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Michelin** Chef Jong Kuk Lee in action preparing a multi-course farm-to-table Korean meal for us in his home. #stillfull #seoulkorea #fsjet #fschefkerry  #seoulsearching #michelinstar #michelinguide #tcsworldtravel
Celebrating #nationalwineday and Odfjell's unique gravity flow winery.  Carved into a slope, over 60% of the winery is underground. Gravitational wineries ensure that during winemaking, pumping is reduced to an absolute minimum, thus avoiding unnecessary agitation of the wine. This gentle handling allows winemakers to preserve all the subtle fruit characteristics for the final bottle. We can't wait for our guests to enjoy a private tour and tasting with the resident enologist at Odfjell on our upcoming Best of South American Golf Tour. goo.gl/v8IILX  #tcsworldtravel #bestofchile #odfjell #odfjellwineries
My endless fairytale... #bukowina #discoverbucovina #bookyourtrip #yearofthanks #doyoutravel #tripadvisor #tcsworldtravel #travelista #ilovebucovina  @discoverbucovina.info © foto: Iliu Nicolae
Thank you for the sweet taste of Korea, @fsseoul ❤️ #tcsworldtravel #culinarydiscoveries #fsjet #travel #seoul
Here are a few pennies we’ve collected on our expeditions around the world. Where's your lucky penny from?  #luckypennyday #tcsworldtravel #traveltuesday
The lobby of this hotel sums up exotic North African charm. The Royal Mansour Marrakech is known for luxury and unparalleled services including a series of intricate underground tunnels accessed only by staff guaranteeing the utmost privacy and discretion.  Our guests just stayed in a three-story riad complete with a lounge, solarium, and plunge pool on the rooftop.  Learn more about TCS World Travel http://ow.ly/vW1W30bX7NB  #tcsworldtravel #luxurytravel #marrakech #royalmansour
We respect the laws that prevent extinction.  #endangeredspeciesday #tcsworldtravel
Go beyond the established routes for an extraordinary journey across India by private jet. Discover hidden treasures and explore remarkable ancient temples, diverse landscapes and soul-nurturing sacred places. Learn more about our upcoming Uncharted India expedition. goo.gl/NuRV6J  #tcsworldtravel #india #tcsuncharted #indusriver
Honoring the Dead - Ganga River - Varanasi, India #ganga #ganges #varanasi #india #ngexpedition #ngexpeditions #tcsworldtravel
PORTUGAL • Our last country on the @tcsworldtravel Kingdoms & Cultures of Eurasia itinerary was the one from which we began our journey. However, instead of going straight back to Lisbon, we flew to Porto and drove from there to the Douro Valley. It felt as if we traversed through Portugal's garden of eden on the way to @sixsensesdourovalley. Light rains made mist hang on to the heights of rolling hills like top hats on a well-dressed gentleman while shades of green seemed to number into the hundreds, every hue from emerald to chartreuse represented. Port, as the name suggests, comes from these valleys outside the city of Porto so the endless slopes of grapevines were both stunning to look at and also a lesson in the culture of the region. Everything revolves around the grapes! The beverage is a poignant part of life and of the history of the region. From our home at Six Senses we could look out at the layers of the valley letting the views bring us peace, we could wander in the nearby forest with the song of the wind in the leaves, or in the garden where every plant is used in the bar/kitchen/spa, indulge in the treatments that spa provided or float down the river on a boat which was once used to carry Port to harbor. Our stay was far too short but it was a gift, a way of ending our incomprehensible journey through 9 countries on the highest of notes. It was the swell in a symphony that leaves you wanting so much more. #tcsmoments #tcsworldtravel #sixsensesdourovalley
NEW TRIP SERIES! TCS is proud to offer a series of intimate regional journeys that offer deeper dives into some of the world’s less-trodden destinations.  The “Uncharted Series” kicks off with six new small-group 15 to 20-day itineraries, each highlighting a specific single country or region. The journeys deliver highly immersive experiences and one-of-a- kind adventures in India, China, Japan, Canada and the Himalayan region. See full itineraries here goo.gl/zClNjX  #traveltuesday #tcsworldtravel #tcsuncharted
FRANCE • After visiting the Spanish side, we continued our quest to understand Basque Country in France by making the @hoteldupalais, Biarritz our home away from home as well as using an afternoon to walk around the town of Bayonne. The "home of chocolate" in France, according to our guide, it is a colorful town with tall row houses of a very distinct Basque style comprising shutters in red/green/blue, a grand cathedral and intact city walls which date back to the Romans. Biarritz is somewhat typical of a French seaside resort town but has a laid back vibe that could have been due to our arrival just before high season, or its surfing and fishing culture. While you'll find some of the glitz and glamour of far away Cannes or Nice, including designer boutiques and palace hotels -- you will also find a ruggedly beautiful coastline and a relaxed attitude that makes the town one I find far preferable to its Mediterranean counterparts. In fact, I may just return because our visit during a National Holiday meant not every store was open and not every vendor in the market was present yet I still found the shopping to be undeniably tempting and the market to be delectable in the extreme. So much more to still see and do!! As with all of our #tcsmoments over the last month, just a sample that leaves you wanting so much more...
One of the most sought after wilderness destinations in the world, the Okavango Delta gives entrance to the spectacle of wild Africa and its many birds. There are more than 400 bird species known to inhabit Botswana's Okvango Delta. Many can be seen when our expeditions visit the Delta known as the ‘jewel’ of the Kalahari. The Malachite Kingfisher is a favorite of our guests to photograph.  Learn how you can join TCS's next around-the-world by private jet expedition. goo.gl/GvNFBm #interntationalmigratorybirdday #tcsworldtravel #okavangodelta #birdersparadise
SPAIN • Our second to last stop on the @tcsworldtravel adventure that I've been a staff member for since mid-April, was done in two parts. The goal was to experience Basque Country on both sides of the Spanish and French borders. This thrilled me to no end because while I j'adore both countries, I had never been to this part of either AND it meant visiting Bilbao, the home of one of the many masterpieces by my favorite architect: Frank Gehry. His design for the Guggenheim Bilbao has been a phenomenal success for the city, bringing something in the realm of 160 million dollars to the local economy in just the first year of its opening. I've also read estimates that put the total value of its contribution at over 3 billion. This has led other cities to attempt to capture that same magic and now his creations can be seen around the world from Seattle to Prague to Hanover and back again. Inside I think the museum is even more spectacular than out and the exhibits they currently have are worth a visit all on their own. Modern masterpieces by Pollack, Rothko, de Kooning & Richard Serra made me wish we had more than 2 hours to explore. Yet it was a privilege I didn't take for granted at all, to be able to visit just for a few hours because we had the flexibility of the TCS private jet. The Basque people that we met were so interesting and my only regret is that our brief stop didn't allow me more time for a deeper understanding of what makes them different from people elsewhere in Spain and France. I'll just have to return to do that another time!! • I'm curious, are you Basque? Or from Bilbao? What's your favorite thing about the area or culture? #tcsmoments #tcsworldtravel
The gorgeous @boeing 757-2K2/W G-TCSX of TAG Aviation UK operating for @TCSWorldTravel captured yesterday noon taxiing out for departure to London Stansted via Lisbon. What a stunning aircraft to play with the reflections! 😍✈️🖤