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I want to give everyone a Challenge this week.  Let's all decide to have a "Complain Free Week." Shall we?  Its something I've been thinking a lot about lately.  How do our negative thoughts, complaints and pessimistic attitudes affect our lives?  Profoundly!  Negativity is like an oil spill.  A little bit of it doesn't seem to make that big of a difference, but it keeps spreading, filtrating and eventually killing off every thing in its path.  Negativity changes your ability to receive positivity and love.  It prevents you from change that you so desperately need.  So...this morning I thought about it.  My kids are out of school today and I have to work.  I could have grumbled my way through my morning, complained about the Holiday, griped about the drop in temps, but I'm just going to smile and have a good day anyways.  I've been through days where I didn't even want to get out of bed.  It was a miserable time in my life.  Why should I let such trivial things like one day off work or the weather affect my mood?  I have so much to be happy about!  I got up early this morning while everyone else was still sleeping, got my workout in and then trudged my way out the door.  It's Monday and I'm happy about it!  Give it a try!  Complain free for a whole week.  Think you can do it?
I won’t sugarcoat today’s workout for you... it was sweat and tears. . . Emphasis on tears. I bawled. It was hard, long, and I was feeling defeated. I felt rejected. Rejected from life. I know that sounds dramatic and I felt dramatic as I whimpered and just looked up at Nolan. . . There was a reason for those tears and working out brings out these emotions!! My workout was my therapy session. Yes, I did a face plant on my blue yoga mat while tears drained onto the floor and yes it was ugly, especially when the guy knocked on the door to fix the heat (uhh embarrassing!). . . I felt rejuvenated when I was finished. A new person. I had accomplished this hard workout and I left my tears on that mat. . . What is your therapy?! Do you need a form of one? When you are having the hardest day or feeling sad, take out that mat and sweat a little. Your mood will shift, trust me. . . P.S. don’t be afraid to shed some tears, you are human after all. . . #workouttherapy #sweatandtears #mondaymood
Get out of your comfort zone (I challenge you in the end 😉) Have you ever consciously gotten out of your comfort zone? If you have, you probably got something out of it. It might have been something that has helped you a lot or simply just showed you something you know is not for you. Either way, doing things you aren’t used to doing will teach you something new. Here’s one of my own experiences. 🔻 You know I was looking for a new gym a while ago. This one gym I went to, I decided to ask everything that’d pop up in my mind. I have NEVER had a personal trainer or anyone to tell me how to do things at a gym, how to correct my form, how to build up a workout etc. I’ve learned everything form a couple of guides I’ve purchased and a lot of online research. That time I said it out loud. The result: 3 hours of guidance. For free. Yes you read right. I’m so bad at asking for help but this time I did and it was so good. I tried new things I hadn’t had the courage to try on my own, like to squat clean. All I needed was a few little encouraging tips. About the form and the way I performed the movements, they all looked amazing according to them and I only got a few tips on that. It felt so good to hear that as I’ve gotten all my information from the internet and practiced on my own. Never going to stop trying to get better though 😌 This experience will help me so much even though it’s so damn hard for me to admit that I need help. When I think about it I don’t feel like it’s hard but when the time comes and I don’t pay attention to my thinking I’m so hard on myself and think I need to do things on my own. That’s why I need to keep on getting out of my comfort zone. Good things happen when I do and I want to keep on progressing. 🔺 This week I want you to challenge yourself. I want you to write down what you’ll do, in the comments or/and somewhere you can see it many times a day. And then do it. Also suggest something for me to do too
Because being sore is apart of my everyday life now!! #gettinghealthy #strongisthenewskinny #beachbody
The best way to kick-start your fitness goals and keep them rolling??!!No matter how busy life gets ,,, Never miss a Monday workout!  Have a great week ahead All, keep on grinding,,, ❤️🌟💪🏻 #mondaymotivation #ufepro #metacorefitness🇨🇦#ufenation #offseason #teamsrarr @metacorefitness @xtremebands @elemetx 🌱#fitjourney #teamstarr #igfitness #fitspo #fitspiration #girlswholift  #ufeshows  #noexcuses #leg #fitgirls  #bodybuildizng #girlswithmuscle #fit #eatcleantraindirty #strongisthenewskinny #fitover35 #natural #naturalathlete  #ufefitness
Happy Monday friends! ☀️ . What’s your goal this week? I’ve been pretty good with all of my fitness goals lately so this week I’m focusing on school. I really need to buckle down on my studies, organic chemistry will be the death of me 😩 . I hope you crush whatever it is you’re working towards! 👊🏼 . . . #fitfam #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #strongwomen #strongisthenewskinny #girlswholift #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlifting
Just a bunch a babes kicking some serious bootay! Ladies in Dallas, y’all come join us! You can even bring your kiddos for free little babe care. 😍 CFDC Women’s Program w/ @elissa_monaco. Do yourself a favor and check it out! You won’t regret it. 🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼💃🏼🙌🏼 #crossfit #crossfitgirls #wopro #girlswithmuscle #strongisthenewskinny #strongwomen #cfdc @cfdallascentral
Never miss a monday 🏋🏻‍♀️ . . . Hoy fue día de pierna enfocándome en glúteos, femoral y las pantorrillas van de ley😂. Nunca faltes los lunes, empieza con todo tu semana, olvídate de lo que comiste el fin y entrena duro para que uses esa energía que comiste de más ☝🏻 . . #mondaymotivation #mondayworkout #legday #glutesday #gainscheck #fitspo #fitspiration #fitstagram #fitmom #fitgirl #eatclean #trainhard #loveyourjourney #loveyourbody #strongisthenewskinny #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #allsweaty #noexcuses #bluelover #puma
Look mum no hands 😂 Attempting my crucifix and actually getting it yaaay! Feeling great.. absolutely bossed it at @poleandshape tonight 👊 even managed my flatliner!  I'm covered in bruises but I just don't care! I really enjoy the classes and I always feel so good after them 😊 #fitness #fitfam #polefitness #poleandshape #poleclasses #strongisthenewskinny
Il mio overtraining. 🙈 No, questo non vuole essere una foto della mia trasformazione fisica seguendo chissà quale programma. Questa è la mia storia, la storia del mio overtraining e della mia rinascita. Ho pubblicato un articolo stamani sul blog (link in bio) per raccontare la mia storia. Nel 2015 dopo una preparazione invernale estenuante, con allenamenti molto intensi, forse troppo, e pochi tempi di recupero il mio corpo mi ha presentato il conto. 9 allenamenti settimanali, un lavoro part time come allenatrice e running coach, gli ultimi esami universitari e la vita da studentessa fuori sede hanno contribuito a questo. Troppo spesso la sindrome da sovrallenamento viene sottovalutata, così come le cause e conseguenze. Il corpo non riesce più a recuperare la fatica, neanche dopo tempi di recupero totali. La prestazione sportiva diventa l’ultimo dei problemi. Calo di peso, depressione, infortuni muscolari, testosterone sotto i tacchi e cortisolo (ormone dello stress) over the top. Questo è quello che i miei esami del sangue hanno rilevato a Marzo 2015. Da lì ho deciso di rinascere, cambiando allenatore e riscrivendo la mia storia. Prendendomi cura di me e trattando il mio corpo non come una macchina da guerra ma come un bene prezioso. Idem per la mente, ho smesso di credere di non fare mai abbastanza e ho imparato a gioire delle più piccole vittorie dentro e fuori dalla pista. Non pensare che a te non possa capitare, ascoltati sempre e rispettati. Questa è una delle cose principali che cerco di trasmettere a chi alleno e a chi si affida a me. Dietro ogni atleta c’è un essere umano. #atletica
When people tell me I shouldn't lift because men don't like muscular women I just laugh, anyone who doesn't like me because of my body, isn't worth my time 💪💪 I lift for me, I'm changing my body for me, no one else. . . . . . .  #fitness #fitchick #chickswholift #strongwoman #strongissexy #strongisthenewskinny #strongisbeautiful #fitchicks #girlswholift #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #weightstraining #actconfidentandnoonewillquestionyou #fitnessgoals #fitlife #strongladies  #womenwholift #liftheavy #inspiration #liftlikealady #confidence
It's the last day of FREE SHIPPING! The post office is closed for President's Day and some lucky few have today off work. So we're considering this a nice, long FreeShipWeekend! Our first ever! ▪️Sporty Crop Bra Code: FreeShipWeekend VullSport.com #vullsport