works for me. • For those who yearn for something a bit more tangible, and for those times when I feel my practices of gratitude aren’t as concrete as I wish for them to be, I offer this: The Blue Zones of Happiness, by @danbuettner. • In Malcolm Gladwell fashion, Buettner takes a stab at deconstructing a broad social concept, in this case, happiness, backing it up with tangible research, evidence, your own self-assessment and implementable strategies for exactly that: finding a greater happy. I’ll leave the fun exploration for you all, but here are some of my favorite takeaways in increasing happiness across all spectrums of my life radius: — Bike as transportation whenever I can — Set + check in with quarterly and annual goals — Create a moai, or a circle of friends who commit to support each other for the long run — Invest in a low maintenance plant to take care of in my home — Designate a meditation space in my home • These pages are flooded with more golden bits but I’ll leave you with this taste for now, and I’ll keep you posted on my implementations. Shoutout to #tlcbooktours for this great recommendation! Go find your happy, friends 🌞✨ ________________________________________________________ #goodandgrateful #findyourhappy #thebluezonesofhappiness #readmorebooks
More Halloween Crafts at Preschool today. Thank you @momdotofficial 👻 Visit her website to get the free download 👻
The past few weeks I've had these spectacular small moments of happiness. In those instances I've been in the moment. Not distracted, but present. From watching my little run down the street laughing loudly to quietly listening to my big tell me all about her new first grade friends and fun from the day. It's been so long since I've been present or felt happy. It sounds weird to say out loud (or write) but I think until recently I forgot how to enjoy the little things.  So much has happened in the past 2 1/2 years and in all honesty it has been rough. From an autoimmune disease diagnosis in a 4.5 year old, @herglitter hair falling out in handfuls, a challenging pregnancy, a misdiagnosed tongue and lip tie, surgery with a newborn, allergies and food intolerances, changing our diet in the midst of the chaos due autoimmune issues, mastitis, long misdiagnosed infant bladder infection, sleep deprivation, the deterioration of a relationship, thyroid issues, liver issues, adrenal fatigue, legal stress, financial stress, parenting plans, telling children we're moving across the state, therapy --lots of therapy for everyone, actually moving across the state and starting a new life. I'm sure there is more but it's all a blur. I was in survival mode for so long that I stopped being present, stopped enjoying the little things and forgot to be grateful for what I do have... but lately I've noticed these little moments that make me smile and feel happy. Things are turning around. Things are falling into place. Finally.  Quote: livelifehappy.com
Can’t get enough of this view ❤️❤️#instalove #smallmoments #littlethings #countryside #horsesofinstagram #horselove #moments #nevergetsold #lovethecountrylife
Where has the time gone... #emma #timeflies #baby #9monthsold #littlelove #smallmoments
Diwali is a beautiful festival of light - that embodies bonding, togetherness and celebration of happiness. No matter what, never let the spirits go down. It is important to remain happy & spread happiness so that world become a better place to live in. #happydiwali #celebratelife #festivalofjoy #rangoli #home #donebyroomie #smallmoments #speadlovenothate
Today's sunset #nofilter
School drop off line selfies #notamorningperson #momsanddaughters #smallmoments #goodtalks #bepresent #latergram
🥀 you give  life to  what you  give energy to
**Psalm 96:11-13** Let the heavens be glad,  and let the earth rejoice;  let the sea roar, and all that fills it; let the field exult, and everything in it! Then shall all the trees of the  forest sing for joy before the Lord, for he comes,  for he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness,  and the peoples in his faithfulness. #autumn #leaves #praisegod #smallmoments #unchanginggrace #awesomecreator #todayisagift
Правильный размер кофе делает  день! #кофе #кайф #послеработы #vsco #coffeetime #smallmoments #smartphonephotography #nofilter #evening #chilling