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فروش زعفران به قیمت عمده ! 0910 499 0536 # بازرگانی_آذرتوس #azartous_international_trading_co
A warrior feeds his/her body well. They train it, and work on it.  Whatever knowledge they lack, they study to feed the mind and enlighten it. . . Above all else though, they must believe.  They must believe in their strength of will, of purpose, of heart and soul. . Be a warrior. 🙏
Good morning
Our new brothers and sisters. Our fellow speakers at #ettg2017. Give me a second to tell you why it is not important that at this table you see Brendon Burchards hero and facebook expert + the man described by Discovery Channel as " The ultimate super human" (respected by yogis all over the world) and the woman that has been on Oprah, Dr Oz and CNN. @jessedoubek , @breatheology and @drandreapennington. Abd you know what? These accomplishments aren' t even the extraordinary characteristics about this group of people. What is it then? Their intention. These extraordinary new friends of ours have something, I have never seen before. A pure, heart based intention and a TRUE desire to help people in this world. And no ego-driven, money-controlled agenda. These fine men and women brought together by @steinarditlefsen  and hos beautiful wife are now dedicated to join forces to help as many people in the world feel and do better. We are already networking and making BIG plans. This is my tribe. #motivation #success #passion #love #manifestation #europeantransformationalteachergathering #ninkamauritson #ettg2017 #holisticwealth
Our mindset will determine our result. 📷via @jaxsonpohlmanphotography Follow @guildoflight for more daily motivation and inspiration. #guildoflight  Inspiration • Motivation • Quotes • - we’re stronger together 💪
Quote by @garyvee. I don't like his profanity, but you get the message.  If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it! 👊💥.
I post plenty a day
First tour of the soon to be opened Dreamcatcher Bangkok. Hostel, bar, and cafe on Silom Soi 3.