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You put a lot of work into staying in shape. Maybe you HIIT and run. Maybe you flow, spin, and do as many reps as possible in boot-camp class. Whatever your mix, you're likely missing one simple, science-backed way to maximize the benefit you get out of every drop of sweat: Give your body the targeted TLC of a sports massage. 💪🏼 Book your #sportsmassage appointment now (310) 439-1421 #lasportsmassage
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Make it! You cultivate your own success, it's not something that happens overnight. It takes work (aka late nights, early mornings, coffee, the occasional tears and definitely more coffee) I've been on this journey for a while now and would not change it for anything! . . . . . . . . . . .  #editorial #fashionable #riseandgrind #liveauthentic #lovemycustomers #honesty #lookbook #fashionista #onsale #truth #wiw #fashionaddict #lifestyleguide #motivation #corporategifts #motivationalquotes #corporategifting #giftitems #customdecor #customgift m#curatedgifts #lifestylephotography #clientgift #productstyling #thankyougift #happy #vibes #soulcycle #honest
Traffic Jams... 😍 CHHToday Sports | @MaliMusic - Doing what he does best, at the 2017 Soul Train Awards 🔥🔥🔥🎙️🎧#malimusic #mcm #mondaymotivation #dopesoul #soulcycle #bestoftheday #offthatmali #inspirationalpeople #inspiredaily #straightshooter
Stay hungry. Stay focused. ⚡️
HARUKAさんに似てるE.Maiさん Powerあります💪 そしてもらいました 久しぶりの平日 やっぱりいいな  空いてて  #feelcyclekws #diet #fitness #soulcycle #feelcycle #フィールサイクル
@SoulCycle chestnut hill!! SURPRISE!! I’m teaching THIS THURSDAY 630pm!! It’s basically an early Xmas miracle and totes beshert!! See you then!😊 #soulcycle #chestnuthill #boston #christmas #miracle #beshert #happy #holidays
CONTEST ALERT: Reached the halfway point of our challenge at Day 6! Don’t forget to enter into our prize pack draw (Lululemon and RYU Apparel gift cards, exclusive campaign tee, plus more!), deadline for submission is in 2 days! To enter: 1. Follow @miles2smilesco  2. Tag as many of your friends in the comments as you want!  Good luck! // Photography by @wy.an
“Indoor cycling hurts my velvet underground “ if I had a nickel every time I’ve heard this phrase I’d have...about five cents. But the sentiment is VERY common. #saddlesoreness is real and possibly even harder to overcome indoors than outdoors. Why? Because outside, we ride at our own pace, pause entirely at red lights, for water, snacks, etc. indoors, we’re doing our best to follow a carefully planned ride and may not obey our body’s need to rise for a little break for the Nether region. OR our coach has planned a ride that relies SO heavily on OOS (my shorthand for Out of Saddle) drills that we rarely get the opportunity to get accustomed to the saddle! Our bodies are remarkably adaptable and as difficult as it may be to believe, WILL actually adapt to the saddle! No, you don’t build “muscle” around your sitsbones and NO you won’t get “callouses”. What occurs is your precious, amazing body recognizes the need to send more blood flow and mitochondria to the area where the soreness is taking place to help reduce future soreness. This is not to say you will be cured! If I don’t ride for a week, you better believe I’ll get a bit bruised! Similarly if I go outdoors for several hours, even with padded shorts, I’ll get sore. But it doesn’t have to be the reason you don’t try or commit to indoor cycling! NB: I’m not just talking about booty soreness! I am well aware that cycling can make your bits raw like 🍣 but I’m hear to say that A. It’s temporary and B. It’s temporary! Invest in some padded shorts for a smoother ride! Ask your facility for a “gel seat”! Get some Ride Glide from your local bike shop! Don’t suffer in silence, listen to your body (rise during your ride whenever YOU need) and don’t let #saddlesoreness prevent you from getting a great workout! This has been a public service...announcement. Come sweat with me this week at @everybodylosangeles Tues/Thur at 6pm and @revcycle Thur at 8pm (Thursday will be
Christmas is here in LA! Here’s my schedule for the week!! Tuesday: 830am PDNA Wednesday: 630pm HLWD (BDAY RIDE part 1) Thursday: 830am PDNA (BDAY ride pt 2 with @kpoulsen !) AND 630pm PDNA Friday: 930am HLWD/ 5pm PDNA Sunday: 830am HLWD / 1045am PDNA  Monday 🌲: 730am PDNA/ 930am HLWD- SURVIVOR  Come celebrate the holidays and my birthday with me SoulFam! Can’t wait to see you!! * * * * * @soulcycle #soulcycle #soulidays #holidaysatsoul #christmas #hannukah #kwanzaa #birthdayweek #30hereicome
3 years sober today!!! #dreambigger #grateful #loveyouall #blessed #soulcycle
quite possibly the best day I've had in a while - thanks to many things (Christmas shopping, sleeping in, finding new music, food shopping, beautiful weather, a good lift, etc) but especially to @elyssekillin 🔥🔥 Beyoncé vs. Sia @soulcycle class + this afternoon snack plate. brought to you by... a @quaker rice cake with almond butter, @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt, cocoa nibs and cinnamon + an @eatingevolved caramel coconut cup + 🍌coins 😋go through your days always looking forward to something rather than looking back on what you didn't do ✨✨
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Starting the week off with some whole body cryotherapy! I ❤️ cryo because when my joints don’t ache & my muscles aren’t sore I have no excuses not to work out! Cryo keeps me feelin strong 💪🏼
When you sign up for a Soul Cycle holiday ride. It's going to be a good week. It's been a month to long since I've been on a bike. 💕You guys, this has been the hardest two weeks of my life and I'm really trying to be positive and trust the process. I cannot wait to ride with @evanarbour💛 and the @soulcycle  family. Miss you all very much. Please send some positivity this week. I could use some prayers and good. 🎅🏼 Thank you for all being so lovely. I'm truly blessed to know such amazing people. Thank you for being you @tamara_lorraine @brittskeey @earthtoearl  @jennasoul @gidget_painter @callanreilly @annacabb @iamyourhomie @spinninggrlsharon 💖💛💖 #soulcycle #merrymonday #positivity #christmas #goals #sweatlife #holidayspirit 💁🏻