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Went off the trail to get this shot and ended up soaked from head to toe. I'd say it was worth it 👌
Greetings from beautiful, soul-soothing Tulum, where I'm grateful to be living life & traveling slower. No te preocupes aqui 🇲🇽
You mean...I have to go back to work tomorrow? Nooooo! 📷: @iliketrails
Insert cliche footprints in the sand quote here...
#repost @syattfitness ・・・ 💥SHOULD WOMEN LIFT HEAVY WEIGHT?💥 - 🐣Hell fucking yes, they should. - 🏓I'm tired of this, "women shouldn't lift more than 3lb" nonsense. Their purses weigh more than that, for effs sake. Women are strong as hell and they should be lifting like it. They shouldn't feel weird about going into the weight room. They shouldn't feel judged or out of place or uncomfortable. Women should walk into the gym without a second thought, toss some heavy weight around, and feel GOOD about themselves - confident and strong and powerful. Not like they're doing something bad or wrong or unattractive. - 🌵Lifting weights does wayyyy more than just the boring stuff like increase bone density and improve your metabolism and blah blah blah. Lifting weights and gaining strength gives you a confidence within yourself unmatched by anything else. It sounds cliche and hippy dippy but holy hell is it empowering. And in a world where women are often told to be smaller and and lesser and softer and quieter...lifting heavy weight is, I think, one of the best things we need to encourage them to do. Because screw lesser and smaller and softer and quieter. We need to encourage them to be louder and stronger and confident and proud. - 🦄Lifting heavy weight does more than strengthen your muscles. It strengthens your mind and confidence and sense of self. It gives you an opportunity to identify a weakness, target it, work on it, overcome it, and turn it into a strength. That is amazing. Incredible. And every one of us - men and women - should be doing it in some form. And anyone who says, "women aren't meant to lift heavy weight..." well, we can give them a big, fat LOL. - 🙏💪❤🦄 -
Lugares para olvidar los malos ratos.
Got up at 3 to catch the sunrise up here with my momma before and it was so serene. Well until we came down and passed half of Washington making their way up to the lake 😅 ecstatic to be on that early morning hiking grind again.
Spent the weekend hammocking the beach, hiking in the rain, and Cajun dancing. A refreshing combo, I must say. #puremichigan
When there's fearless people around you, it can be contagious #whiteriverfalls #exploreoregon #dayhike #testedtough #waterfallsfordays #spiderwebs