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French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate deluxe Even caramel sundaes is gettin' touched. πŸ“Έ @jessewilliamsph
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou #strongblackwoman #blackqueen #blackslayer #melaninpoppin #word #πŸ€™πŸΎβœŠπŸΎβœŒπŸΎ
@chrisettemichele #strongblackwomanchallenge #strongblackwoman  I've been doubly blessed with gorgeous grandmothers who through life and wisdom have shown me how to love your family, through good and bad. To some a cancer diagnosis may be life draining, but these two women both showed us that prayer & perseverance is the path to true healing. What an honor to be graced with such regal wisdom! I have many days I hang my head, feel like giving up, but then I remember these two living legends and I'm quickly reminded of what I'm genetically built of. Beauty, brains, faith, & wit I am blessed beyond measure, I hope I make them proud. ❀️ #strong #powerful
"If" was my introduction at a Long Island dance school. I'd done the "Velvet Rope" hair after learning every word, studying & impersonating your sensual vibrato and sweet tonality. My favorite album of all time.  Janet Jackson, my super star musical hero. You let me get away without judgement for my "different". You embraced my generation and the generation before in your "Free Zone". Coy and sexual for girls like me who love, love and despise hate.  Women's empowerment. Freedom of ideas. Self acceptance and self love. Your music, your being, is my therapy. I'm so grateful for your honesty and intentional marks on history. Classic, present, teacher, creator, movement. I adore you confident and #strongblackwoman.
My very own kindred spirit, words cannot do justice to what i think of you. Your heart is pure as gold and your light shines so bright, you seek to uplift others and not just yourself, you choose to see the good in others and you nurture it to grow. Inspite of all this you are not a pushover, you have the fierce roar of a lioness, fighter and dream chaser. Your story is one that I can't wait for the world to hear because you embody perfectly and utterly what makes a #strongblackwoman. You're an amazing mother, doting daughter, most loyal sister, ride or die friend, loving wife and the most bomb partner in building empires and creating magic.@the.creative.bombshell keep shining Ma you truly are an inspiration #strongblackwoman #strongblackwomanchallenge #chrisettemichele keep your eye on this one @chrisettemichele πŸ’ͺ
Ever since I've been back in Cape Town no one takes me to brunch. So this morning I had to be a Strong Black Woman and make my own food. Played myself by not getting mimosa ingredients. So sad!!! Next weekend needs to be an improvement
Dear Queens, Never forget to grab your crowns before leaving the house...its your glory πŸ‘‘. #unicornsarereal #blackgirlmagic #girlgonesolo #powerlevel #supersaiyan #strongblackwoman #strongblackwomanchallenge #chrisettemichele
Sunday morning thoughts. We all wear some kind of mask to present ourselves to the world. On this particular platform, IG, it comes in the forms of perfect pictures, edits and editing apps. We all experience fear, shame, worry, rejection, etc when we attempt to share ourselves with the outside world. But we should know that we are our best selves when we do not hide. We were all born with grace that was granted to us though our creation in His image. We owe the world nothing but our best and most truthful selves. Because there is no one else in our image. I hope this can be your guide as you approach this week with the coming of Halloween and the celebration of becoming someone else for a day.  #future #goals #mindset #growthmindset #overcomingfears #dreamer #goalachiever #blackgirlsblog #mindovermatter #mentalhealth #mentalhealthblogger #mindset #growthmindset #blackmentalhealth #authenticity #authenticityandbraveryinsync #mentalhealthblog #worthy #loveable #authentic #browngirlblogger #mentalhealthbloggers #strongwoman #strongblackwoman
❀️ This!! We’re gonna do it!!! #repost @chrisettemichele ・・・ Strong Black Woman Challenge! These are the rules: * Post a photo of your chosen Strong Black Woman. * Below her photo hashtag the following: #strongblackwoman #strongblackwomanchallenge #chrisettemichele * "@chrisettemichele" in the photo * Express what makes her a Strong Black Woman in the caption * Repost your photo, caption & hashtag on all of your social media platforms * Follow or like my Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube page if you have an account if you haven't already  All winners will be announced on #strongblackwomanfriday November 24th! I can't wait to spend the day with you at the spa, the movies and share my new collection! My new single Strong Black Woman is now available everywhere music is sold!  #nabfemedetroit #nabfemerefreshed  #revamped
Ok I'm a leave them alone! #fawkumean @dcyoungfly need a verse #2pcback #jakebrown #imjakenrownbitch #wherewereu #paidcation #strongblackwoman