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That’s how it starts ✈️⠀ -⠀ Follow us for more 👉@empire_growth⠀ 📸 @eyesofbrax
See you next week 🦄🇮🇱🇭🇰💵come to meet us at the Israeli stand powered by Hong Kong Israel Trade Association 💪🏻 #fintechhongkong #hongkongfintechweek #israelitech #innovation #disruption #startups #startupnation #strongertogether #letsdoit #ilovehongkong #hongkong #hongkongstyle #wanchai #cometomeetus #followus @etoro_official @thefloorhub and others
What a remarkable meeting with Aaron Godfrey, an old friend and VP Marketing of @myheritage_official.  This company is totally off the charts. 40 million family trees, 91 million users, 42 languages, and 8.2 billion historical documents.  Amazing.
💥🥊Our Client Relationship Manager, Rached, getting excited for #dubaifittnesschallenge - an initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum @faz3 Virtuzone just signed up to participate as a company, and we’re getting the workout spirit on right before the weekend hits!🎽🏆
Do you ever feel like a solar panel, resting in the sun, wanting to collect energy? #recharge
@watergen is an #innovation game changer! It turns condensation in the air to drinkable water #startupnation #israel #whatsupisrael #lookstein
🚘🔌Uber began offering its customers in Dubai the option to ride in one of 50 new Tesla electric-powered vehicles on Tuesday. The US-based ride-hailing app launched the UberONE option in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation, which added 50 Tesla Model X and Model S to its fleet last month. Uber's General Manager in the UAE, Chris Free, said the partnership to introduce electric-powered rides for customers is line with the company's drive to provide riders with "new and progressive experiences." - The National 📰
Starting today at the Innovation Center - exploring #israel as #startupnation with #whatsupisrael #lookstein
Early morning meeting with Ruben who is teaching me some cool Instagram tricks he has discovered lately with his @meatcurator account!
NEW Short Startup Story: @teslamotors 🔋  Last video with the old 🎤! 🔋 Follow me here and on YouTube for #shortstartupstories every Wednesday and Sunday! 🔋  In the summer of 2004 in Menlo Park California, a hardware designer named Martin Eberhard called over his friend Malcolm Smith to come check out the new car that he got.  This car was made by AC Propulsion on the side of the car was a decal that read tZero. Smith headed over, and together Eberhard and Smith took a nice Cruise in this yellow electric car. 🔋  During the ride, Eberhard slowed down to 10 miles per hour, looked at Smith and said , "touch the dashboard". As Smith reached for the dashboard, Eberhard floored it, and the car went from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds. Smith then realized that this wasn't just a science experiment, this was the future. 🔋  But this came at a time when electric cars were dead.GM just spent over $1 billion dollars creating an electric car, and ended up destroying all of them in a junkyard because the demand just wasn't there. Eberhard tried to pitch this idea of a new electric car to many investors, but every time, he fell short. Then realized he needed to rebrand to make it sound more like a car company, and less like a tech company. 🔋  So, he change the name to Tesla because he wanted to give credit to the man who invented that AC induction motor, Nikola Tesla. Then, in 2004 Eberhard reached out to Elon Musk via email in hopes that he could get a meeting for funding. Musk decided to financially back the company, and after that the company grew tremendously! 🔋  Musk kept investing to the point in 2007, he converted his shares and became CEO of Tesla. In fact, Musk put so much of his personal money into Tesla that during the 2008 financial crisis, he had to live off personal loans from his friends. And in that same year, they released their first card the Tesla Roadster and it was a complete flop. 🔋  But in 2012, they released the
#truth💯  #repost @phoebemroczek ・・・ [< Me Too >] There is an important shift happening. Women are feeling the fear, the wrong, the hurt and also the power of stepping up.. of naming it and bringing the truth to light, all in the name of solidarity and respect. Do you feel it? — Like most of us, I don't talk about it often. But.. there've been moments of judgment, Of worry, wonder & fear of what they will say. (p.s. Who the F is “they” anyway?) For me, the majority were men in positions of power. Threatening, propositions: all unwanted. To those men, you know who you are. And if for some weird reason, you follow me, don't. Because this stops TODAY. It’s NOT okay. And we will no longer be silenced. To those who feel you have nowhere else to turn. Who wonder what others will say, or how we will look. Please know I see you. I hear you. And I love you. We, as a collective, support you. And we certainly have your back. — Remember: Our strength empowers. Our voices carry. Our hearts radiate. This is not about us vs. them, Who's "had it worse" or screaming the loudest. It's about taking a stand. Speaking up. Operating from truth. And human decency. Respect. Equality. Safety. Amen. It’s time to RISE.