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REPLAY: Roman Reigns delivers a Spear to the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to capture the win for his team! #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like
→#RAW - In a HUGE Main Event, the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H teamed up with the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar as both men went against their contenders; Roman Reigns and Taeler Hendrix! Rivalries would clash in a huge match where all competitors went physical and were brutal. Just a few minutes into the match, both teams broke out into a brawl as they went at it with one another. ‘The Big Dog’ would floor Triple H with a SuperMan Punch as on the other side, Brock Lesnar lifted Taeler Hendrix up for an F5 right next to the commentary table. Roman Reigns would charge at Lesnar and hit a SuperMan Punch on him though to save his partner. As Lesnar laid on the commentary table due to the affects of the SuperMan Punch, Hendrix would get on the barricade behind the commentary table, and dive onto ‘The Beast Incarnate’ with a huge splash to implode the table. The match went on as all competitors laid it all on the line, unleashing their huge maneuvers, but everyone would stay in the contest as nearfalls would occur. At one point, Triple H and Taeler Hendrix were tagged in as both competitors used every move in their arsenal to cause damage to one another. ‘The Irish Redhead Bombshell’ looked to finish the match off, setting up Triple H for The Kiss Goodnight, but Brock Lesnar tagged himself in, saving his partner. Brock Lesnar and Taeler Hendrix battled for a few minutes before Lesnar unleashed a fury of German Suplexes. Roman Reigns would tag himself in to save his partner, and the anticipation was high as he went at it with Brock Lesnar. In the final moments, Brock Lesnar lifted up Reigns for an F5, but Reigns reversed it to deliver a devastating Spear. As Roman Reigns covered him, Taeler Hendrix came in to make sure nobody broke the pinfall up which lead Triple H to not even attempting to break it up, causing a three count. - ┆Results: Roman Reigns and Taeler Hendrix defeat Brock Lesnar and Triple H in a HUGE match. #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft
Les Twins ❣️
→#RAW - In a rivalry renewed from last summer, Sasha Banks went one on one with Madison Rayne. Both women would fight in a competitive match as they went back and fourth in a match that occurred many nearfalls. They would give it their all, delivering huge maneuvers to capture the win, laying it all on the line. At one point in the match, Sasha Banks would deliver a hurricanrana to Madison Rayne, driving her over the top rope and onto the outside. As Madison Rayne slowly recovered though, Sasha Banks would dive onto her with a huge suicide dive over the second rope. Afterwards, Sasha Banks would grab Madison Rayne and look to take her back inside the ring, but ‘The Queen Bee’ would out of nowhere strike at Sasha Banks with a Spear as Banks would crash onto the steel steps following the Spear. Eventually, both women got into the ring before the ten count and continued their fight. Multiple times in the match, Sasha Banks applied The Bank Statement, but Madison Rayne would find a way out of it everytime. In her fourth attempt, Madison Rayne was in the middle of the ring with no momentum and nowhere to go. Sasha Banks applied the submission maneuver as hard as she could, but Madison Rayne just barley stayed into it. All of a sudden though, Recognition played through the arena as the RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte would charge towards the ring, immediately tackling Sasha Banks to then hit lefts and rights, ending the match. - Post-Match: Looking for revenge after what transpired early on tonight, Charlotte would take the fight to Sasha Banks, finishing her off with a Spear and Natural Selection. Afterwards, Charlotte stood tall with the RAW Women’s Championship, getting vengeance! - ┆Results: Charlotte interrupts the match as she attacks Sasha Banks, giving her the win via disqualification. #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like
💫 Ac: Me 🌼
A video clip from earlier on tonight before RAW began would play as the RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte would roam around in the backstage area. ‘The Queen’ would all of a sudden get assaulted from the behind by ‘The Legit Boss’, Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks would launch her into a crate backstage multiple times before pounding on her with right jabs. As Charlotte would lay there in pain, Sasha Banks would tell her that the RAW Women’s Championship is coming back home, right before exiting the scene... #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like
Goodnight 🌸  Ac: Me
→#RAW - No More Words played through the arena as Jeff Hardy would make his way to the ring to a huge pop from the San Antonio crowd. After grabbing the microphone, he mentioned that in just two weeks, he was going to have the chance to once again make a name for himself as he was entering the Royal Rumble Match. He’d admit the odds were against him, and nobody in the back wants to see him come out on top, but at the Royal Rumble, he will survive, and will win the Royal Rumble Match. Jeff Hardy made it clear that there’s nobody standing in the way of him winning the match, but as he did, The Time Is Now blasted through the arena as John Cena would make his way to the ring. ‘The Franchise’ stood face to face with Jeff Hardy as he let it be known that he’s standing in the way of Jeff Hardy going to WrestleMania, and if he wants to win the Royal Rumble, he’s going to have to get through him, because he most definitely isn’t letting his opportunity fly away. John Cena would remind everyone that last year, he was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble Match, and has no idea what to expect, but this year, he’s focused and motivated to win. He’d claim that all kind of faces could show up, including unexpected ones, but nobody is gonna stand in his way. Both men exchanged statements as to why they’re confident that they’re winning the Royal Rumble Match. The segment would finish off when Jeff Hardy would tell Cena that at Philadelphia, the only thing he’ll be seeing is his golden ticket to WrestleMania as John Cena is on the sidelines. Jeff Hardy dropped the microphone and exited the ring, making a statement as his theme song played to end the segment... #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like
→#RAW - In a match where rivals were set to clash, the NXT Champion Buddy Murphy went one on one with Sheamus as both men did not waste one time firing at the cylinder and going back and fourth with his shots to the head, and to the ribs. Sheamus gained control as they traded punches, as he would send Buddy Murphy into the corner. Charging towards him afterwards, he looked to cause major damage, but Murphy lifted him up to place him on the apron. Sheamus wouldn’t be on the apron for much longer after ‘WGO’s Best Kept Secret’ dropped him with a dropkick. Their fight headed onto the outside as they’d go back and fourth, looking for an edge. Eventually, both men got in the ring before a count of ten, and they continued their brutal battle. As both men would weaken one another down, hitting offensive maneuver after offensive maneuver, Sheamus used his brawler-style to punish down Buddy Murphy with vicious knees, forearms, punches, and kicks. On the other hand, Buddy Murphy used his speed, quickness and hardhitting moves to bring it to Sheamus. Their clash of styles would put on a competitive contest as they’d get nearfall after nearfall. At the ten minute mark, Murphy would knock Sheamus out of the ring once again, but this time, as Sheamus recovered, he’d got for a suicide dive. Buddy Murphy would connect with it as he sent Sheamus and himself over the commentary table. As Buddy Murphy had the crowd hyped up and on fire, he send Sheamus back inside the ring. He’d look to finish him off with a Murphy’s Law, but ‘The Celtic Warrior’ reversed his way out of the maneuver following a huge Brogue Kick to get the three count, and the win. - ┆Results: Sheamus pins Buddy Murphy in a competitive match. #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like
As Roman Reigns would get ready for his match later on tonight in the Main Event, Charly Caruso would approach him as she’d ask him how important it is to capture a win in tonight’s Main Event with only two weeks prior to his match versus Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble for the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns would respond by saying that it’s all about momentum, and it comes down to who has it, and who doesn’t, so tonight, he needs some to send Brock Lesnar a message, and that is that he’s coming for him. Charly Caruso would go onto ask Reigns what’s the strategy for him and his partner heading into tonight. Reigns would state that the strategy is for Taeler Hendrix to take care of Triple H, so he could take care of Brock Lesnar, and it’ll be good once it’s set and done. Afterwards, Reigns would exit the scene as the camera would fade to black... #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like
→#RAW - In singles competition, a brewing rivalry would breakout as the United States Champion Dash Wilder went one on one with ‘The Glorious One’, Bobby Roode. Both men traded huge punches and forearms early on, looking to get the best of one another as they wouldn’t back down. The match would quickly get brutal and physical following left and right jabs causing a huge dent to the cheek of Bobby Roode, and even causing Dash Wilder to lose a tooth. The match continued as both men fought in a fast-pace, giving the San Antonio crowd a huge fight-field. At one point in the contest, Dash Wilder went to top rope in an unlikely scenario. He looked to fly down on Bobby Roode with an impact, but he was caught with a devastating kick to the mid-section. Bobby Roode looked to finish him off with a Glorious DDT, but Dash Wilder reversed it as he pushed him away. Roode would look to fire at him with a clothesline immediately after, but Dash Wilder was able to duck. He’d run at the ropes and back at Bobby Roode looking for a clothesline, but he’d get caught with a Spinebuster. Bobby Roode once again went for the Glorious DDT, but this time, Dash Wilder rolled out of the ring. He grabbed his championship as he looked to leave the match, but Roode followed him. Unfortunately for Roode, that’d result in Wilder smashing his title into the head of Bobby Roode causing a disqualification. - Post-Match: Dash Wilder held up his title over a knocked out Bobby Roode before leaving the scene... - ┆Results: Dash Wilder intentionally disqualifies himself, giving Bobby Roode the win. #uglyfollowtrain #thedraft #raw #smackdownlive #wweforever #cashfollowplane #cashfollowtrain #spamtrain #follow4follow #like4like