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Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Now I know why they call this dish the "Snooze Button" ✌🏽😴 #koacafe #snoozebutton #runningerrands with @xxjayybezzyyxx #kanackattack
Glueing my eyes close so I can never leave this paradise again. I was just about to the part where I get the girl, and staying happy until the end. But it never ends that way. I'm always late. I always get there to see the credits fade.  #onlyinmydreams #9moreminutesplease #snoozebutton
I do see you. However after yesterday's fake out that I had to get up early bc it was "Monday" (ahem. It was a holiday) - today I resist you human.  #minischnauzer #notyet #sleepyhead #needcoffee #schnauzersofinstagram #resist #todayisanewday #eyeofthetiger #snoozebutton #canimuteyou #schnauzertude #payback #bringmeatreat #snuglikeabuginarug #cozy #myshawl #whiskers
When the long weekend ends, but you refuse to accept it... #caseofthetuesdays
I'm really looking forward to getting back to nights with actual sleep.  It's so much harder to get up when both girls are up multiple times but up I got, after many times hitting snooze.  I don't get to my goals by sleeping in though and it won't be am option tomorrow anyway.  I took advantage of my all access pass yet again to try out Cardio Core Remix this morning.  It was such a relief to have no burpees!  Then again, it kicked my rump and had me panting so it wasn't a cake walk by any means.  Just a couple more days till week two is done!
These sunbeams are ruining my REM #snoozebutton #sunshine #frenchie #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram #dog #oldman #oldmanjenkins
😴😴😴😴🐶🐶🐶🐶💗💗💗 #frenchie #snoozebutton
Good morning!! Reasons I didn't want to work out this morning! - I was TIRED! - I was FREEZING!! - I was SORE! ( I then remembered we went skating yesterday!!💗) How I made myself work out this morning! - pressed snooze ONCE.. Didn't even fall back asleep I layed in bed for the extra 3 mins and was UP! - I started my work out with my housecoat on LOL. - I took it a little easier because I was sore! Any effort is better then 0!! Don't let your excuses take over today! #notgivingup #noexcuses #housecoat #freezing #tired #snoozebutton #anyeffort #reasons #becauseican #postivevibes #glasshalffull #toddlermom #toddlerlife #pawpatrol #6am #xoxo
_ 한살이라도 어려보이려면 앞모디를 내리자 (ᵔᗜᵔ*)💓
We are have reasons why we get derailed from goals... some just aren't as cute as mine. 😘  But for real.... I'm kind of kicking myself today because I told myself this week I would get up to the FIRST alarm, and well today I hit snooze once and then again, again! That damn #snoozebutton is NO good !! I figured, eh I have cramps so I'm allowed. Ugghhh why'd I give myself a "pass" for something ALL women go through!! Yesterday I woke up to the first alarm eagerly at 4am and had SOOO MUCH accomplished by this point in the day because of HOW I started the day as opposed to how unplanned I started this day! I figured I have all afternoon today to do my #todolist so why plan, but that's where I get in trouble... because that's where I end up wasting VALUABLE time!! As I approach strengthening my #timemanagement skills, ((something I'm kickass at as a teacher and coach, but obviously not in my personal life,)) I have to remember every day I F.O.C.U.S. on this, I won't be perfect! Nor should I be! At the beginning of each day, I'll remind myself of three things to emphasize on regarding my efforts:  I will be intentional with my actions to move forward towards my goals.  I will present in each moment to fully absorb the energy of what is occurring; good, bad, or indifferent, so I can learn from it.  I will be honest with myself about my efforts.  Now, at the end of the day I will ask myself, did I #wintheday ?? Asking myself if I won the day is asking myself, did I control the control? So today so far I am not doing so hot, am I? NOPE?? So from this second forward my brain will be focused on staying positive and focused on accomplished my tasks so when I ask myself that BIG question at the end of the day, I can say YES!! Stay tuned later tonight to see a fun way I'll be holding myself accountable towards this goal and rewarding myself for accomplishing it!! ✋🏻 #focus #setgoals #accomplish #effort #ohellington
☕🍵🍸🍹💘❤❣ . . #전대후문#snoozebutton#스누즈버튼 .
Guilty! #snoozebutton #notamorningperson #needcoffeenow #stillontime 🏃‍♀️ #repost @unilad with @repostapp ・・・ Every morning 😭 (@meme.cloud)