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#sianiesyearofhappiness today what made me happy was being able to do my makeup and use some new eyeshadow and seeing the beautiful daffodils my Mum bought me.
Essentials for any Ultimate Labor Bag! How was your labor? Tell us in one word! (📷 : @fourthtrimesterparenting)
‪Hospital selfie, day 7. ‬🙄 ‪I got told today by the doctor that she couldn’t send me home, because I had too many questions she didn’t have the answers to. ‬ ‪I had two questions, both about pain relief. It seems like even in hospital doctors don’t like to talk pain management.‬ Which, I know, I just can’t believe they want to ship me off home without any pain relief in place (I mean, I can believe it - but still). . . . . #chronicpain #chronicillness #hospitalselfie #hospitallife #fibromyalgia #spoonie #spoonielife #dftba #chronicillnessblogger #blogger
Three positives from today whilst I’m not feeling great.
I may look unhappy here, but I’m sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s and it’s a little too crowded lol I’m actually really happy about this doctor visit! 😁 Finally getting started on applying for disability this year after trying my absolute hardest to work this past year 💚 I’m glad I gave it one more chance but I need to make sure I stay healthy over anything else 🧡 #disabilityawareness #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #mswarrior #chronicpain #chronicillness #rsdcrps #spoonie #chronicfatigue
sometimes you just need to catch a break 🌵 #spoonie #quote #cactus #life #positivevibes #selfcare #selflove #youmatter
After talking about it for YEARS and chickening out every single time, I finally did it, y’all. I went to my first yoga class this morning. 🧘🏾‍♀️ I went to @swaydowntown and I LOVED it!! Also fun little fact about me: I was a ballet dancer for FOURTEEN YEARS. 👯‍♀️ I always thought I’d dance professionally then Fibromyalgia took over my life. I haven’t danced in TEN years. I’m thinking about diving back in slooooowly because there’s a class offered at Sway. 😬 // PS it’s not you, it’s me. Haha. Several people have thought something was wrong with their feed but nope I really did delete allllllll of my previous posts. Time for a clean slate for this new season of my life. 🙏🏾 #wtfculture + #wtfwknd
Friday snacks! Got distracted and need urgent snacks. Aldi's Rainforest Bounty stepped up. Almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and goji berries. #vegan #aldivegan #glutenfree #spoonie #snacks #aldiuk
It’s my homie Edgar Allen Poe’s 209th birthday today! 🐦🎉 // “Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”
Surgical onco follow up....being a good girl keeping that under even when the dr is an hour late
Cardio was a bit rough today.  I had to stop like 25 minutes in and hype myself up 😂
Gassi! 😁😍 .  War heute morgen bei meinem Hausarzt, um ihm das Ergebnis des gestrigen Gutachtertermins mitzuteilen: Er glaubt zwar nicht an die Schwermetallgeschichte, aber er schreibt mich weitere drei Monate krank und dann soll ich zur Wiederbegutachtung kommen. Er war der erste Gutachter, der sich überhaupt meine Krankengeschichte angehört hat! .  Die Versicherung hat jetzt immerhin die Physiotherapie der letzten Monate gezahlt, weigert sich aber immer noch diese weiterhin zu zahlen. Der Gutachter findet das nicht gut, denn er würde das gerne intensivieren. Also mal gucken. 😊  Jedenfalls bin ich froh, dass ich jetzt erstmal ein bisschen Druck los bin. 😁  Danach habe ich mich massieren lassen und nun besuche ich meinen besten Freund im Krankenhaus. Seine Schulter wurde erneut operiert. 🙈 Können im Haus dann bald ein Lazarett aufmachen. 😂🙈 .  Freue mich aber schon auf mein Bett. Bin extrem kaputt. Bin sogar schon bei der Massage eingeschlafen. 😴  #dogsofinstagram #dog #hund #hundeliebe #doglove #gassi #walkies #rhodesianridgeback #cfsme #chronischeserschöpfungssyndrom #chronicfatiguesyndrome #mitochondrialdisease #millionsmissing #butyoudontlooksick #cfshealth #spoonie #spoonielife #käferleben #meperspective
#myspoonielife2018 #photoaday 19/365 Writing again 📝  I've got so much going on in my head after watching #unrestmovie #unrestthedocumentary on Netflix and I just need to get it out somehow. It's not easy, but I have to.  I might let people who know me read it, but I'm really scared I'm going to scare them away with my brutal honesty about living with ME/CFS.  #writing #pondering #imthinkingtoomuch #notebook #notes #ipad #livingwithmecfs #spoonie #spoonielife #chronicillness #depression #mentalhealth #pain #me #mecfs #anxiety #brainfog
🍧 Gelato (aka Larry Bird) is a slightly indica-leaning #hybridhoney of Sunshet Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It has a delicious, sweet fruity taste with earthy undertones that get more pungent at higher temps. . It immediately hits me with relaxation, mild-to-moderate pain relief, a very clear-headed mood boost, and a happy, creative vibe. I appreciate how quickly its effects come on. I’ve found it great for everything from daytime productivity to evening chill time. It’s well suited to ease depression and anxiety. It can be a moderate appetite stimulant, which is quite useful for those suffering with nausea. . This sunrock came as a gorgeous, solid 1-gram slab, but I couldn't reisist tasting it before snapping its portrait. It's a beautiful, clear slab that smells and tastes incredible. It tastes just like the flower— I love when that happens. It burns clean. A little goes a long way. It never seems to be the wrong time for Gelato. If you’re a Gelato fan, but have never tried a sunrock or are looking for a new hybrid to toss into your mix, you can't go wrong here. Gelato is such an uplifting, happy cultivar without the raciness that some people get from bubbly sativas. . . Thanks to @goldleaf_mm and @naturescare for this precious, healing medicine. 💚 . . Take care of yourselves and stay lifted, fam. 🔥 . . . #cannabliss #dabs #dabsrus #shatter #chooselove #gelato33 #larrybird #710society #terps #maryjane #illinoismedicalcannabis #ilmmj #weed #710 #plantmedicine #weedpraylove #highsociety #420 #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #cannabiscommunity #iwillmarrymary #selfcare #staymedicated #staylifted #breatheinstarlight #elevate #thehonestcannabist
have you ever wondered how i inherited cystic fibrosis? both of my parents are carriers of CF and passed each of their defective CFTR genes to me. my brother only inherited one gene (from my mom) so he is a carrier of CF. check out this diagram that does a great job explaining it! • CF is the most common genetic disease and many people carry one gene without even realizing. • 📷cred: @cff_phx #themoreyouknow
Update! It was delicious.  #ketofriendly prosciutto omelette *2 eggs *mixed w/ heavy whipping cream *cheddar cheese *spinach *prosciutto